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What are the key features of a PDF editor?

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PDFs have been the go-to file format for viewing and sharing documents for more than twenty years.

Regardless of what device or platform you are using, you can access PDF files, and they are one of the most simple, secure and shareable file formats available for business and personal use.

While a lot of people turn to free PDF readers to view a PDF, these tools won’t help you when you need to make quick edits or changes to the document.

If you need to edit PDFs, you need to use a reliable PDF editor. However, so many PDF editors are available that choosing one can become quite overwhelming.

If you are using Mac and looking for free PDF editors, you can click here and find some of the revered names that you can use.

Similarly, if you are using Windows, you can quickly search online and get a list of the best PDF editors for Windows.

Whether you need to use the PDF editor for your work or personal use, here are some important features that you must consider when making your choice.


A PDF editor that’s too complex to navigate and use isn’t ideal. You would want an editor that everyone can use, regardless of their experience and skill levels.

The editor must make it easy for users to quickly complete the most common tasks without any hassle.

The editor you choose must be packed with all the common and complex features you require, but it must be put forward in a familiar interface. Also, navigating the tool must not feel like a chore.

Allows for seamless creation of PDFs and making changes

PDF editors do more than letting you view PDF files and documents. These are tools that help you create and edit documents.

So, ensure the editor allows you to seamlessly add images, input text, insert objects and videos, create document layout, etc.

You must be able to edit the document’s layout by moving the text boxes, and you can easily change the size of the textboxes or adjust the size of the text.

Also, the PDF editor must allow users to add watermarks, stamps, footers, headers, etc.

If you can do all of these with the PDF editor, you won’t feel like reaching out to an ordinary desktop-publishing tool.

OCR and scan capabilities

It is important to use a PDF editor that allows you to connect with your scanner without any hassle, especially if you need to digitize paper documents and transform them into editable PDF files.

To turn images of documents into full-fledged text that can be edited and searched for, you need the PDF editor to come equipped with OCR capabilities.

Some of the best PDF editors can even identify words and characters within images.

Enables seamless collaboration

Document collaboration is crucial, especially when sharing the PDF files with your colleagues and team members.

The PDF editor must enable multiple participation and come equipped with features like annotation and shared review.

It will help in streamlining the workflow and facilitate team collaboration.

Moreover, the PDF editor must allow users to open the documents and use them from common cloud storage services and enterprise management systems so that they can work within the processes of your business.

Impeccable security features

Most PDF documents contain confidential and sensitive data. Therefore, you need to use a PDF editor that offers advanced security features, such as password protection or restricting users from printing or modifying the document without the consent of the author or owner.

It must allow users to specify special permission for each document.

Works across devices, including mobile

With the work from home module, people are using various types of devices to complete their official tasks. For instance, people are not only working on laptops and computers but also on their smartphones and tablets.

So, it would help if you chose a PDF editor that can work across devices so you can annotate, edit, view and review files anywhere. However, a stable Internet connection is required to access the files.

Besides, you must check that the PDF editor offers quality customer support.

There might be times when you need help, and it should be readily available.

So, these are a few features and things to consider when you are on the lookout for a good PDF editor for your business or personal use. Keep these in mind, and it will help make an informed decision.

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