Will We See Miguel again in Cobra Kai Season 5?
Will We See Miguel again in Cobra Kai Season 5? (via Netflix)

Does Miguel die in Cobra Kai? What Happens to him in Season 4? Will he be back in Cobra Kai Season 5?

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Since the premiere of Cobra Kai, there’s been one question on everyone’s mind: does Miguel die in the show? But, after the ending of Cobra Kai Season 4, we will be able to answer what really happens to Miguel at the end, so if you want to know if Miguel dies in Cobra or is he still alive in season 4 and what lies ahead for the character, you have landed on the right page.

Spoiler alert: if you haven’t seen Season 4 of Cobra Kai yet, read no further!

Does Miguel die in Cobra Kai?

No, Miguel is not dead in Cobra Kai. In Cobra Kai Season 3, after a series of misunderstandings with Samantha and due to the rivalry between Cobra Kai dojo and Miyagi-Do dojo, Miguel finds himself in the middle of an intense fight in the hallways of West Valley High School.

The reason for this fight was his ex-girlfriend Samantha LaRusso was not speaking to Miguel, and he wanted to go and clear things up, but no luck, Samantha still doesn’t talk to him.

But later on, there was a confrontation between Samantha and Tory Nichols (Peyton List), which initiated the brawl between both the students of the dojos. Therefore, the whole Cobra Kai dojo and Miyagi-Do dojo started fighting each other. As a result, both Robby and Miguel also had to fight each other as well.

In the middle of the fight, Miguel realized that he didn’t want hurt Robby, so he stopped attacking him, but unfortunately, Robby didn’t realize that Miguel was at the edge of the stairs of 3 rd floor, and he kicked him and, that resulted in Miguel landing on the ground floor and injures his brain and spine in the process.

However, later on in the series, we saw Miguel in the hospital, and Johnny couldn’t believe what had happened to his favourite student. Still, luckily Miguel survived and later on in season 3, after training Johnny and post-therapy, he was able to walk again. In season 4, he qualified and fought in the All-Valley Championship.

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Miguel in Cobra Kai
Miguel in Cobra Kai (Via Netflix)

What Happened to Miguel in Cobra Kai Season 4? Has he injured himself once again?

In the Season 4 finale of Cobra Kai, while fighting with Hawk in the All-Valley Karate Championship, Miguel ended up injuring himself due to a muscle pull. Afterwards, he wasn’t able to compete in the tournament.

He was given a 30 minutes time-out to return to the mat and continue the match. But Miguel chose not to come back again as per his thoughts he was not fighting for himself anymore he couldn’t find the purpose why he was fighting in the tournament and why Johnny was putting too much pressure on Miguel, he finally decided to withdraw from the match and leaves a note behind for his mother and coach Johnny.

Miguel’s withdraw from the fights makes way for Eli (Hawk) to progress to the finals, and in the final, he collides with Robby (who defeated much improved Demetri in the semifinals).

The final was one hell of a fight where Eli emerges victorious and joins Johnny, Daniel, Miguel, Xander Stone, and Darry Vidal as the All-Valley Tournament Champion.

On the other hand, in the Girls section, the finale between Samantha and Tory was also an epic one where Tory emerges victorious and emerges as the first-ever girl to win the All-Valley Tournament Championship.

Miguel Injured himself again in the Cobra Kai Season 4 Finale
Miguel Injured himself again in the Cobra Kai Season 4 Finale (via Netflix)

What’s next for Miguel? Will Miguel be back in Cobra Kai Season 5?

Yes, Miguel will be back in the Cobra Kai Season 5, as shown in the finale of Cobra Kai Season 4 Miguel, after the muscle injury leaves the All-Valley Championship and drops a note for his mother and coach Johnny he states that he will be looking to find his birth father and decided to leave Los Angeles.

Season 5 will feature Miguel going to Mexico City to find his father, and Johnny probably will make his efforts to find Miguel, and probably Robby will join Johnny on the trip.

Maybe in Cobra Kai Season 5, we will finally see both Miguel and Robby becoming friends and ending the bad blood between them.

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