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Emily in Paris Season 2
Emily in Paris Season 2 (Image Credit: Netflix)

Emily in Paris Season 2 Ending Explained: Does Emily Decide To Leave Paris? Who Does Emily End Up With?

Emily in Paris Season 2 is back with a bang, and the worldwide fans of this comedy-drama series could not be happier.

Emily in Paris Season 2 landed on Netflix on December 22, 2021, updating the fans about the current happenings of Emily’s life, who has made Paris her home for one year.

However, Emily in Paris Season 2 ending in yet another cliffhanger has left the fans in a fix. Read on for more information on Emily in Paris Season 2 (Spoilers ahead).

The Plot of Emily in Paris Season 2

Emily in Paris Season 2 takes over right where Season 1 ended, where Emily cannot take her mind off Gabriel.

She confesses her predicament to Mindy, who is now her flatmate. Mindy advises her to carry on with her romantic weekend rendezvous, with Mathieu to St. Tropez as an alibi.

Emily gets on a train to St. Tropez with Mathieu, but he overhears the conversation over the phone between Emily and Gabriel even before the train starts.

Mathieu is shocked to learn that Emily was with Gabriel the previous night. He gets off the train and asks Emily to enjoy her weekend at St. Tropez, which she does with Camille and Mindy.

Emily in Paris Season 2
Lucas Bravo as Gabriel and Lily Collins as Emily in Emily in Paris Season 2 (Image Credit: Netflix)

Gabriel, who was previously planning to shift to Normandy to open his restaurant, decides to stay back in Paris after Antoine offers to invest in his restaurant. At the same time, Camille is quite upset at Gabrielle, who is trying to avoid her.

At Emily’s birthday bash, Camille finds Gabriel’s omelette pan, which he never shared with anyone, in Emily’s kitchen, and discovers that the two of them are in a relationship. Furious at the two, she leaves the party in a huff, much to Emily horror, who cherishes this friendship a lot.

Desperate for Camille’s forgiveness, Emily even writes a sorry note to Camille in French, which is hilariously grammatically incorrect.

All these efforts fail to impress Camille, and she even has Emily removed from her account, the champagne brand by Pierre.

Meanwhile, Emily is desperate to improve her language skills in French as well. At her French classes, the students are encouraged to pair up and meet with their partners as much as they can, conversing in French all the time.

Emily pairs up with Alfie, played by Lucien Laviscount, a British banker who does not like being in France. He does not take learning French seriously, much to Emily’s annoyance.

Emily in Paris Season 2
Scene from Emily in Paris Season 2 (Image Credit: Netflix)

However, later, Emily and Alfie enter into a serious relationship, and he also gets to meet her friends.

Elsewhere, Mindy is busy pushing her singing career. She joins a band on Beniot’s offer, and they, too, end up romantically linked.

Their struggling band performs on the streets, and when Benoit comes to know that Mindy comes from a wealthy Chinese family, he distances himself from her.

However, later in the series, they patch up and start singing together.

Sylvie starts dating a struggling young photographer, Eric, and tries to promote his work through Savoir.

Camille patches up with Emily and Gabriel on her parents’ insistence, and the trio vows to remain friends. Emily is also back in Camille’s marketing team.

Emily in Paris Season 2 Ending Explained

Things take a huge turn when a heavily pregnant Madeline decides to arrive in Paris. Madeline is the senior manager of the Gilbert group, which owns Savoir, which is a subsidiary of this American conglomerate.

Madeline immediately gets under the skin of Sylvie and her team. She starts questioning Sylvie’s style of functioning and interferes with her work at the drop of a hat.

Lacking French business ethos, Madeline questions why they are not getting heightened revenue from their old clients.

She also gets their long-standing client, the designer, Pierre Cadault, very furious and abandoning their firm after she got Pierre’s rival and foe, Gregory Elliot, on their books.

Madeline attempts to pass the blame of Pierre leaving their firm on Sylvie, but before Madeline can fire her, Sylvie, along with her team, quits.

Sylvie sells her shares of their club to her husband and starts a new firm, in which she offers a position to Emily as well.

Does Emily Decide To Leave Paris? Who Does Emily End Up With?

Emily is horrified at how Madeline is planning to rebuild the company with new staff, after which Emily is promised a promotion back in Chicago.

After having a heart to heart with Mindy, Emily realizes that she is still in love with Gabriel, and her long-distance relationship with Alfie, who has moved back to London, is not going to work.

Emily in Paris Season 2
Scene from Emily in Paris Season 2 (Image Credit: Netflix)

Emily realizes that if she takes up Sylvie’s offer, she can stay back in Paris and be near Gabriel. She rushes to his apartment to disclose this to him.

However, she finds that Camille has moved in with Gabriel at his invitation, to Emily’s utmost shock.

Pretending to be happy over this news, she rushes to the bridge to cry her heart out. She then calls Sylvie to say that she has made her decision.

It is the final scene of Emily in Paris Season 2, with viewers wondering what Emily’s decision is going to be.

A Recap of Emily in Paris Season 1

Emily in Paris Season 2, created by Darren Star, is about Chicago based Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins.

Emily is in her twenties and shifts to Paris to work in and become the American face of Savoir. Savoir is a boutique marketing agency for luxury brands.

Emily struggles at her workplace, experiencing language problems and culture clash, and at the same time, juggles with her love life.

As an influencer, Emily’s Instagram account, @emilyinparis, which documents her life in Paris, has become very popular.

Other characters of Emily in Paris Season 1 includes her hard to please boss, Sylvie, played by Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, who is grappling with a failed marriage.

Sylvie is in a relationship with a married businessman, the perfume magnate Antoine Lambert, played by William Abadie, who is also a client of Savoir.

Emily also befriends her gorgeous neighbour, Gabriel Lavaux (played by Lucas Bravo), a chef who dreams of opening his own restaurant.

Emily’s friends also include her Asian friend, Mindy Chen, played by Ashley Park, who works as a nanny in Paris and dreams to become a successful pop singer.

Camille, played Camille Razat, is also Emily’s, a gallery owner and also a client of Savoir.

Emily in Paris Season 1 ends in a cliffhanger, with Emily in a dilemma after ending up in bed with Gabriel and admirably having the best time of her life.

Gabriel, being the boyfriend of Camille, has Emily ridden with guilt, and this is where Emily in Paris Season 1 ends.

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