Dexter New Blood Episode 10
Dexter New Blood Episode 10 (credits: Showtime)

Dexter New Blood Episode 10 Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 9 Ending Explained

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Dexter New Blood Episode 10 is due next weekend. The series showcases the events happening around ten years after the original series.

Dexter is currently living under an alias in Iron Lake. After he had faked his death, he had not killed anyone. But as the events in the show progress, we get to see the Dark Passenger in him coming out when he meets a man who fits his purpose of killing.

Another major thing that happens is that his son, Harrison, whom he had once left behind, appears in Iron Lake. Dexter is shocked to see his son had found him in his home one particular evening.

Dexter New Blood Episode 9, titled  ‘The Family Business‘, holds a massive significance in the series. In this episode, we see that Dexter tells Harrison everything about him. This is the first time we see Dexter bringing out the truth in front of his son, which makes the invisible barrier between them disappear.

On the other hand, Angela also gets confirmation that the Bay Harbor Butcher is actually Dexter. Meanwhile, Dexter and Harrison get some severe threats from Kurt as he burns down their cabin to kill both of them. Kurt waits for them to come out of the burning cabin with his gun, ready to shoot them.

He realizes that his victims have been able to discover the bunker where he keeps all his trophies. The audience also gets to know in this episode that Kurt was the one who had killed Molly.

Dexter now brings out his true self in front of his son. He kills Kurt. As we reach towards the ending of the ninth episode, we see that Angela receives an envelope with a note. In the envelope, he also finds the titanium screw which belonged to Matt.

The note tells her that Jim has murdered Matt. If you are interested in knowing what you will see in Dexter New Blood Episode 10, then continue reading the article.

Dexter New Blood Episode 10 Release date and Where to watch it Online?

Dexter New Blood Episode 10, the season finale, will be released on the 9th of January, 2022, a Sunday at 9 PM ET on Showtime. This episode will mark the end of Dexter New Blood Season 1. 

Dexter New Blood Episode 10
Watch the next finale coming on this Sunday. (credits: Showtime)

If you want to watch Dexter New Blood Episode 10, then you can tune in to the Showtime channel at the date and time mentioned above.

The people who have subscribed can watch the finale on the official website of Showtime or the Showtime application named Showtime Anytime.

For those who do not have a subscription to this channel or website, Dexter New Blood Episode 10 can be viewed on Hulu+Live TV, Sling TV, Fubo TV, Spectrum, YouTube TV, DirecTV, and Xfinity.

People in Canada can get to watch the finale on Crave. Amazon Prime Video will also make the finale available for those with a subscription.

Dexter New Blood Episode 10 Spoilers: What to Expect in the Finale?

The name that has been given to the final episode of the show is Sins of the Father. This will definitely bring an exciting ending for all the fans of the show. We will surely get to see a conflict rising between Dexter and Angela as she knows about his real identity.

The fact that Molly is missing is known to Angela. However, she has no idea about the person who has kidnapped her. She might end up thinking Dexter has kidnapped Molly and then build a case against him as she cannot find anyone else who could do such a thing.

Dexter New Blood Episode 10
The new show is available on many other platforms mentioned here (credits: Showtime)

We might get to see Dexter having a peaceful life with Harrison in Dexter New Blood Episode 10. Now, as all their secrets have come out, we will see that they have come significantly closer to each other.

Harrison will learn how to keep the Dark Passenger inside him in control from his father. Dexter makes him realize that the world is definitely in need of a few people like them.

There are chances we might get to see Angela finally meeting Angel to learn more about Dexter. Angel might get the biggest shock of his life when he gets to know that Dexter is not only alive, but he is the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Dexter New Blood Episode 9 Ending Explained

Dexter New Blood Episode 9 starts with Dexter and his son, Harrison, having a conversation together. Dexter tells him that both of them have been born out of the blood.

This is the reason why they share the Dark Passenger. He tells Harrison that he used to scare the criminals in such a way that they had even stopped committing crimes in the beginning.

Since it is Christmas time, we see that father-son duo exchanging gifts. This seems to be the first Christmas spent by Harrison after he left Argentina. Dexter gifts him a hunting rifle, and he gets a portrait of Deb from him.

They also go to meet Audrey and Angela for exchanging gifts. Dexter surprisingly finds over there that Kurt has not left town yet. Kurt comes over to Angela’s doorsteps to wish her for Christmas.

Dexter New Blood Episode 9 ending
Will Kurt survive after Christmas? (credits: Showtime)

In Dexter New Blood Episode 9, Angela becomes sure that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher.

We then see that Kurt gets dressed in his serial killer outfit and then sets out to set fire on Dexter’s cabin. He feels that this would bring out both the father and the son and shoot them.

What is surprising and unknown to Kurt is that Dexter and Harrison have found out his bunker where he keeps his trophies after murdering his targets.

Do Molly and Kurt die in Dexter New Blood Episode 9?

As Dexter runs over Kurt in Dexter New Blood Episode 9 ending, Kurt vanishes from the scene. The father-son duo then tries to look out for him with a drone that Harrison had received as a gift from Kurt.

Harrison knows that Kurt is the serial killer who has been murdering several young women in the town for many years. Once they find the bunker, they intentionally trigger the alarm so that he knows that both of them have found the bunker and are physically over there.

As they go inside the bunker, they finally understand the real intentions of Kurt as a murderer. Previously we had seen that Kurt was draining blood from the bodies of the people whom he had killed. In Dexter New Blood Episode 9, we get to know that he preserves the bodies in such a way to maintain their innocence.

Molly is also found among the dead people in the bunker. Kurt had killed her after kidnapping her back in Episode 7.

Dexter New Blood Episode 9 ending
Kurt will be killed by Dexter. (credits: Showtime)

Dexter also tells his son that he is the Trinity Killer. When Kurt finds out that the father and the son have found his bunker where he preserves his trophies, he goes back home to back and leave the town. But the duo ambushes him at his house, and Dexter injects him with ketamine.

Later Kurt wakes up on a dissecting table and finds all his victims surrounding him, along with Dexter and Harrison. Dexter kills Kurt in front of his son. He lets him know that his son will never be alone as they have a way to channel the Dark Passenger inside them.

Dexter New Blood Episode 9 ending: Who Is Wiggles the Clown?

In Dexter New Blood Episode 9, we find out that Wiggles is a child killer. He has been a part of Dexter’s past. In many flashback scenes, we have seen him, and we find Dexter explaining to him the relation that he shares with Harrison.

We find that the aspect ratio of the scenes where Wiggles is shown is similar to those in the original series. Wiggles had killed more than twelve children before Dexter got hold of him and made an end of his murder spree.

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