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The Female Titan in Attack on Titan
The Female Titan in Attack on Titan (Credit: Hajime Isayama)

Who is the Female Titan in Attack on Titan? Will We See Female Titan in Season 4, Part 2?

Attack on Titan, as the name suggests, features gigantic man-eating humanoids. Attack on Titan is an anime series with a large and engaged fan base. The new people who just started watching this series have questions: who is the Female Titan in AOT? Is Annie Leonhart the Female Titan? What powers does Female Titan possess? Well, let us discuss all these in detail.

Spoiler alert: if you have not seen Attack on Titan and do not want to be spoiled, then stop reading now!

Attack on Titan: So, Who is the Female Titan?

In Attack on Titan, there are 11 types of Titans Normal, Abnormal, and the rest are the Nine powerful Titan shifters, and the Female Titan is one of those nine titan shifters.

And the Female Titan is no one but Annie Leonhart; she is the one who was assigned in the task force to retrieve the Founding Titan’s powers along with Reiner(Beast Titan) and Bertolt(Colossal Titan).

Along with Reiner and Bertolt, she had killed several people in Paradis Island and Scout Regiment for their primary purpose: to retrieve the Founding Titan’s power, for which they attacked the Paradis Island (Fall of Shiganshina Arc).

Female Titan
Female Titan (Credit: Hajime Isayama)

What kind of powers does Female Titan have?

Female Titan is one of the powerful Titans among the Nine Titan Shifters.

The best quality that a Female Titan has is the ability to harden her skin which can be used in combat.

Besides that, the Female Titan also had powers such as attracting the pure titans. There is a catch; unlike Founding Titan, the Female Titan can’t control the pure titans’ mind; once the normal titans are attracted, they run towards the Female Titan to eat the Female Titan.

The Female Titan can also run at incredible speed and has tremendous agility, plus thing here is to note that Annie Leonhart, when she was keeping a low profile in the Scout Regiment hiding the original identity she had the best skills when it came to hand to hand combats, hence that also made the Female Titan all together a formidable force to deal with the Attack on Titan series.

Why did the Female Titan cry in Attack on Titan?

Annie captured Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan Season 3 to hand him over to Zeke, but her mission failed as Mikasa and Levi very bravely managed to save Eren from the clutches of Female Titan.

After that, we saw The Female Titan(Annie) crying because Eren was her optimal opportunity to be free after Reiner and Bertolt’s failure in the Fall of Shiganshina Arc.

After handing Eren over to Zeke, she could have been free finally, but as Levi and Mikasa now have saved Eren from her clutches, now Annie won’t be able to recapture Eren again.

Meaning, she lost her only golden opportunity to go home and meet her father, Mr Leonhart, which was why the Female Titan was crying.

Annie Leonhart-The Female Titan
Annie Leonhart-The Female Titan (Credit: Hajime Isayama)

Will Annie Leonhart wake up in Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 2?

One of the most exciting things to look out for in Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 is ‘Will Annie wake up?’ as a matter of fact, Yes! Annie does wake up as she has an important part 2 play in the final chapter, War for Paradis arc.

Annie Leonhart is currently sheathed in crystal, and Armin visits and shares stories with her to keep her up to date. In Season 4, Part 2, Eren will release Wall Titans after gaining complete control over the Founding Titan’s Power.

This will result in a massive earthquake, and as a result, the Crystals around Annie will break, which eventually release her from the encased, and finally, Annie will open her eyes in four years.

After that, she will also play an important part in the War in Paradis Arc, which we will only know when the new season arrives.

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