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Are Levi and Mikasa related in Attack on Titan?
Are Levi and Mikasa related in Attack on Titan? (credit MAPPA and Hajime Isayama)

Are Levi and Mikasa related in Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan, which has become a popular anime series all over the world, has many questions surrounding it. One of the most asked is whether or not Levi and Mikasa are related.

Some say that there is no evidence to support this claim, while others believe that there are too many similarities between the two characters for them not to be related. So, what is the truth? Are Levi and Mikasa related in Attack on Titan? Let’s take a closer look.

We all know that Levi and Mikasa both belong to The Ackermans clan, But are Mikasa and Levi related? And even if they belong to the same clan, how are they not related to each other? Let us find out now.

To reveal the full details, we would have to explain the history of the Ackerman Family. The Ackerman Family was one of the families who lived in the world even before Paradis Island was created.

In the past, they awakened a power called “By-products of Titan science” basically, they genetically mutated and modified human beings who possess exceptional abilities, e.g. ‘Titan Killing abilities’.

Mikasa in Attack on Titan
Mikasa in Attack on Titan (credit MAPPA and Hajime Isayama)

The Ackerman Clan was an accidental product of Eldia’s experiments with the subjects of Ymir’s. Initially, they were genetically mutated to protect Eldia’s King and acted as the monarchy’s right hand.

In Attack on Titan, they have been considered as the warrior’s bloodline. When the Great Titan War concluded, the members of the Ackerman clan who survived moved within the walls of Paradis, which King Fritz created to save the remnants of the human beings.

When King Fritz erased the minds of the subjects of Ymir after the Great Titan War, the Ackerman Clan and Asian bloodline were the only bloodlines who were immune from this mental manipulation of Founding Titan (King Fritz).

After King Fritz did the memory manipulation against all the subjects of Ymir’s, the two clans of Asian bloodline and Ackerman were left unaffected by the memory manipulation; King ordered both the clans to follow King’s order and give up their clan names and live a secret life.

To which Ackerman Clan agreed, but the Asian bloodline clan denied; therefore, King Fritz ordered to kill all the Asian bloodlines members. This resulted in the complete extinction of Asian bloodlines.

The Ackerman Clan were also targeted afterwards, to which the Head of the Ackerman offered his own life so that the rest of the clan could survive.

After which, the rest of the generation of the Ackerman Clan avoided telling their children about the secret powers of the Ackerman Clan. As a result, the generation grew up without the knowledge of their family, which helped in the Royal Family’s purpose.

The next generation of Ackerman grew up knowing the same thing as the other subjects of Ymir, that they are the last survivors of Humanity as Titans have taken over the world.

Although Ackerman Clan agreed to follow King’s orders, they were still being pursued throughout the time, which resulted in some of them taking refuge in the underground city of Paradis like Levi’s family, and the rest seeking refuge in the mountain’s edge of the wall like Mikasa’s family.

Levi and Kenny in Attack on Titan
Levi and Kenny in Attack on Titan (credit MAPPA and Hajime Isayama)

This hunting of the Ackerman only stopped when Kenny Ackerman met King Uri Reiss, where Uri Reiss apologized to Kenny for the oppression their clan faced and took Kenny as his right-hand man.

When Kenny first came in contact with Uri Reiss, Uri tried to wipe out Kenny’s memory, but he was unable to do so; therefore, with that knowledge, he concluded that Kenny must be from Ackerman Clan because the Asian Clan who was also free from Founding Titan’s memory manipulation were all killed during King Fritz’s time.

Also, in his death bed in the Attack on Titan Manga, Kenny’s grandfather revealed the truths both the clans faced and the struggle they had to go through to survive.

By that time, Uri took Kenny as his right-hand man only surviving members of the Ackerman Clan was Levi, Mikasa and Kenny.

Kenny Meets King Uri Reiss
Kenny Meets King Uri Reiss (credit MAPPA and Hajime Isayama)

Kenny was kind of Levi’s father figure. He was the one who raised Levi and trained him to be an assassin.

I hope this clarifies your doubt on Mikasa and Levi’s relation. It is now clear that Mikasa and Levi are not related they just belong to the same Ackerman Clan; other than that, they do not have any blood relations.

With both the clan’s near extinction and only a handful of members being alive, it is hard to know about the complete abilities of Ackerman Clan members.

In Attack on Titan, so far, we have no idea how powerful a fully trained Ackerman can be. With the complete control and knowledge of their power, are they even powerful than the Nine Titan Shifters? Well, we will surely see a glimpse of the true Ackerman powers in the final War in Paradis Arc.

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