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Xiaomi foldable smartphone
Xiaomi foldable smartphone (credits: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone Design Like Galaxy Z Flip 3 Revealed

A few images of a brand new Xiaomi foldable smartphone has landed on the internet. Reportedly, Xiaomi is currently working on it.

The smartphone showcases a foldable display that comes in a clamshell design. The user can flip the phone open while using.

Xiaomi foldable smartphone’s designs were found on a Chinese website owned by a patent office. There is a small LCD screen on the phone’s backside, which looks like a dual-camera setup.

The pictures circulating on the Chinese website exhibits numerous differences with the Mi Mix Fold, the first foldable smartphone from the company.

How do we understand the differences between the Xiaomi foldable smartphone from Mi Mix Fold?

The Mi Mix Fold would fold from the horizontal axis, similar to several other foldable phones like Find N from Oppo and Samsung Galaxy Fold 3.

Xiaomi foldable smartphone
Xiaomi to bring in new foldable phones. (credits: MySmartPrice)

However, the leaked design of the upcoming smartphone suggests otherwise. In this new Xiaomi foldable smartphone, the phone can be flipped upwards, similar to that of Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Thus, it is expected that we will get to see a clamshell design from the company’s new smartphone.

These images were posted on China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA)

The images that have come out of the Xiaomi foldable smartphone bring out some specific features that we will see in it. The features are just a handful. The majority of them have not been revealed yet.

As per the design of the Xiaomi foldable smartphone, it will sport two cameras at the back. There is a rectangular cutout design on the backside as well. In this cutout, we might get to see a small display.

This screen will be useful in seeing the notifications and even while clicking the selfies with the phone folded. The image of the Xiaomi foldable smartphone also showcases a pill-shaped portion inside of the phone.

This would lead us to believe otherwise of the display as mentioned above.

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