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Atrangi Re
Atrangi Re (Image Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

Atrangi Re Ending Explained and Review

Atrangi Re, starring Dhanush, Sara Ali Khan, and Akshay Kumar, has been released on Disney+ Hotstar. This highly anticipated film is a romantic musical drama written by Aanand L. Rai and directed by Himanshu Sharma.

Atrangi Re begins with Rinku Suryavanshi, played by Sara Ali Khan, who is seen trying to run away from some goons.

Her fight scene with the goons is the first time the audience sees Vishu (played by Dhanush), a Tamilian doctor who has just arrived in the Siwan district of Bihar.

Rinku is finally captured after the fight and taken to her house. The audience finds out that she has tried running away from her house with her secret lover several times, only to be captured and brought back home by her powerful grandmother’s goons.

Despite being threatened multiple times, Rinku never discloses the identity of her boyfriend to anyone.

Tired of Rinku’s antics, her grandmother decides to force her to get married and asks some people to bring the first person they find to get rid of Rinku as soon as possible.

Atrangi Re
Scene from Atrangi Re (Image Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

The goons kidnap Vishu, mistaking him to be Vishu’s friend, MS, and forcing him to marry Rinku under the influence of laughing gas. Then the newly married couple is sent to New Delhi by Rinku’s family.

During their journey, Rinku and Vishu share their love stories with one another, with Vishu informing about his engagement to his girlfriend in Tamil Nadu and Rinku finally revealing the identity of her boyfriend and details about her relationship.

Rinku reveals that she, being a Hindu girl, has been in love with a Muslim man named Sajjad Ali Khan, a magician played by Akshay Kumar, since she was fourteen years old.

Vishu and Rinku decide to go their separate ways after reaching New Delhi, but Vishu decides to let Rinku stay in his hostel until Sajjad returns, who was currently in Africa, learning new tricks.

In the meantime, Vishu sets off to Tamil Nadu for his engagement with his girlfriend, Mandy, and also asks Rinku to attend the ceremony. However, things take a turn when Mandy finds out about Vishu and Rinku’s wedding, and Vishu breaks off the engagement after a dramatic scene.

Atrangi Re
Scene from Atrangi Re (Image Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

After they are back in his hostel, Vishu confesses his love for Rinku to her in Tamil, which she fails to understand because of the language barrier. To make matters worse for Vishu, Sajjad reaches their campus immediately after his confession.

Who is Sajjad in Atrangi Re?

Rinku seems very happy after finally reuniting with her love until the most shocking part of the movie is revealed. MS, Vishu’s best friend and a psychiatrist, informs Vishu that Sajjad is not real.

Rinku suffers from a mental illness following the trauma of her parents’ death, and Sajjad is just a figment of her imagination. Vishu realizes that Rinku imagines herself in her parents’ love story, and Sajjad is actually her father.

MS suggests that Vishu should not lay the truth behind her imagination directly on her as it may cause more trauma and should make her realize it over some time while making her take medicines all the while.

So, Vishnu regains his hope of winning her love and tries to help treat her disorder.

Atrangi Re Ending Explained: Did Rinku and Vishu end up together?

What follows the revelation of the truth behind Sajjad’s identity is a trail of chaos and competition between the imaginary Sajjad and the very real Vishu, trying to win Rinku’s love.

By the end of Atrangi Re, Rinku realizes that she has feelings for both Vishu and Sajjad. So, Vishu plans his final move by asking her to marry Sajjad and leave him forever.

Atrangi Re
Scene from Atrangi Re (Image Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

In a very emotional final scene of Atrangi Re, reality finally flashes in front of Rinku’s eyes, and she realizes that her entire love story was a piece of her imagination. She also sees the scene of the death of her parents flashing in front of her eyes.

Rinku finally sees Sajjad telling her that she has finally found someone who cares for her deeply and does not need Sajjad anymore and leaves her imagination forever.

Vishu and Rinku reunite in a while, a few hours after they were supposed to be getting divorced.

Atrangi Re Review: Should we watch it or skip it?

Atrangi Re is a highly ambitious film with a star-studded cast and great music.

A. R. Rahman never fails to make the audience fall in love with his music and has continued to do so in Atrangi Re.

Though all the actors have put in a lot of effort for their respective roles, there is one actor who steals the show throughout the movie. Dhanush outshines all the acts and charms the audience with his portrayal of the Tamil doctor, Vishu.

However, though the movie deserves a lot of praise for attempting something so different, the story becomes chaotic in many moments.

Atrangi Re had the opportunity to significantly impact the awareness about mental health in a country where discussing it is still taboo.

However, the complex topic of mental illness has not been treated with the attention it deserves. The character of Vishu’s friend, MS, is more of the protagonist’s sidekick than a psychiatrist.

The development of Vishu and Rinku’s love also seems half baked, leading to several moments of chaos.

Nonetheless, everyone involved in the movie deserves a pat on the back for trying something different, showing that the Hindi film industry is gradually evolving.

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