Dexter New Blood finale ending explained
Dexter New Blood finale ending explained (credits: Showtime)

Dexter New Blood Finale Ending Explained

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Dexter New Blood finale has proved to be very exciting for the show’s fans. After the original show had ended, this show brings back Dexter, played by Michael C. Hall. He does not live in Miami anymore. Currently, he is staying in a snow-covered town in New York – Iron Lake.

Since he had faked his death back in Miami, he had not killed anyone, and he spent his days in the town working at a fish and game store. We see that the Dark Passenger returns when he meets Matt Caldwell in this series.

Matt seemed to be the perfect match for the actions which drove him to kill.

He finally kills Matt one night. Very surprisingly, on that same night, we see Dexter’s son Harrison, played by Jack Alcott, has found him in the town. He had left his son back in Miami, but he has finally come for his father now.

As the series proceeds, Dexter gets a hint that his son has inherited the Dark Passenger. We even see him fighting with Kurt, Matt’s father, to keep himself alive.

Towards the end of the series, we see that Angela Bishop, Dexter’s girlfriend, gets to know about his true identity and doings. If you are interested in learning more about the Dexter New Blood finale in complete detail, continue reading the article.

A quick recap of Dexter New Blood finale

The title that has been given to the Dexter New Blood finale is Sins of the Father. The finale starts with Angela listening to the recordings made by Molly. These recordings were meant to be the ones for Matt and Iron Lake.

Angela had not heard from Molly for more than 72 hours, so she put out an APB on her. The scene shifts to Dexter standing in front of his house, which burned to ashes. He sees all his neighbours trying their best to help him out.

This reminds him of his decision to shift to Iron Lake because of the good people here.

Dexter New Blood finale ending explained
Will we see Dexter getting arrested by Angela in the end? (credits: Showtime)

Angela says that it was arson that burnt down his entire cabin. Harrison comes with the perfect cover-up at that moment. He says that it must have been the doings of the boys who had attacked him earlier for breaking their friend’s arm.

Angela finds out Matt’s screw in the burnt ruins of Dexter’s house. Dexter had kept it with himself after killing Matt. Angela returns home and sends out Harrison and Audrey before she arrests Dexter with Logan’s help.

Dexter had stopped killing people for over a decade. This break had taken a toll on his game of keeping himself clean. He was now prone to making several mistakes. However, what has remained in him is his sharp intellect.

Dexter knew that the evidence Angela had in hand was insufficient to put him in jail. Angela then calls Angel Batista and sends him Dexter’s photo. On seeing the picture, Angel receives the shock of his life.

He understood that his ex-wife was correct all this time. Dexter Morgan was alive and living under Jim Lindsay’s identity in Iron Lake.

We see Angela interrogating Dexter another time. This time she informed her that she had understood that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher. Angel Batista is also on his way to Iron Lake to identify him. Dexter now understood that he was at the edge of the cliff.

Dexter’s last move in the Dexter New Blood finale is to tell Angela to switch off the camera. He then tells her about Kurt Caldwell and all the people he had murdered. He also informed how he had preserved all their bodies for the past 25 years.

Dexter New Blood finale ending explained: How does Dexter die and Why?

After Angela goes away, Dexter tries his best to bring down Logan to escape from his cell. However, Logan reaches out for his gun, and we see that Dexter ends up killing him. He calls up Harrison and asks him to hurry and meet him in their pick-up truck.

Dexter New Blood finale ending explained
Dexter New Blood finale ending explained why Harrison took this step. (credits: Showtime)

Dexter had killed Kurt, and his house had been burnt down as well. He realized the mess he had got himself into. He figured out that it would be best to leave Iron Lake to protect him and his son.

Harrison did not like this plan as all his friends and Audrey lived in Iron Lake. However, after seeing Dexter getting arrested and seeing their house burn down, he knew it was no longer safe for them to stay there.

When Harrison learns that Dexter has killed Sergeant Logan, he cannot take it. Sergeant Logan was an innocent man. Harrison feels that his father has shifted from the code he once mentioned he had always followed.

The audience has always considered Dexter a vigilante, an anti-villain who has his actions controlled by a few dos and don’ts. When Dexter killed Logan to get back to his son, he violated that code.

When Harrison refuses to leave Iron Lake, Dexter tells him that he will be leaving the place no matter what. Then Harrison does the most surprising thing – he points the rifle Dexter had gifted him at Dexter.

He accuses Dexter of being responsible for the deaths of Rita and Deb.

Dexter New Blood finale ending brings out to be the most emotional moment of the series when Dexter finally passes over the proverbial baton to Harrison, his son.

He becomes the same as all the murderers whom he had killed. After Harrison kills him, he becomes the next Dexter Morgan with his father as his first victim.

Dexter New Blood finale ending explained
Dexter New Blood Finale Still (credits: Showtime)

After finding out everything, Angela reaches the scene and tells Harrison to leave and never come back there. Harrison thus leaves the town, carrying the Dark Passenger in him and with that his father’s legacy.

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