The Colony
The Colony (Image Credit: Netflix)

The Colony Ending Explained: What Happens To The Crew in The Colony?

Last Updated on January 17, 2022 by Joydeep Ghosh

Created by Tim Fehlbaum, The Colony (also known as Tides) is a sci-fi saga of epic proportions which delivers the tale of the human race’s struggle to survive.

Sometime in the distant future, disaster-ravaged earth has become inhabitable, forcing humans to look for farther avenues. The human species has started making distant planets its colonies.

However, when certain conditions on the planet threaten their very existence, they embark upon a mission to return to earth to save their species.

The Plot of The Colony

The title cards of The Colony gives us the information that in the distant future, when war, climate change and epidemics make earth unfit for human habitation, the elite ruling class moves to an alien planet, Kepler 209 and makes it a colony.

However, the high level of radiation on Kepler 209 harms human fertility. On the verge of extinction, the settlers of this colony plan to return to earth and explore the possibilities of survival and reproduction.

When the first mission, Project Ulysses, led by the elite astronaut, Blake’s father, fails, Blake heads towards earth on another spaceship, Ulysses 2.

The Colony
The Colony (Image Credit: Netflix)

As the spaceship encounters friction in the stratosphere, it crashes and lands on earth. It also has the astronauts inside the spacecraft injured.

Blake descends the spacecraft and starts taking samples. However, before long, the crew finds itself in trouble when a local primitive tribe captures them.

What Happens To The Crew in The Colony?

Blake and Tucker are taken hostage by the tribals, who confiscate all their equipment as well, including the bio-meter and the pod. At the tribal camp, Blake befriends a girl called Maila and asks her for help retrieving the equipment.

Floods engulf the tribal camp during the night, and the tribals try to stay afloat on their ships. The following day, the tribals are attacked and captured by another militant group that takes them to an abandoned ship.

Looking at Blake’s pendant, the militant guard, Paling, realises that she is a Kepler and takes her to Gibson, who was with Blake’s father on Ulysses 1.

Blake asks for Gibson’s help finding the bio-meter that can assess their ability to reproduce and double up as a messaging device.

When Narvik, Maila’s mother, breaks in to rescue her daughter, she is captured by Paling while Maila hides in Blake’s room.

The Colony
The Colony (Image Credit: Netflix)

The Colony Ending Explained

Blake’s menstrual cycle begins, which implies that the effect of Kepler’s radiation has started to wither. Meanwhile, Neil finds a device hidden at the back of Maila’s doll.

Blake finds that her father is alive and has been taken hostage by Gibson. When Paling tries to force himself on Blake, she kills him and rescues the hostages with the help of Maila.

Blake’s father tells her that the earth does regenerate fertility. Blake’s father himself regained his fertility after coming to earth and gave birth to Neil.

Looking through the window, Blake finds Gibson going to the Henderson hub along with the bio-meter. The Colony ends with the underwater scuffle between Blake and Gibson, with both trying to outdo each other.

Though the movie, The Colony, has an open-ended finale, one can reasonably assume that Blake managed to outdo Gibson and finally killed him.

With the earth’s environment showing possibilities for regeneration, there seems to be hope for the human race after all.

Blake’s father had shown her the specimen of a tree in a flashback sequence, telling her that trees were in abundance on earth until the humans stripped it of its resources.

In The Colony, we find the planet earth all flooded and fogged. However, as shown in the movie, the earth has tremendous potential to regenerate itself, and its atmosphere is also suitable for reproduction.

It is likely that in a possible The Colony sequel, we might find earth being reinhabited by Keplers and possibly, trees growing back on earth.