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Mother/Android ending explained
Mother/Android ending explained (credits: Hulu)

Mother/Android Ending Explained: What Happens to Sam and Georgia?

Mother/Android ending was quite poignant. We witness a heartbreaking decision made by the protagonists while there is a robotic apocalypse happening in the world outside.

We see Georgia, played by Chloë Grace Moretz, finding herself in a post-apocalyptic world. Androids now rule this world. Earlier, the androids had been built to help humans, but now they have turned against humanity.

This event has been named Blitz, which left small pockets of military-grade resistance worldwide. Georgia is pregnant, and she goes with her boyfriend Sam, played by Albee Smith, towards Boston Military Camp.

They thought they would find some hope over there. They got hold of a sinister secret from here, which has made the Mother/Android ending very heartbreaking.

Mother/Android ending explained: What is the Robots’ Secret Plan?

Earlier in Mother/Android, Georgia was saved from a robot attack by Arthur (played by Raúl Castillo), who was then used to free a captured Sam.

Arthur, an A.I. programmer, had created jackets that could make humans invisible to the bots. Georgia extracted Sam by wearing one of the jackets, but he was ruthlessly beaten in the melee. But they escaped with the help of Arthur. Georgia then went into labor, but Arthur already took them to Boston for treatment.

However, during an interrogation session, Georgia realized that Arthur was actually an android this whole time which was meant to infiltrate the base.

When a firefight broke out, she grabbed her newborn son, Forest, and ran to the EMP in the basement. The bots planned to make someone go inside and destroy it so that humankind wouldn’t have weapons when they invaded the camp.

Mother/Android ending explained: What happened to Arthur and Georgia?

The turning point of Mother/Android was when Arthur found Georgia on the EMP site, where he revealed how he faked his grief and acted like a human. Her guilt about bringing the bots in first made her want to rectify her mistakes.

Mother/Android ending explained
Read to know about what happens to Arthur and Georgia with Mother/Android ending explained. (credits: Hulu)

As Artur was rushing her in, she shot him only to expose his metal skull, making her realize that the machines were truly monsters. As the other bots were running in to destroy the device, she planted one last bullet in his head in order to kill him.

Georgia somehow managed to get inside the cage and pull the lever and kill all the androids by sending a shockwave throughout the compound. After saving everyone, she took Forest back to Sam, who had unfortunately lost his legs during his time in prison.

Mother/Android Ending Explained: What Happens to Sam and Georgia?

However, the couple’s story didn’t end on a happy note as they tried going to Korea, where it was safer and easier to raise a family.

Unfortunately, Korea was taking in only babies, as it would be easier to accommodate them than their families.

While he was bleeding, Sam decided, knowing that they would not be able to protect the kid in a war-torn America. Georgia had to let go of Forest, writing a note so that when he would grow up, he could understand why his mother made such a sacrifice.

A time leap shows Georgia alone roaming the U.S. after Sam died succumbing to his injuries. She burned her belongings to erase the dark and hurtful past, but some soldiers found her and offered her a spot in Portland.

At the end of Mother/Android, it was revealed that Georgia did not burn one picture she took with them when her son, Forest, was born.

It was the only photo that she had of all of them together. She chose to keep it to remember her family and their fond memories.

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