Is Kingpin dead in Hawkeye Season 1?
Hawkeye Season 1 Ending Explained: Is Kingpin dead in Hawkeye Season 1? (Disney+)

Hawkeye Season 1 Ending Explained: All Your Questions Answered

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The finale of the TV show “Hawkeye” aired last night and left many viewers confused. What happened to Hawkeye and Kate? Is Kingpin dead? And What will happen to Noah now? Read on to find out!

The finale of Hawkeye had everything from the surprise twists and the surprising revelations.

Before starting the discussion, let me inform you that this article will contain major spoilers related to Hawkeye Season 1. If you haven’t watched the series yet, we recommend skipping this article.

Hawkeye Season 1 Ending Explained

The Hawkeye Season 1 begins with Eleanorfinally meeting with Kingpin. Eleanor conveys to Kingpin that her daughter Kate has sensed their activities, and she also reveals that she was the one who murdered Armando and set up Jack.

Finally, Eleanor Bishop thinks she has had enough, and now she wants out of this mess. Kingpin, after hearing this, got furious and subsequently, when Maya also came to meet Uncle Kingpin, she also said the same thing that she also needed to rest and clear her head, and now she won’t be chasing her father’s killer.

Such back to back turn-backs made Kingpin infuriated even more.

Meanwhile, to find more about Eleanor, Kate and Clint go to the Christmas party, and so does Yelena.

Here, Kate and Yelena both met each other, and both now had the funniest altercation between them.

Meanwhile, Kingpin’s henchman Kazi and his men arrive at the party to finish off both Hawkeye and Kate.

Kingpin in Hawkeye Season 1
Kingpin in Hawkeye Season 1 (Image credit Disney+)

A fight now breaks in; Hawkeye manages to make his way over to Kazi and represses him then jumps from 30 Rock’s towering building onto a Christmas tree, and then Kate ties the wires, and brings him down, the two finds themselves in a middle of an Ice rink where all the tracksuit mafia people surrounds them to kill.

Hawkeye and Kate’s impressive skills helped them take down all of the Track Suit Mafia guys at once.

Kate now goes off searching for her mother and Hawkeye. On the other hand, Clint and Yenela now start their fight here; Yelena is determined to kill Clint as she thinks he killed Natasha.

But eventually, both patch things up by Clint finally explaining to Yelena how her sister sacrificed herself to save the people of the universe.

Elsewhere Maya and Kazi’s relationship now comes to an emotional end after their confrontation.

Kazi reveals he cannot run for this life as Kingpin won’t let him leave; the two fight, and Maya stabs Kazi in the heart with that he dies in Maya’s arms.

What Happened between Kate and Kingpin? 

Another confrontation happens between Eleanor and Kingpin; Kingpin wants Eleanor to work for him again, but here Kate intervenes.

The fight breaks out between Kate and Kingpin, but Kate, very intelligently, manages to blow Kingpin up after a lengthy tussle with him.

She then calls the police and gets her mother arrested for the murder of Armando.

Kate in Hawkeye Season 1
Kate in Hawkeye Season 1 (Image credit Disney+)

Hawkeye Season 1 Ending Explained: What Happens in the Hawkeye Episode 6 Ending? Does Kingpin Die? 

In the finale of Hawkeye, we see Maya now confronting Kingpin and shooting him dead off-screen. But as we didn’t see him as dead, we can’t consider Kingpin dead.

With Daredevil also being an official part of MCU, there is a possibility that he might have intervened with Maya, and maybe after that, he might have taken matters into his own hands.

Plus, those who have watched Daredevil are well aware that Kingpin is not someone who will die with just one bullet shot.

As per the comic storyline, Kingpin will have temporary blindness after Maya shoots him. And we believe it will be the same case will be here as well plus, if you remember Kingpin’s last dialogue in the series, “Sometimes family doesn’t see eye to eye”, which now hints that Kingpin will now be looking for revenge.

Is Kingpin dead in Hawkeye Season 1?
Hawkeye Season 1 Ending Explained: Is Kingpin dead in Hawkeye Season 1? (credit Disney+)

Does Clint manage to go back to his family?

In the finale of Hawkeye Season 1, Episode 6, we see Hawkeye, along with Kate, finally returning to his family in time to enjoy Christmas. That means the series does end up on a good note.

After reaching his home, Kate and Clint now burn the Ronin suit, which means the Ronin chapter of his life is closed, and Kate now suggests new names such as Lady Hawk, Hawk Lady, etc. That basically means they will now be working as partners.

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What does Lauren’s watch mean in the Hawkeye Series?

Lauren’s watch had a number written on it that is 19. The watch was first found in Maya’s apartment, and it belonged to Hawkeye’s wife Laura that means that Laura used to be Shield agent. As per the comics, the character is known as Mockingbird.

That basically means Hawkeye and his wife both had worked previously with Shield when his wife was Agent 19. Will we see Hawkeye’s wife in action anytime soon? Well, only time will answer that.

Hawkeye Season 1-The Rolex Watch belongs to Lauren
Hawkeye Season 1-The Rolex Watch belongs to Lauren (credit: Disney+)

What will happen to Maya/Echo now?

Maya/Echo will definitely be back as Marvel Studios has already confirmed that there is an Echo series in progress.

With Alaqua Cox’s impressive performance in the series, we believe she will rock the role of Echo in the Echo series.

The series will most probably show her fighting with Kingpin, and we might expect Daredevil’s intervention here as well.

What’s next for Yelena?

In Hawkeye Season 1, Ending, we have seen Yelena finally accept that Clint and her sister Natasha were the best of friends, and he is not the guy who had killed Nat.

Now, what’s next for Yelena as she is no longer a Black Widow/Assasin who kills for money? After the Black Widow film, she has already saved all the Black Widows from the brainwash.

As per our assumption, Yelena will now be going freelance and might be part of future Marvel super-hero films or series inside roles, and in the next Hawkeye Season, we might see her bond growing with Kate.

Plus Yelena, Kate is supposed to be a part of Young Avenger, so in short, there is much more left for us fans to see Yelena in the next MCU ventures.

Yelena and Kate in Hawkeye
Yelena and Kate in Hawkeye (Credit: Disney+)

Will Hawkeye and Kate Bishop be back for Hawkeye Season 2?

As per Hawkeye Season 1 Ending, neither Kate Bishop nor Clint has been teased to return for a second season as the show didn’t have any post-credit scene.

But if we remember the moments when Clint returned to his family, and he and Kate burned the Ronin suits, we noticed Kate mentioning which names will better suit her Lady Hawk, Hawk Lady etc. that suggests Kate will be a part of the future MCU projects for sure.

Plus, Kate and Yelena have a great bond with each other, so maybe they will come across together in some other series where we will see this bond growing. Plus, in the Young Avenger team, both are expected to be group members.

It is just a matter of time before we see Kate again.

And Clint will continue to be a Hawkeye, and he will be attending to the urgent Avengers matters, which will require his attention; apart from that, in a few cases, he might help Kate with side missions.

So, in short, we will see enough of Kate and Hawkeye in future for sure.

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