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Mayor of Kingstown Episode 10 Spoilers and Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9 Ending Explained

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 10 is due next week, and the Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9 has already taken the audience into the darker part of the town.

There is a pressure that is being built right to the breaking point of the show. The episode was titled The Lie of the Truth and showcased a sense of tension between the inmates and the prison officers. This led to a few dangerous outcomes at the Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9.

There is a lot of tension and violence going around in the town. Mike seems to be missing from them, but Kyle, his younger brother, is in the centre of all this mess. 

This episode shows a lot of gritty drama, and we can understand that the balance of power in the town of Kingstown has been disturbed. This disturbance has gone to such an extent that it cannot be repaired.

If you want Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9 ending explained, then you have landed on the perfect article. Continue reading to know about everything in detail.

A quick recap of the Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9 starts with the policing and putting up a raid on Duke’s house. They find out that his house is actually a lab for drugs. Then the situation leads to a gunfight in which Duke’s men face a tough time and almost get killed.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9 ending explained
Mike in Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9. (credits: Paramount+)

We then see that Kyle was going to Kingstown for helping transport the prisoners who were suspected of stabbing a prison guard.

Among all the inmates, P-Dog was the most dangerous. He is shackled from head to toe and prepared to be shifted to a country prison for going through an investigation.

Kyle and Ian, his partner, were preparing to bring P-Dog in their custody. While doing this, they were ambushed by a couple of prisoners. In this fight, we see that P-Dog could run away, and both Kyle and Ian get beaten up very severely.

The next events in Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9 show that Mike makes breakfast for Iris. Both of them have a fantastic time together at Iris’s cabin in the forests. Iris was broken from a traumatic ordeal, but she assures Mike that she is recovering from her trauma.

Mike then comforts her to his fullest, and both of them decide that they will remain in the cottage for a long time. We understand that Mike has no idea about the tremendous amount of violence that will break out in prison.

Going to the woman prison, we find that Cherry continues saying that Sam had sexually assaulted her, and thus she had killed the prison guard as an act of self-defence.

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Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9 Ending Explained

Going back to the men’s prison, we find that things do not remain in control as P-Dog and his followers break into the lockers of the prison. They take in all the firepower and arm themselves to the fullest.

P-Dog and the others get to enter the confinement chamber with the help of Milo. From there, all of them escape finally. After the inmates see what has happened, the prison changes to a warzone. The guards try their best to put up a fight, but with the large population of the inmates, they are all crushed.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9 ending explained
Prison guards making their attempt to stop the inmates from escaping. (credits: Paramount+)

When Ian and Kyle come back to their senses, they find themselves in a deserted containment area. They find many bodies of guards who have been killed all around them.

They try to escape but find that all the doors have been locked. To protect themselves, they find themselves in the sewage system of the prison.

Over there, they meet a few of the prisoners who had also taken refuge from the violence in prison. We also see young McLusky and his partner trying to escape from the prison.

Kyle and Ian somehow manage to survive after being beaten to death by P-Dog and his men. They had been assaulted with tasers, batons, and pepper sprays. After attacking them, the inmates had reached the weaponry, where they armed themselves to the brim.

The situation is yet not safe as the prisoners with P-Dog have killed a few of the prison guards with their weapons. Kyle and Ian realize the danger they are in.

If they were discovered, they would surely die in the hands of the prisoners. Their survival totally depends on getting a way to go out of the prison complex without anyone knowing about it.

If Kyle gets killed, then the consequences would not be good for everyone in Kingstown. Mike is already living under the shadow of the murder of his elder brother. If his younger brother gets killed, he will go out of control.

For the first time in the show, we will find that Mike is not the centre of attraction in such a situation. He is at his cabin in the forest along with Iris. He takes care of her over there.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9 ending explained
Mike and Iris are in the cabin in his woods. (credits: Paramount+)

We also see him cooking and comforting her. Mike is not aware of the problems Kyle is facing at the prison. He spends a peaceful life in the cottage along with Iris. We even see that his phone does not work over there.

He considers leaving Kingstown and spending his peacefully as magic, so we understand why he has been disconnected from everything happening.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 10 Release Date and Where to watch it online? 

The finale of the show, Mayor of Kingstown Episode 10, will be released on the 9th of January, 2022, at 3 AM ET on Paramount+.

On every Sunday of the week, a new episode of the show comes out. Next Sunday, we will get to see the season finale, Mayor of Kingstown Season 1.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 10
Check out the season finale coming soon. (credits: Paramount+)

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 10 Spoilers: What can we expect to see in Mayor of Kingstown Episode 10?

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 10 will show the audience that Mike will step into the scene to sort out everything that has happened in prison.

Many of the prison guards had been slaughtered, which has left a huge impact on his mind. Mayor of Kingstown Episode 10 will be a decisive episode for the McLusky family in the show.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 10
Kyle and Ian will have to somehow escape the prison. (credits: Paramount+)

We will also get to see the journey of Kyle and Ian in prison, as they try their best to escape from it in Mayor of Kingstown Episode 10.

They know that they are unsafe as long as they remain inside the prison. There are chances that we might get to see an important character die in Mayor of Kingstown Episode 10.

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