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Cobra Kai Season 4 Ending Explained: Which Dojo [Spoiler] Wins the All-Valley Tournament?

Cobra Kai ended its fourth season this past week, and it left many viewers with a lot of questions. What was the point of the season? What happened to all of the characters? Here is a rundown of what happened in the finale and what it all means.

In the Kobra Kai Season 3, we saw Johnny and Daniel decided to merge both their dojos (Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang Karate) in an attempt to take down the Cobra Kai.

There was a bet between them and Cobra Kai that whoever wins the all-valley tournament, the other must close their dojos. So who won the all- Valley Karate Tournament? This tournament determines who the best karate dojo in the valley is and draws competitors from all around.

The competition was fierce, but only one dojo came out on top. So, which dojo was victorious? Well, if you haven’t watched Cobra Kai Season 4, let’s discuss the details of Cobra Kai Season 4.

(Warning this contains the spoilers for Cobra Kai season 4!)

Cobra Kai Season 4 Plot: What was it About?

After merging Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang Karate dojos, Daniel and Johnny first started training their students, but their training styles were different, leaving the students completely confused.

On the other hand, Kreese visits his Silver in his mansion, although the Cobra Kai was established by both of them together. Still, ultimately Silver left and joined his father’s company as his father had threatened him if he didn’t join, he would cut him off his inheritance.

At first, Silver wasn’t ready to join the Cobra Kai because of his dad’s threat. Still, after Kreese’s manipulation, he couldn’t get over the tempting thought of teaching in Cobra Kai which ultimately resulted in him joining the Cobra Kai again.

The interesting fact here is that Silver was aware that Kreese would try to manipulate him to join the Cobra Kai again, which he tried to resist at first. Still, later on, he realized that he would not be able to continue with his dad’s business, so he decided to join the Cobra Kai.

After joining back in Cobra Kai, Silver changes a lot of things there and tries to bring some disciple among the students of Cobra Kai. He instructs them not to engage with their opponent before the tournament starts.

Cobra Kai Season 4 Ending Explained
Cobra Kai Season 4 Ending Explained (via Netflix)

After which, there was an incident that left all the Cobra Kai students embarrassed, after which both Silver and Kreese paid Daniel and Johnny a visit.

After seeing Silver for the first time in all these years, Daniel recapitulates all the pain and mental trauma he had faced, and for the first time in the series, Daniel becomes angry, which leads him to a darker path.

After discovering Silver is now finally back in Cobra, Daniel and Johnny had a discussion where Daniel tells Johnny that they must practice the Miyagi-style karate as this had beaten Silver the last time.

Still, Johnny doesn’t agree to that, resulting in both discontinuing their partnership and their Dojos going separate ways.

The Dojos students now suffer for this, but Miguel and Sam still try to incorporate their sensei’s teaching. They finally understand that they will have to go how things were before forgetting their dissatisfaction and annoyance.

6 Cobra Kai Season 5 Theories That Are Too Good To be True

Amanda (played by Courtney Henggeler) had some struggle with the law, and that helps her to relate to Tory, elsewhere Anthony and his friends bully Kenny (a boy of their same age) Kenny being the brother of Shawn, he was the one whom Robby met when he was at Juvie. Learning about Kenny’s problems, Robby decides that he will rake him under his guidance, and soon Robby becomes a student of Cobra Kai.

In the All-Valley tournament, a new set of rules has been announced; this year, the rules include Kata, Board Breaking and the Weapon Display, and there will be two champions this time; one will be in the male division and another in the female division. As per the bet between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang, the grand champion trophy will go to the team that will accumulate more points.

Despite the promises to the respective sensei, Tory, Robby, Miguel, and Sam ends up in a fight at the prom, which jeopardizes the relationship between Miguel and Sam, and each of them now accuses each other of being interested in Tory and Robby this results in them leaving the prom miserable and wet from falling on the pool, but Robby and Tory begins something wonderful.

Now coming to the finale episode (the last two episodes) of the All-Valley tournament, many teams now take part in the All-Valley Tournament; after much of the fight, finally, Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai are the two teams who reach the final and will be competing for the grand title.

Cobra Kai Season 4 Ending
Cobra Kai Season 4 Ending (Via Netflix)

Cobra Kai Season 4 Ending Explained: Which Dojo Wins the All-Valley Tournament at the end?

Well, after a beautiful finale of Season 4 of Cobra Kai, we finally come to a conclusion with Cobra Kai winning the All-Valley Tournament.

They dominated throughout the tournament, showing their skills and winning mentality; although Sam and Demetri get Miyagi-Do close to overtaking Cobra Kai in terms of points but, Hawk made one mistake during the board beaking competition that resulted in Cobra Kai ending up in the top spot.

In the semifinal of the boy’s competition, Miguel and Hawk faced off with one another where Miguel was taken off from the mat due to muscle injury, and he didn’t compete afterwards; as a result, Hawk entered the finals. On the other hand, Robby won against Demetri and earned his place in the finals.

Elsewhere in the girls’ competition, Sam and Tory make it to the finale.

To get the grand champion trophy, Cobra Kai had to win only one of the two finals, and Miyagi Do had to win both. Still, as both matches go back and forth, Hawk and Tory emerge as the winners of their respective matches, resulting in Cobra Kai winning the All-Valley championship.

Soon Tory finds out that Sam had bribed the referee when Tory fought against Sam, and that results in Tory’s happiness evaporating as she finds out the truth.

Cobra Kai Season 4-Daniel vs Johnny
Cobra Kai Season 4-Daniel vs Johnny (via Netflix)

Cobra Kai Season 5: What to Expect? 

Cobra Kai Season 4 Ending: Why Silver was arrested?

In the finale of Cobra Kai, we finally saw the final confrontation between Kreese and Silver.

When Silver started training the students in Cobra Kai, his effective training methods were helpful to the students, resulting in most of the students acknowledging him rather than Kreese.

This makes Kreese feel jealous, and Kreese realizes that he will have to mark his territory and wants to take Cobra Kai fully. Silver realized that and decided that he would have to leave Kreese behind and needed to reconstruct the Cobra Kai.

Kreese and Silver in Cobra Kai
Kreese and Silver in Cobra Kai (via Netflix)

And after the win at the All-Valley Tournament, Cobra Kai was victorious; they got all the attention they needed. Here we see Silver already planning to open several new branches, and he doesn’t need Kreese anymore.

Silver once stated while speaking to his students that every person has a weakness no matter what. In the case of Kreese, his weakness was he himself, the man who had saved Silver decades ago; no matter how much Silver has done for him throughout the years, Kreese still thinks that this isn’t enough to repay his debt.

But finally, Silver orchestrates Kreese’s arrest smoothly by first beating up Stringray and then instructing him to go to the police and lodge a complaint against Kreese for assaulting him. Kreese was arrested and taken by the police; he lost his reputation, work, and everything.


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