Will There be a Hawkeye Season 2 On Disney+?
Will There be a Hawkeye Season 2 On Disney+? (Credit Marvel Studios)

Will There be a Hawkeye Season 2 On Disney+?

Last Updated on December 23, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

As Hawkeye Season 1 just got concluded on Disney+, now the fans are wondering whether there will be a Hawkeye season 2. What new adventures and challenges the show will bring for Kate and Clint.

Rumours are circulating about a Young Avengers film, and an Echo series is in production, which will feature Kingpin, Echo and Daredevil. Here is all you need to know about Hawkeye Season 2.

Hawkeye Season 2 Release Date: When will it arrive on Disney+?

The chances of Hawkeye Season 2 seems small now as we didn’t see it in the post-credit scene at the end of Hawkeye Season 1.

It is believed that Hawkeye and Kate will most likely make their appearance in some other Marvel TV Series or Movie, maybe the Echo Series, which is a development currently we can see Kate and Clint there.

Even though the chances of a Hawkeye Season 2 are small, if the Hawkeye Season 2 arrives, it will probably be released in 2023.

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Hawkeye Season 2 Cast Details: Who can be in it?

If Hawkeye Season 2 ever happens. In that case, Jeremy Renner’s involvement in the series as Clint will not be much because, as per the ending of Hawkeye Season 1, we can expect Haile Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop to most likely replace Jeremy’s Clint, the new Hawkeye.

So, therefore, if Hawkeye Season 2 ever happens, we will see Hailee’s Kate as the main lead as the OG Hawkeye.

According to the producer of the series Tring Tran during an interview with CinePOP, she said:

“There are always new stories to be told when it comes to Clint Barton, and there is so much more to explore. Still, we will see what happens as this has been an amazing work with Jeremy, and as Jeremy loved his character, so there are many possibilities we will have to wait and see.”

So this hints that there might be some plan from Marvel Studios to renew Hawkeye Series for a second season.

But there are still question marks on Kingpin’a appearance as at the end of Hawkeye Season 1, we saw Maya/Echo finally shooting Kingpin from point-blank range and killing him, but as per the comics, Kingpin doesn’t die; he will be blind after that, but he won’t die, so that being said there is a chance that we might see Katie’s Hawkeye next in the new development series of Marvel called Echo.

Plus, with Daredevil now being an official part of MCU, we might also see Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock working along with Haile’s Katie and Alaqua Cox’s Echo in the series.

Hopefully, we will also get to see Kate’s new BFF, Yelena Romanoff (Florence Pugh), soon as well as it is expected that Yelena character will stick around to help Kate in her next missions, maybe we will see both of them in any of forthcoming MCU projects.

Yelena and Kate in Hawkeye Season 1
Yelena and Kate in Hawkeye Season 1 (credit Disney+)

Hawkeye Season 2: What to Expect?

Hawkeye’s first season 1 had obviously made things clear to fans that Clint Barton will most probably retire from his job as Hawkeye, and he will only attend matters which will be urgent and requires his attention.

Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop now will most probably be the new Lady Hawkeye in the future.

That being said, Kate is yet to find a suitable name for her (Lady Hawk, Hawk Eve, Hawk Shot and Lady Arrow).

So one thing is sure that Kate’s involvement now will be with the Young Avengers team, which Marvel has been teasing for quite some time now.

Kate, Yelena, Wanda’s two-child, Ant Man’s daughter, all of them will start their journey into this new era to replace their heroes on the big screen.

Plus, as per the ending of Hawkeye Season 1, it is evident that Echo’s character will also have a significant part to play in the upcoming Echo spin-off series, which Marvel has already confirmed.

Alaqua Cox’s character was redeemed by the end of Hawkeye season 1 by setting her up to be a vigilante in the next MCU project Echo.

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