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Intel CEO brings up new strategies to combat chip shortages

Pat Gelsinger, the CEO of Intel, has again informed everyone about the ongoing chip shortages worldwide. This global shortage of chips will be continuing till 2023. The chip manufacturers are trying their best to increase the rate of production.

We have to wait for upcoming times for better results.

Pat Gelsinger has said that the shortage of semiconductor chips worldwide is being understood significantly in the industry. The industry saw a growth of 5 per cent before the COVID-19 pandemic period.

But since 2020, when the pandemic kicked in, the market has faced severe chip shortages.

Intel CEO talks about expansion in Malaysia to combat chip shortages.

A snap of the CEO.

The supply chains have been massively disrupted during the ongoing pandemic situation. With the demand increasing up to 20% from one year to another, the supply chains could not meet the growing numbers.

This led to a considerable gap. As the demands still have not been met, the gap is growing till now.

The Intel CEO brought out these reports during an event that Intel organised. The event focused on the new 7.1 billion dollar expansion that Intel is planning in Malaysia.

Intel has been making several investments in Europe, the United States, and Asia, and now the new venture in Malaysia will aim at increasing the production of supple chips.

When will the chip shortages come to an end? (Credits: Intel)

The chip shortages and the added burden of high demands are why the new video game consoles are not so readily available in all the markets. This is the case that has been happening since the beginning of the pandemic situation.

The graphics cards for the PCs were already rare, and with this current situation of chip shortages, they have become even more infrequent.

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