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Don't Look Up Sequel
Don't Look Up Sequel (Image Credit: Netflix)

Will “Don’t Look Up” be back for a sequel?

Adam McKay’s “Don’t Look Up”, a savage political parody, had a limited theatrical release on 10th December 2021, followed by a worldwide release on the streaming platform Netflix on 24th December 2021.

And all that we can say is, the movie definitely ended with a bang.

Let us first see what has happened in the film so far.

Warning: The plot section of this post contains spoilers for “Don’t Look Up”.

“Don’t Look Up” Plot and Ending Explained

How would the world respond if some scientists informed us that a comet was about to crash with Earth? A gigantic mountain-sized comet that would instantly eliminate all life on Earth?

Well, according to Adam McKay’s star-studded Netflix film, nobody will take it seriously. The only thing that should matter to everyone on the planet is finding a way to avoid the destruction of all life, but in the film, it gets flooded out by-election season and, later, a celebrity breakup.

The President cares far more about how she will manage in the forthcoming midterm elections than the apocalyptic consequence of the comet.

Nobody cares, despite the most exemplary efforts of astronomers Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence) to explain the coming disaster.

Nevertheless, as the film advances, various characters start to act in different ways as the truth of the circumstances becomes clear. The world becomes ideologically split among those who demand the destruction of the coming comet, those who bash unjustified alarmism, and those who refuse that the comet even exists.

All this chaos finally ends with an explosion, eventually killing everyone on Earth.

Don’t Look Up Ending Explained

Don't Look Up Sequel
Don’t Look Up Sequel (Image Credit: Netflix)

Does everyone actually die in “Don’t Look Up”?

Amidst all the confusion about the comet destroying humanity, the wealthy individuals discover an inhabitable planet and prepare to flee Earth before the apocalypse.

Still, they can’t save themselves from the weird bird-like creatures on that planet. It is assumed that the odd creatures have killed everyone present on that ship. Nonetheless, there might be a few lucky ones who managed to escape from those weird, wild creatures and survived.

The movie then ends with Ariana Grande & Kid Cudi’s original song, which is suitable for the film, with some outlandish and satirical lyrics penned at the end.

Now that we are aware of what “Don’t Look Up” was about, let us now consider the possibilities of a sequel and the cast of the same.

Don’t Look Up 2 Cast: Who might be in the sequel?

In the post-credits scene of “Don’t Look Up”, we see Jason (Jonah Hill), who was accidentally left back on Earth, emerging from the debris and looking for his mother. He then films the aftermath and tells people, “Don’t forget to like and subscribe”.

Hence, we can somewhat be sure about Jonah Hill’s return in the sequel of the film in the role of Jason Orlean.

We may also see a few more characters from “Don’t Look Up”. Since most of the cast is presumed dead in the film, we can expect to see some fresh faces in the sequel. However, we do not know much about the cast details of the sequel so far.

Don't Look Up Sequel
Don’t Look Up Sequel (Image Credit: Netflix)

Did Adam McKay’s “Don’t Look Up” leave a mark?

Adam McKay’s celebrity-studded Netflix film has received mixed reviews from critics. The pessimistic and despairing style of the movie created certain contradictions in the entertainment media, and it appears like the film intentionally provoked such a response.

“Don’t Look Up” is a movie that leaves the audience with a deep feeling of existential anxiety.

It definitely takes the viewers on an uneasy emotional ride. The movie does have some comic moments, but it shows what just society could, may, or will do in the very exact possibility of annihilation and Global demise. The movie shows us the disturbing reality of what we have evolved into.

Will there be a “Don’t Look Up 2”?

While it hasn’t been officially announced yet, fans of “Don’t Look Up” have been speculating about the prospect of “Don’t Look Up 2” since the release of “Don’t Look Up.”

It is a remarkable film that has a ton to say about who we are becoming and where we are heading towards, thoughtful in its concept of deadly serious issues handled lightly.

Coming to the possibility of a “Don’t Look Up 2”, most of Adam McKay’s movies do not have sequels, but the twist at the film’s finale might mean that the audience will get a “Don’t Look Up 2”.

Rest assured, the humour label would possibly be as sarcastic as the first part.

“Don’t Look Up” is streaming now on Netflix; head to Netflix to watch the movie.

If you want a detailed explanation of the plot, ending, mid-credits, and the post-credits scenes of the movie, do check out our previous post “Don’t Look Up Ending Explained: Does the comet actually hit Earth in “Don’t Look Up”?”

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