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The Silent Sea Ending Explained: What Happens to Captain Han at the end? and Will there be a ‘The Silent Sea Season 2’?

First Parasite, then Squid Game and now The Silent Sea, it seems that the South Korean entertainment industry has now got a never-ending pot of gold that would continue with more great works. The Silent Sea, which just ended its debut season with the final episode, left a mark on the audience’s mind that they could not resist watching the show over and over again.

The show’s story revolves around time which sets in a not so distant future. When we would be undergoing acute water deficiency worldwide, there may be several reasons for it, and we are very much aware of the same.

The show sets off with a mission to address the very immediate problem but later unravels through the mystery related to a tragic accident in the Past.

The Silent Sea Plot: A Brief Recap

Fast forward a few years from now, we probably are aware of the condition of water depletion or scarcity, but we tend to ignore it because it doesn’t right away concern us.

The Silent Sea is yet another show that is talking through all things that we will face with ignorance that we are currently heading on with.

According to the World Water Resource Council, the show presents us with how the world’s water will be decreased by 40% than what it used to be.

What is alarming to everyone is the rapidly drying out water from the oceans. Also, the annual rainfall level has now significantly decreased.

The Silent Sea Ending Explained- What is the Lunar Water?
The Silent Sea (Image Credits- Netflix)

We are very much aware of the consequences of all these that we have listed above, but still, efforts have been taken on by various private companies with the government so that they could make the situation a bit better if not worse.

To find a solution to these problems, the South Korean Space and Aeronautics Administration (SAA) plan to send a space expedition to Balhae so that they could get that mysterious substance which is said to be kept in a capsule and its proved to be working at its best even at shallow temperatures.

The space expedition shown in The Silent Sea is led by Captain Han Yoon-Jae, though it appears very strange that Choi, who is the director of the SSA, doesn’t have the complete information regarding that mysterious substance.

The organisation once carried away similar research before they lost their 117 crew members in a tragedy at the Balhae Lunar Research Station.

Soon, the crew members reach Balhae, and the sight they see here isn’t plentiful because they could see the heaps of dead bodies of all the crew members who were part of the previous mission that ended as a tragic accident.

Further in The Silent Sea, we learn that the actual reason for the accident wasn’t a radiation leak, but it was due to drowning.

As everyone at the SSA was told the reason was the radiation leak, the crew members soon guessed the traitor who might have revolutionised this thing.

To find out who did this, it was essential to find out what exactly led to this, and soon they sent out the samples from the place to get the answer.

The final episode of The Silent Sea embarked onto a different level when we know that the whole accident that was supposed to be an accident was designed. Dr Song’s sister, who was also part of the crew, reveals the entire series of events that happened out there.

What happened at Balhae Lunar Station in the Past?

Episode 8 of the show unravels us through the secret at the Balhae station a few years ago.

We see that an ample amount of people try to get from this place, and a solitary seed on the ground is crushed, which lead to the Lunar water emerging out that reacts to the sources, which leads to the death of the crew members due to drowning.

The Silent Sea Ending Explained- What is the Lunar Water?
The Silent Sea (Image Credits- Netflix)

Now, Director of SSA Choi never wanted all these to come out, and hence it was kept secret, and he made every crew member stay abroad at that station.

She, therefore, closed the doors of the space station where the heaps of the dead bodies of the 117 crew members who were part of that mission.

The Silent Sea Ending Explained: Who is Luna?

If you think that Luna might be a creature possessing some extraordinary superhuman skills and you, along with Dr Song, have got that wrong. Luna is the 73rd clone that was used in the experiment.

Luna is also responsible for the death of Gisu, which happens when Lunar is trying to get the lunar water, and for her, it seems that Gisu came into as a hindrance.

Lunar water helps fill up Lunar’s injuries because she possesses extreme abilities and could also tolerate the water, thus making her the only entity who has passed the test, and onto her lies the entire fate of humanity.

Luna in The Silent Sea
Luna in The Silent Sea (credit: Netflix)

How was Dr Song’s sister involved in the Balhae space station experiment?

Dr Song’s sister, one of the senior scientists at the organisation, was working on making lunar water safe for consumption for humans. If this experiment had turned fruitful, then the central problem of water sacristy on the planet would have vanished.

The story of The Silent Sea proceeds with Dr Song’s sister covering out various aspects and dimensions of the experiment, along with her colleagues, started studying the cell fusion and genetic formulation so that humans could ingest lunar water.

To carry out this kind of experiment, you require a clone that replicates a human. Still, as soon as Choi and the government know about the investigation, they order to terminate it, fearing that the government will be accused of cruel experiments.

So, to keep this as an ultimate secret, Choi made everything to stop the experiment; also, military forces were sent out to ensure that there remained no crew members after the exposure to lunar water.

Who are the Traitors, and for whom were they working For?

If you have completed The Silent Sea and haven’t yet figured out who the traitors were, then no worries because the show didn’t directly mentions or showcase them as the traitors. It was left to the audience to absorb and consider them as the ones.

So, coming to the question of who the traitors were, they were Gisu and Taesuk, and they were working for a transnational corporation named Resource Planetary development.

This organisation never wanted SSA to fulfil what they were aiming at, which was quite evident because it is always seen that a counterpart nation would never want another country to succeed in terms of the research or development phase.

Does Captain Han Die in The Silent Sea?

The Silent Sea Ending Explained- What is the Lunar Water?
The Silent Sea (Image Credits- Netflix)

Yes, Captain Han died in the finale scenes of the show when we saw that the chamber was starting to fill with the lunar waters. Though captain tris used the sensors to depressurise the room, he wasn’t successful.

We see that he is later thrown out of that chamber due to the immense pressure developed due to water, which put him into the lunar atmosphere.

In his final moments, Luna tries to hand Captain the batch his daughter had given, but he could not get his hands on it, he dies before he could get it, but all he can do is promise his daughter that he will return. But that’s what. Indeed we all know that won’t be happening.

What happens to Dr Song, Luna, and Dr Hong?

Dr Song. Luna and Dr Song managed to escape from the Balhae station before the flood, and they were saved by the space shuttle. We already know that there were two space shuttle going towards the moon, and if one of them has been sent by Mr Kim, the other might belong to RX, which the South Korean government destroyed.

So based on that fact, it is easy to figure out that Dr Song, Luna and Dr Hong were saved by Mr Kim’s shuttle.

Plus, Mr Kim and his associates believe that Luna and Luna’s water belongs to the entire world, not just to a particular country, so they will probably now make sure that the whole world gets the water.

Will There Be a The Silent Sea Season 2?

Well, as of now, we cannot say whether there will be a season 2 of The Silent Sea because season 1 itself tells us a complete story with few survivors managed to escape from the Balhae station. So, therefore, we don’t think The Silent Sea Season 2 will get a sequel.

Coming to the second point like the Squid Game and Hellbound, The Silent Sea will definitely get some big appreciation from the fans in the coming days, so if it gets such massive appreciation from and the fans demand for a second season, then only Netflix might renew it for a second season. We will have to wait for a couple of days for that to happen.

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