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What are the Titans in Attack on Titan?
What are the Titans in Attack on Titan?(credit: Hajime Isayama)

What are the Titans in Attack on Titan?

What are the Titans in Attack on Titan? It’s one such question that fans still ponder, and if you also have the same confusion, we have got you covered.

In Attack On Titan, 11 types of Titans exist in the series. The Titans came into existence around 2000 years ago in Hajime Isayam’s Attack on Titan Manga. The titans are mainly man-eating humanoids. 

The people who reside inside the Paradis island believe that the Titans first appeared around 107 years ago in the year 850.

Because of the Titans, the last remnants of humanity had no other option to move inside Paradis Island, which is covered with three gigantic walls: Wall Maria, Rose, and Sina. 

These walls mainly separate the people from the Titans. 

In reality, the Titans existed way back in the series, and they are nothing but the Transformed humans known as Subjects of Ymir’s. 

We have come across the Titans various times throughout the Attack On Titan series. By far, we all are aware that the normal Titans are not much powerful compared to the Nine Titan Shifters that came into existence from Ymir’s Founding Titan. 

The normal Titans are nothing but humans who have been turned into mindless Titans, these humans are called Subject of Ymir’s, and only those who are from Ymir’s bloodline can be turned into such mindless Titans. 

Why do the Titans Exist in Attack On Titan? and who created Titans in Attack on Titan? 

Many people who first watch the Attack on Titan have confusion like Where do the Titans come from? And who created them? 

So the Titans are nothing but humans who were turned into man-eating humanoids by injecting the Titan Spinal fluid in them. The humans who can be transformed into Titans are called Subjects of Ymir means they belong to Ymir’s bloodline.  

Ymir Fritz is the one who first created Titans, and as she holds the Founding Titan’s power, she can quickly turn anyone into a normal titan with the help of her powers. 

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Ymir first had fully comprehended how to use the power of Founding Titan; later on, when the great titan war ended, the Eldian used this power to turn thousands of Ymir’s subjects into Titans help them fight in the war. 

Once the subjects of Ymir’s are turned into Titans, they resemble similar to normal Titans but once turned; the Titans have no intelligence or features like human beings like intelligence, or a digestive system etc. 

They are just mindless creatures who hope to kill humans so that if one of them holds the powers among the Nine Titan Shifters, and if they eat one of them, they can quickly turn back to human form. 

That is also the reason why Normal Pure Titans or Abnormal Titans attack human beings. 

Founding Titan
Founding Titan (Credit: Hajime Isayama)

So why do the Titans eat Humans? 

As we explained in the beginning, the Titans are mindless creatures. They used to be humans, but later on, they were turned into mindless Titans. 

The Titans show no sign of intelligence or any emotion, and most of the time, they are very easy to be tricked, although there are few exceptions those are called Abnormal Titans and the Nine Titan Shifters (basically humans who can convert themselves into Titans, whenever they wish to).

What are the Titans in Attack on Titan? 

The Titans differ in size, type, and most importantly, their appearance and they show no sign of emotion, pain whatsoever. In Attack on Titan, the Titans possess largemouths, and the nature of their teeth varies as per their appearance. 

They don’t have a digestive system either, and they mainly eat humans in the hopes of regaining their humanity. If they ever consume the titan fluid of humans with the powers of one of the 9 Titan shifters, they could easily transform back to humans. 

Here you might ask then, what happened when A Titan ate Eren? When the Titan consumed Eren, his powers got reawaken, and hence he immediately transformed into Attack Titan and the Titan which consumed Eren died. 

In the penultimate chapter of Attack On Titan, we saw how Eren was defeated once Mikasa put the final blow, separating Eren’s head from his spine. And it was after Eren’s death Ymir decided to relinquish all her powers so that the normal Titans could return to their human form. 

Here are the complete details related to all the 11 types of Titan (Normal, Abnormal, and The Nine Titan Shifters). All of them differs from each other, and each has their characteristics. 

Founding Titan
Founding Titan (credit: Hajime Isayama)

The Pure Titans or the Normal Titans

The Pure Titans are the most common types of Titan in Attack on Titan. They mainly vary from 15 meters to 20 meters and resemble the humans from which they are transformed. 

They are mindless Titans they don’t have a thought process or emotion and they don’t even feel any pain. 

They are considered dangerous when they are in a herd because of their formidable numbers and strength. 

The Pure Titans have been used since the beginning of the Great Titan War from Eldia, and now even Marley uses them as a weapon which we will see in Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2

One notable mention of the Pure Titan was Bean, who was kept alive by Hange Zoë, the 14th commander of the Survey Corps. Bean was kept alive by Hange to understand more about the Pure Titan. 

The Pure Titans or the Normal Titans
The Pure Titans or the Normal Titans (credit: Hajime Isayama)

Abnormal Titans

Abnormal Titans are nothing but Pure Titans. The things that made them different from a Pure Titan are their abnormal behaviour, be it from their unpredictable moves during a fight or how they run. 

Sometimes the abnormal titans can also be intelligent as well. 

The Abnormal Titans can also inflict more damage than a normal pure titan, and sometimes they can communicate in their speech.  

One of the notable mentions of an Abnormal Titan is mentioned by Ilse Langner in her diary, where she had said that she had come across one hesitant Titan. The latter was able to communicate with her amid all the expedition massacre. 

She mentioned in the diary that the Titan had called her “Lady Ymir” during their conversation. The Titan even greeted her with respect, but Ilse was becoming frustrated with the communication attempt, which ended in Titan crushing her skull whilst shedding tears. 

 Isle’s diary was later found by Levi and his group, from which we came to know about this. Another example of such an abnormal Titan is Connie Springer’s mother, who was also transformed into a Titan in the Ragako village. The Titan uttered the haunting words, “welcome home.”

Abnormal Titans
Abnormal Titans (credit: Hajime Isayama)

The Nine Titans

Now coming to the rest of the titans, The Nine Titans are basically Nine Titan powers that were passed on throughout the royal family of Fritz for more than 2000 years after the death of Ymir Fritz. 

The Nine Titans have unique abilities, making them slightly different from the other Titans. One thing that makes these 9 Titans different from the normal and abnormal titans is the fact that the Nine Titan powers are inherited by the humans(subject of Ymir), so because of that reason, while transforming into the Titan form, they can have access to advance titan abilities and at the same time human intelligence. 

The Nine Titans
The Nine Titans (credit: Hajime Isayama)

The Nine Titans differ in various sizes and shapes; for example, a Cart or a Jaw titan is 6-7 meters tall, whereas a Colossal Titan is of 60-meter height. And another thing is also there that if anyone has two or more Titan powers, they will be overpowered by one over the other. 

For example, Eren Yeager has both Founding Titan and Attack Titan’s powers in the series, but he has the height of an Attack Titan (15 meters). 

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Founding Titan

The Founding Titan is the strongest among all the Titans, and it was first held by Ymir Fritz, who was able to harness the power of the Founding Titan completely. 

These powers include controlling the minds of other Titans (subject of Ymir’s), transforming humans (subjects of Ymir’s) into Titans, and manipulating humans’ memories. 

Currently, the Founding Titan’s powers are in possession of our series’s lead, Eren Yeager. 

Coming to height and build, the Founding Titan normal form stands around 13 meters, and it can grow even taller when one can harness its full abilities. 

In the War of Paradis arc in the Attack on Titan manga, Eren’s final Titan form was more than 200 meters tall (approximately), the most towering and optimal form of Titan. This time Eren was a GOD.

Eren Yeager's Founding Titan
Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan (Via Funimation)


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Attack Titan

Attack Titan is next on our list, and it is one of Titan whose powers Eren possesses along with the Founding Titan. The Attack titan can receive memories from its past inheritors and also those who are yet to receive the powers of the Attack Titan. 

As Zeke Yeager described in the series, they are yet to come that Attack Titan’s powers can transcend time. Hence, the Attack Titan’s capabilities allow the user to see a glimpse into the future, but it can’t show full glances of the future. 

Coming to appearance and height, the Attack Titan is 15 meters in height with muscular structures and fleshless jaws. This Attack Titan doesn’t have any unique abilities but does a special hardening ability given through a serum. 

The Attack Titan’s powers depend on the Titan’s inheritors; if the inheritors are experienced enough, this Titan can easily beat the other 8 Titans. 

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16 Stills
Attack Titan in Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16 (credit: Hajime Isayama)

War Hammer Titan

War Hammer Titan also is in possession of Eren after he beats Lara Tybur. 

The War Hammer Titan is one of the Titans, which is considered one of the strongest Titans among the 8 in terms of the powers. This Titan can harden flesh to turn them into weapons, spikes, blades, and hammers. 

The person who possesses War Hammer Titan’s powers is considered one of the formidable assets in the series. But War Hammer Titan’s powers must be used in moderation; if they are used extensively, it affects the user’s stamina. 

Another important feature of War Hammer Titan is that the inheritors don’t stay inside the nape of the Titan’s neck, unlike the other 8 Titans. But, they are kept inside a capsule made of hardening skins of War Hammer Titan that connects to its long flesh. 

This capsule is so strong that it can’t be broken easily; only Jaw Titan’s teeth can break the capsule. 

War Hammer Titan
War Hammer Titan (credit: Hajime Isayama)

Armored Titan

Armored Titan is also one of the strongest Titans of the 9 Titans; it stands around 15 meters tall and resembles its human form. 

The Armored Titan has hardened plates all over its body, which helps the Titan defend against external attacks such as cannons, bombs, still blades, etc. 

The Armoured Titan can also easily harden its feet and arms to make sharp claws.

Still, Armoured Titan has one hardship: it cannot withstand high power weaponry such as Air Attacks or heavy artillery, which we saw in Attack on Titan Season 4 part 1; Reiner’s Armored Titan almost lost his arms when a Cannon hit him. 

Armored Titan
Armored Titan (credit: Hajime Isayama)

Colossal Titan

Colossal Titan is also one of the most powerful Titans in Attack On Titan. The Colossal Titan can produce enormous energy heat equivalent to a nuclear bomb, plus it can trigger powerful wind blast at the time of its transformation. 

Also, Colossal Titan can create a mushroom-like cloud structure with dust and rubble, which can lead to the death of the survey corps members during the fight in the Shiganshina District. 

The Colossal Titan is among the tallest of all the nine Titans, which is 60 meters, and that is also one reason why they have slow movements during close combats. 

In Attack on Titan Season 3, the Colossal Titan’s powers were inherited by Armin Alert from Bertolt. As per the manga, Armin Alert will master the Colossal Titan’s powers completely. 

Colossal Titan
Colossal Titan (credit: Hajime Isayama)

Beast Titan

Beast Titan is also one of the strongest Titans among the 9 Titans, and it is slightly bigger in size and exhibits animal traits; for example, Zeke’s beast titan is kind to look like an ape. 

The Beast Titan basically has the power to throw objects with great accuracy. Apart from that, Beast Titan can also transform subjects of Ymir’s into Titans, but they will have to be injected with the Titan fluid.

Beast Titan
Beast Titan (credit: Hajime Isayama)

Female Titan

Female Titan is also one of the most powerful Titans among the Nine Titans. A Female Titan has a skin hardening ability which the titan user can use during the combat, plus Female Titan can also attract other pure Titans, but the difference here is that when Female Titan attracts other Titans, she can’t control them; basically, the other Titans run towards the Female Titan in order to eat the Female Titan.

Apart from that, The Female Titan has tremendous powers and can also run at an incredible speed, based on the users’ ability in a given day. It can easily defeat the likes of Attack Titan or Armored Titan. 

Female Titan
Female Titan (credit: Hajime Isayama)

Jaw Titan

Jaw Titan has powerful jaws and teeth that can easily penetrate almost anything. In Attack On Titan, Flaco holds Jaw Titan and Beast Titan’s power. 

A Jaw Titan has tremendous speed and agility better than any other Titans in the series. 

Although the Jaw Titan form varies with respect to size, Ymir’s founding Titan had some traits of Jaw Titan, one being hardened teeth, while Falco and Marcel’s Jaw Titan had armoured masks and Jaw plating. These Jaws are bulletproof, and they can break through almost anything. 

For example, in Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 1, Eren used Jaw Titans powerful Jaw to break War Hammer Titan’s cell to kill Lara Tybur. 

Falco’s Jaw Titan in Attack on Titan was among the best as it had armoured masks and wings that allowed it to fly, attack and even carry people during an emergency. (This particular part we will see in Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2. 

Jaw Titan
Jaw Titan (credit: Hajime Isayama)

Cart Titan

Next among the Nine Titans in the Attack on Titan is the Cart Titan, The endurance level of a Cart Titan is the longest than any other Titans. Therefore, a Cart Titan inheritor can remain in the Cart Titan form for a longer duration without pausing for rest. 

Cart Titan’s absorption powers also allow the user to maintain the beastly form. The Cart Titan brings in supplies, battle armours and machine guns for the war. 

Cart Titan
Cart Titan (credit: Hajime Isayama)

The Cart Titan walks in 4 legs, whereas most of the other Titans except Jaw titan are bipedal. The regeneration ability of Cart Titan is also great, plus they can run at immense speed if you remember the battle between Levi and Zeke’s beast titan that time Levi almost got caught off-guard by the Cart Titan. But luckily, Captain Levi escaped in time.  

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