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The Royal Treatment Ending Explained, and Review: Do Izzy and Thomas End Up Together?

The Royal Treatment is a romantic drama that has a fairytale-like feel to it. The Royal Treatment, the movie, landed on Netflix on January 20, 2022.

The Royal Treatment is a feel-good movie about a handsome prince from the fictional land of Lavania who falls in love with a beauty salon owner. The lady in question here is not a damsel in distress but a free-spirited, independent young girl with a heart of gold who wishes to bring about a change in society.

Read on to know more about the plot of The Royal Treatment, which includes spoilers as well.

The Plot of The Royal Treatment

At the beginning of The Royal Treatment, we find Izzy, played by Laura Mariano, running a beauty salon in her Bronx neighbourhood.

She runs the beauty salon along with her mother, played by Amanda Billing, grandmother, played by Elizabeth Hawthorne, and her best friends, Destiny and Lola, played by Chelsie Preston-Crayford and Grace Bentley-Tsibuah, respectively.

Izzy is of Italian origin and a popular figure in her New York neighbourhood, always sharing doughnuts with generous amounts of smiles to all her acquaintances. She is also being requested to run the local community centre, an offer she has to refuse because of her overbearing mother.

The Royal Treatment
Scene from The Royal Treatment (Image Credit: Netflix)

In the initial sequences of the movie itself, the viewers are made familiar with the personality traits of Izzy. She is delightful in nature, loves kids, dreams of going globetrotting, and can’t stand the disrespect of the menial job doers.

Elsewhere, we find Prince Thomas of Lavinia, played by Mena Massoud, who longs to lead an everyday life. Thomas agrees to an arranged marriage with the hotel heiress Lauren, played by Phoenix Connolly, to fulfil his royal obligations.

Thomas is currently visiting New York and desperately needs a haircut. In a classic goof up, because of the similarity in names, Izzy ends up getting a call from the royal butler asking her to perform the royal haircut for a princely 500 dollars.

As destiny would have it, the prince is hugely impressed with the down to earth attitude of Izzy, and not before long, Izzy and her besties find themselves landing in the beautiful land of Lavania to become the official hairdressers of the much talked about event – the prince’s marriage.

The Royal Treatment Ending Explained: Do Izzy and Thomas End Up Together?

As the sparks begin to fly between the unsuspecting couple, they find themselves to be intensely attracted to one another. When Lauren’s mother discovers them together, she has Izzy fired from her job and return to New York.

The Royal Treatment
Scene from The Royal Treatment (Image Credit: Netflix)

When Thomas confronts his parents, the king and the queen of Lavania, they confess to him that they have become penniless and only Thomas’s wedding can now save them and the kingdom.

Thomas feels obligated to carry on with his marriage. However, his faithful butler Walter, played by Cameron Rhodes, urges him to follow his heart, and Thomas breaks his marriage on mutual consent. It turns out that Lauren, too, was not interested in this loveless marriage.

Izzy is seen trying to move on with her life back in New York. She also takes up the job of director of the local community centre despite her mom’s protest.

The ending of The Royal Treatment finds Izzy standing at the fire escape when she finds her charming prince galloping towards her building. Earlier in the movie, Izzy had confided in Thomas, a childhood memory of hers, when her father had come home riding on a horse and had picked Izzy up on horseback too, in order to lighten her mood.

Thomas, too, picked Izzy up on horseback, and they rode away together, giving a beautiful fairy tale ending to the movie.

The Royal Treatment
Laura Marano as Izzy and Mena Massoud as Prince Thomas in The Royal Treatment (Image Credit: Netflix)

The Royal Treatment Review: Our Take on The Royal Treatment

Directed by Rick Jacobson and written by Holly Hester, The Royal Treatment is a saccharine sweet fun, watch movie everyone should watch, even if it is to forget all your worries for some time.

There are absolutely no villains in this feel-good movie, even Thomas’s tough veneered assistant, Madam Fabre, played by Sonia Gray, is also shown to be soft from the core of her heart.

Lauren’s mother is also not the vamp material, and she only did what she thought best for her daughter. And if the viewers expect to see bitterness between the two female characters, Izzy and Lauren, they will be disappointed.

The actors of The Royal Treatment have all delivered stunning performances. The breathtaking views of the fictional land of Lavania make one long to be there.

The finale makes one reminiscent of the last scene of Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts is standing on the fire exit, and Richard Gere arrives on a limousine.

The only flaw one finds in The Royal Treatment is the predictability of its wafer-thin plot. Regardless, to give the credit where it is due, the female lead is not shown to be a helpless woman. Instead, she is shown to be an entrepreneur in her own right who is being encouraged by her man to be the change she wishes to bring in.

The Royal Treatment is a must-watch movie and a very heartwarming one.

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