Tokyo Revengers Season 2
Tokyo Revengers Season 2 (Via Netflix)

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date and Where to Watch it Online?

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Tokyo Revengers is a Japanese anime series that was released in 2021. The anime series is based on a manga of the same name. It is about Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old guy; one fine day, he finds his life in catastrophe when he finds out that his brother and his ex-girlfriend Hinata Tachibana died on the same day.

Later on that exact date, he also finds his fate when he was pushed from behind to the railway track; he finds himself transported to precisely 12 years ago from the current date.

This comes as a surprise as he finds himself teleported back to 12 years ago, just a few seconds before he dies. While reliving his school days, he finds Naoto ex-girlfriend Hinata’s brother.

He tells him about the exact date when his sister will die and just when both Takemichi and Naoto shakes hands, he is suddenly transported back to the present time.

This creates a time paradox where Naoto survives. He is now a detective; Naoto then informs Takemichi that teleportation only works when both Takemichi and he shake hands.

Naoto further deduced that the reason for his sister’s death was the meeting between two future Tokyo Manji Gang leaders, i.e. Mikey and Kisaki Tetta.

Takemichi vows to protect the love of his life, Hinata and his friends, such as Akkun and Ken Ryuguji.

So he goes back in time in order to change the past so that all of his friends and especially the love of his life, survives in the future.

The first season of Tokyo Revengers was a huge success, and fans are eagerly waiting for Season 2. So, where can you watch Tokyo Revengers? And when will Season 2 be released? Keep reading to find out!

Tokyo Revengers: Where to Watch it Online?

Tokyo Revengers-Where to Watch it Online?
Tokyo Revengers-Where to Watch it Online? (Read below to know the details) Via Netflix

So, where can I watch Tokyo Revengers anime series online? Well, if you are looking for an answer, we can definitely help you.

The Tokyo Revengers Season 1 is currently available for streaming on Netflix and Crunchyroll. So if you haven’t streamed the anime series yet, you can stream it from these two platforms.

Coming to the second point, when the Tokyo Revengers Season 2 will release it will be available for streaming on Crunchyroll at first, and people outside Asia can stream it from VRV.

Also, the series will be available for streaming on Muse Asia’s official YouTube channel and Bilibili, where people from South Asia can stream the anime series.

Apart from that, the Tokyo Revengers Season 2 will also be available for streaming on TV Aichk, TVh, TVQ, BS Asahi, MBS, TV- Tokyo, AT-X, RKK, and QAB.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 release date: When is Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Coming out?

Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers (Via Netflix)

As of now, we don’t have an exact release date for the Tokyo Revengers season 2 release date, but the anime series has been renewed for the second season, and it is currently in production.

The second season of Tokyo Revengers will adapt the Christmas Conflict Arc, and as per our assumption, season 2 will arrive in early June 2022.

The reason for saying this is that when the anime series was announced earlier, it was announced in April 2020, and it was released in June 2021.

So based on that fact, the second season was renewed on June 2021, so our early guesses will be June 2022 when the Tokyo Revengers Season 2 will release.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2: What to Expect?

In Tokyo Revengers Season 1, we have seen that the Valhalla, aka Headless Angel members, are now affiliated with Tokyo Manji Gang, and Tetta Kisaki has been given credit for it. Takemichi has also been appointed as the new captain of the 1st division.

Takemichi is now one step closure to becoming one of the top executives of Toman (Tokyo Manji Gang), which is his ultimate goal so that he can kick out Kesaki from Toman so that he can save Hinata from dying in future.

Later on in the season finale, when Takemichi returns to the present time, he finds out that his life has been wholly changed he is now one of the top position holders in Toman.

Later on, in the season finale, we saw Takemichi and Chifuyu meeting Kisaki Tetta for a drink. Kisaki first made both Takemichi and Chifuyu unconscious with the drink; then, he killed Chifuyu. Furthermore, Kisaki Tetta was about to kill Takemichi, but the series ends on a cliffhanger there.

So is Takemichi Dead? or is he still alive? Keep reading on to know this.

Does Kisaki Tetta kills Takemichi? (Via Netflix)
Does Kisaki Tetta kill Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers Season 1 finale? (Via Netflix)

The Tokyo Revengers Season 2 will be based on Christmas Conflict, In Season 2, Takemichi will still be alive, and Kazutora will come and save him from the hands of Kesaki Tetta before things escalate further for him.

In Season 2, we will see the fight between Toman and Black Dragon; as per the manga, the fight will be between Tokyo Manji Gang, the 10th generation Black Dragon members, and the Shiba Family (Taiju Shiba, the main antagonist of season 2).

In season 2, the viewers will also get to see our fan-favourite Mikey under the influence of Black Dragon; he will be taking out members from Toman for money, plus Hinata will still not be alive in future, so Takemichi will again have to put a lot of efforts to save the love of his life Hinata and his other friends.

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