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Landscapers Ending Explained: Who killed Wycherleys?

Every show has two aspects: a story and the other is how one presents the report to the audience. How the story is served to the audience determines how the show or the movie was, which means the story doesn’t happen to be the significant thing in this aspect.

We are talking about the new thriller crime drama show Landscapers, which was another such intriguing show which made the audience look at a person who has committed a crime from a different point of view.

Landscapers take you through the story of Susan and Christopher, who are now in police custody after being accused of murder.

The story shows how life is beyond this murder. Indeed it would make you think that it’s not just about killing someone; there is a hell of a lot of things that first of all make this happen, and after it happens, how do the people have to live with that guilt or satisfaction depending upon how the person perceives throughout rest of their lives.

Landscapers Season 1 Recap: What is it About?

Landscapers Ending Explained- Who killed Wycherleys?
Landscapers Ending Explained- Chris and Susan Loved Eachother(Image Credits- HBO Max)

Susan and Christopher Edwards had a horrible crime history, and to refrain from this, they had been hiding in various places in the world.

Currently, they are living in squalor in France due to a weird habit of Susan spending an enormous amount of money on old Hollywood souvenirs.

This has made them soon go out of money, and to make arrangements for their future, Christopher calls in his stepmother, Dr Tabitha Edwards, to ask for financial assistance.

But, what happens after this in Landscapers is what Edwards won’t have dreamt even in their worst dreams. While asking for financial assistance from his stepmother, Christopher ends up revealing everything about the heinous crime they committed.

Dr Tabitha, who had been a respected lady, quickly dials in and calls the cops. She says that the couple has buried the bodies of Patricia and William Wycherley in the backyard.

The cops examine the place and order excavation operations to find the dead bodies following this information. When the ground is started to dig, the police finds two skeletal bodies wrapped in a duvet.

Moving on with Landscapers, the Edwards are arrested and taken to England to trial with reasonable charges for all they have done. Amid all this happening, we get to know that Susan and Christopher are madly in love.

The later part of the show follows all the investigation and flashbacks that followed us with why exactly Edwards kills them.

Douglas Hylton, a solicitor of Susan, was the first to see that Christopher and Susan love each other. We get to learn so much about Susan and Christopher during this interrogation and the flashbacks that happened in the meantime.

Landscapers are so well created that you couldn’t take your eyeballs away from the scenes, even the interrogation scenes, so results in such a way that what Edwardses say about their part is quite different from what the cops are interpreting the murder.

After knowing everything in the interrogation, we were very well aware of what possibly would be happening at the court, and the same happened.

The court said that the Edwardses were ‘cold-blooded killers’, and to hide this fact, they also distracted the entire investigation process.

The story then compiles various scenes from the western old Hollywood satire that showcases the flashback story so that we know what happened all along the way.

The court, too, starts believing that the couple were the real culprits who killed the Wycherley’s, the reason we know, but that’s not how the legal framework works.

Landscapers Ending- Did Edwardses kill Wycherley’s?

According to Susan and Christopher in Landscapers, they think that it was the Wycherley’s who had deceived, stolen or in a legal way inherited the property of Susan’s grandfather in their name.

Landscapers Ending Explained- Who killed Wycherleys?
Landscapers Ending Explained- Who killed Wycherley’s?(Image Credits- HBO Max)

Patricia even forced Susan to sign over the papers to acquire the rights of the property of that of her parents.

The deal that later took place between Wycherleys and Edwards, which resulted in chaos later, was that Wycherley’s sold the Edgware property and bought the Mansfield house.

This whole deal turned into a profitable one for them. Even though it happened to be an advantageous deal for them, they didn’t bother to return the money to Susan.

By reaching this point, the police concluded that Edwardses killed Wycherleys for money which they later failed to return. Though this may seem to be a satisfying reason for the cops, it wasn’t so in reality. The cops would be using this argument in court and only debate on this aspect.

Was it Susan or Christopher?

Without any doubt, it was Susan who was the one who killed the Wycherley’s. She also says that after this incident, she bought 20 bottles of air freshener to mask the smell of decay, smoke and nicotine that was emerging from her parent’s house.

We also see during the investigation process of Landscapers, when Christopher is asked about the guns, he says that he was the one who has used the .38 gun to shoot.

In a way, his attempts show that he is trying to make a disclaim off from Susan onto him by saying that his wife has no prior experience of guns.

Later Susan’s anxiety made the prosecutors of the real convict. Soon after, the court in Landscapers gets the post mortem report that says that the bullets were shot in the precise manner that means someone with prior experience of guns could have done this and as we saw in the investigation of this case that Christopher said that he was the one who had some knowledge of this gun and Susan didn’t have any experience which made the court believe that it was none other than Christopher who might have shot the bullets on the Wycherley’s.

Landscapers Ending Explained- Who killed Wycherleys?
Landscapers Ending Explained- The couple were sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment(Image Credits- HBO Max)

Did the Court convict Susan Guilty of the Murder?

Yes, towards the end of the show, Susan could no longer play her tactics to deviate herself from the truth, and a piece of mounting evidence lies in the front of the cops that they presented in front of the court.

She could not explain to the cops about the brass shells and also lie to the cops regarding the same in the ending scenes of Landscapers.

The court held the couple guilty for the double murder and sentenced 25 years of imprisonment to them. Amid all this chaos happening around, we see that Susan wrote letters to Chris, but he never responded; she believed that their life might have died now.

She also went through a phase wherein she started introspecting how much Chris has done for her; she has given up his entire life to helping her.

But, we knew that she did everything to protect her husband, and in the final scenes of Landscapers, we see that Chris responds to the letters that Susan writes so that the latter doesn’t feel that Gerard Depardieu was no more.

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