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Yellowstone Season 4 Ending Explained: What Happened in the Finale?

Yellowstone Season 4 has showcased how several characters of the series are dealing with different kinds of complications. These complications and conflicts have placed them at the crossroads of their lives.

As we reach towards the end of the Yellowstone Season 4 finale, we notice that the members of the Dutton family have to make some tough decisions. These decisions taken by the family members change the entire dynamics of the show.

The finale brings an episode packed with twists, answers to several questions, and many scenes filled with emotion for the audience.

Yellowstone Season 4 finale does not resolve the stories about all the show’s characters. There is still a lot of mystery about many of the characters.

If you want to know more about Yellowstone Season 4 and its ending, then you have landed on the perfect article. Here you will get details on everything that you would want to know.

Before going further in detail with the ending, let’s have a quick recap of the finale.

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: What Happened in the Finale?

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 10, titled ‘Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops’, was the final episode of this season.

In the opening scene of the finale, we see Beth making arrangements because she would leave the ranch. Rip tries his best to convince Beth to go and speak to John. Beth does get convinced, and he apologizes to him.

After that, she gets permission from her father to live on the ranch. As time proceeds, we see that she starts designing a plan to murder Riggins.

On the other hand, Kayce has been facing a tough time. Kayce sees dreams about his dead brother Lee and Avery. These dreams seem to be very disturbing for him.

The scene shifts to the ranch where Mia is enjoying the bunkhouse bunch, and then Jimmy returns over there from Texas. Along with him comes Emily, who is his fiancé. The situation gets nasty as both the women end up fighting each other.

We see a heated conversation between Mia and Jimmy about their relationship once. He tells her that he has moved on and is happy with Emily.

Everyone seems to be very impressed with Jimmy’s cowboy skills. John and Jimmy talk about Jimmy’s future. John appears to support Jimmy’s decisions and tells him to go ahead with his plans. So Jimmy returns to Texas with Emily.

John goes to speak to Judge Mitchell Davis about Summer, but the Judge does not promise anything about sentencing the latter. When we finally get to the hearing, we see that Summer has received a fifteen-year suspended sentence.

Mitchell, however, gets convinced later on by John to drop the charges. Beth gets to know that Jamie was connected to the attacks made on the Duttons.

In Yellowstone Season 4, Beth gets married to Rip on the ranch. Jimmy also bids his farewell to the farm. We also see that Beth makes her way to kill Jamie. She knows that she might have to end up in prison for this act of hers. Nevertheless, she proceeds in her path.

Yellowstone Season 4 Ending Explained

The show’s fourth season has received some criticism because of one of the most influential characters of the show, Beth Dutton. In the finale, we get to see the tragedy that is driving her. The audience also feels her instant instincts and intellect that is always ahead of time. All these make Beth a perfect character in the show’s previous season.

Yellowstone Season 4 ending explained
How will Beth’s character be portrayed in the film? (credits: Paramount Network)

After facing disapproval from her father, we see Beth is devastated. She packs her things to leave the farm. For once, the audience will feel that Beth’s childish obsession about winning her father’s trust has now won out over the stability and love that she has with Rip, played by Cole Hauser. John then steps into the scene and insists that she stay over there.

Beth had lost her mother when she was very young, so she had made it a point that she would make up for the loss that her father had to face. This grieving mentality has stuck with her since then.

In the season finale, we see Beth going past Carter, played by Finn Little. She even lashes on to him when Carter calls her out as Mama.

All her feelings of guilt and loss are projected onto him. We find that it becomes difficult for us to decide who is in a more miserable condition. Is it Carter or Beth who had lost so much when she was a child?

Beth goes to meet Jamie towards the ending of the season finale. She asks him how he is connected to Riggins. There is a tone in which she speaks that tells us that she feels that Jamie was behind all the attacks.

Jamie tells her that it was all done by Garrett. Beth then comes up with two options for Jamie. Both the options had an expected outcome- Jamie’s death. When Jamie begs Beth for his life, she comes up with a third option. Thus Jamie agrees to this.

In the ending scenes of Yellowstone Season 4, we see Jamie and Garrett having a conversation, after which he shoots his father. He disposes of the dead body from a cliff. Beth catches Jamie doing this and clicks a few pictures while in the act.

The third option was Jamie had to kill Garrett, but it would save his own life. We understand that Beth’s plan of blackmailing Jamie has been successful and will continue.

Yellowstone Season 4 ending explained
What happens to Jamie after killing Garrett? (credits: Paramount Network)

It would seem that Jamie had killed his father to save his own life, but there is another aspect to the story. During the final conversation with Garrett, Jamie tells him that about the warnings that Beth had given him.

Jamie was able to see that Garrett was just after the lands of the Duttons and did not love him. Now that Garrett is dead, Jamie will have the opportunity to negotiate things with John in the upcoming times.

Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date and What to Expect?

Are things worse for Jimmy now?

For Jimmy, Yellowstone Season 4 has been a journey for discovering himself. His time in Texas has helped him become a real cowboy. Despite being away for so long, we see that he is still loyal to the Yellowstone Ranch.

Since his destiny lay elsewhere, John allows Jimmy to leave the ranch and carry forward with whatever he does.

Yellowstone Season 4 ending explained
Jimmy and Emily will again head back to Texas. (credits: Paramount Network)

He now has his fiancé, Emily, with whom he again heads back to Texas. It is still unclear whether Jimmy will again go back to Four Sixes Ranch as his contract over there has ended.

We understand that Jimmy has big dreams. If he goes back to Four Sixes Ranch, he would not be getting a position that would help him fulfil his dream of being a professional bronc rider.

 What will happen to Monica and Kayce?

If we look at Kayce in the show’s fourth season, there is an unexpected turn of events. There will be a spiritual angle to him apart from his wolf sightings.

Kayce gets advice from Mo and Chief Rainwater to spend his life on a cliff. This would help him get a vision that will bring some purpose to his life. After a few more dreams, Kayce sees the wolf as a human in the body of a woman.

Kayce finds himself with this woman standing on the cliff. He is craving a vision that will show him the purpose of his life.

Two paths appear in front of him, and it is just one path that he can take. In this episode, we do not get to know the path he chooses. However, the wolf will move on the way that Kayce chooses.

Yellowstone Season 4 ending explained
What will happen to their marriage? (credits: Paramount Network)

Right towards Yellowstone Season 4, we see that Kayce found his way back to his family.

Monica enquires about Kayce’s vision, to which he says that he saw the end of their relationship. This seems to be very shocking for everyone as both were on track to have a good marriage life.

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