Peacemaker Episode 4
Peacemaker Episode 4 (credits: HBO Max)

Peacemaker Episode 3 Ending Explained

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James Gunn, writer and director, has come back to the world of DC Comics after his work on The Suicide Squad. Currently, he is in charge of Peacemaker, a superhero drama series.

In Peacemaker, we see the present situation of the anti-hero who has returned after healing from his wounds and injuries. He has now been assigned to a new team to be deployed to a new mission. 

As we watch the first two episodes of the show and finally reach Peacemaker Episode 3, we notice that the anti-hero has a sense of underlying loneliness in him.

The slow character development of Peacemaker has been elevated by how James Gunn has penned it down. The super entertaining action and performances have all played a significant role in stepping up the level of the show.

If you are interested in knowing about the Peacemaker Episode 3, you have landed on the perfect article. Stick to the very end of this article to know everything about the show in detail.

Peacemaker Episode 3: A quick recap of the events

The first episode of the show was titled A Whole New Whirled. The scene starts with Christopher Smith, a.k.a Peacemaker (played by John Cena), finally getting released from the hospital. He has recovered from his injuries.

He makes his way to his home, where he finds several other agents working under Amanda Waller (played by Viola Davis). He finds himself being recruited in a new mission named Project ButterflyClemson Murn is heading this new project. Peacemaker gets hired to be the contract killer, and his job is to put down a US Senator. 

Peacemaker Episode 3 ending explained
Peacemaker makes his way in Project Butterfly. (credits: HBO Max)

Peacemaker visits his father’s house before heading out for the mission. From there, he takes his pet bald eagle. Peacemaker’s interaction with his father was not that easy. 

After this strenuous interaction with his father, he leaves the house with a new suit and helmet. From here, he heads out to meet all the other agents at a diner, and he hilariously offends everyone. Peacemaker shows his interest in Agent Emilia Harcourt but gets overlooked.

We see him hooking up with a woman at the bar. This woman eventually attacks him, and Peacemaker ultimately ends up killing her using the immense power of his helmet.

Now we come to the show’s second episode– Best Friends Never. Here we see John Economos, Leota, and Harcourt step into the scene and help Peacemaker flee from the crime scene. 

While Peacemaker was making a run from the crime scene, he saw a very strange device in the apartment. He jumps from the balcony of one of the apartments. While Peacemaker flees from the crime scene, Economos alters Peacemaker’s fingerprints and license plate with his father’s, August Smith.

Leota bribed the couple from whose balcony Peacemaker had jumped to take Smith’s name while the police were investigating. Thus the police caught Smith for all this.

Peacemaker Episode 3 ending explained
Check out Peacemaker Episode 3 ending explained to know he gets gloomy. (credits: HBO Max)

Peacemaker enters into a gloomy mood as he is not able to form a good bond with any of his team members. Finally, he cheers up when Vigilante, an amateur hero, comes to meet him. We get to know that Vigilante idolizes Peacemaker.

Now we come to Peacemaker Episode 3, named Better Goff Dead. We see Peacemaker and the other team members heading towards their mission. They have to kill Senator Goff. Murn informs all the members that Goff is a butterfly and so would be his family.

Goff has consistently refused to be a part of the Project Butterfly to hide its details. When Peacemaker is told that he might also have to kill his family, including children, he refuses to do so. Murn then tells him that it has to be done if his children turn out to be an imminent threat. 

While Peacemaker and Harcourt are out on their mission, Vigilante interrupts them. He is found to be sneaking onto them. They get confirmed that Goff and his family are butterflies. 

Peacemaker prepares himself to take the shot, but the anxiety inside him makes it difficult to pull the trigger. Vigilante completes the job by shooting at everyone other than Goff. 

Then there is a fight between Judomaster, Goff’s bodyguard, and the team of anti-heroes. Peacemaker and Vigilante get captured, and Murn is compelled to make a plan to save the duo.

Peacemaker Episode 3 ending explained: What happens to Senator Goff and Details on Butterfly

In Peacemaker Episode 3 ending, we see Peacemaker and Vigilante are taken to the basement. Some alien-like materials are layering on the walls of the basement. Goff starts torturing Vigilante to bring out all the information from Peacemaker.

Peacemaker Episode 3 ending explained
Peacemaker and Vigilante in action. (credits: HBO Max)

Meanwhile, we see Leota, Harcourt, and Murn arrive at the scene to rescue them. However, they are stopped by a peculiar substance guarding the entrance, which will lead them to the basement.

Murn brings out an explosive to blow off this substance guarding the entrance. On the other hand,l we see that Peacemaker has somehow managed to free himself and starts fighting Goff. He blows off Goff’s head with a shotgun.

Economos fights with Judomaster and ultimately ends up killing him. Finally, we see that Goff dies and from his body emerges a creature that looks like a butterfly.

This butterfly is important as it gives them a flashback to Project Starfish, which dealt with a Starfish. Till now, there are not many details about the butterfly, but it is considered to be extraterrestrial.

The butterfly is actually a parasite that stays in the bodies of humans and controls them. After Goff died, it turns out that the number of butterflies all around the world has increased rapidly.

Thus by Peacemaker Episode 3 ending, we understand that Goff played the role of a beacon for nurturing the parasite that resides in humans. When he died, it triggered the awakening of the parasite.

Peacemaker Episode 4 Release Date, Spoilers and Where to Watch Online?

Peacemaker Episode 3 ending: What is that Murn is hiding?

Peacemaker Episode 3 revealed a small part of the past of Clemson Murn. He works for Amanda Waller, so we can easily say that he belongs to the ARGUS.

The audience will not know much about how he is connected to Waller or why he is in Project Butterfly. We, however, get to know about a rough patch in Murn’s life when he tells Economos that there was a time when he could not understand human emotions.

Peacemaker Episode 3 ending explained
Check out the mystery of Murn in Peacemaker Episode 3 ending explained. (credits: HBO Max)

This could hint at the fact that Murn is not entirely human. From a very young age, he was trained to be a soldier. There are also chances that he was a butterfly once, and he has finally recovered from the parasite’s effects. This makes the mission very important for him.

Murn’s character does not have a direct reference to the comic books. There are chances that it could be somewhat derived from some characters from DC Comics.

The covert actions which Murn took, not trusting Peacemaker and not sharing essential details, make him the big bad guy in this show. As the events proceed, we will get to know more about him.

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