Dexter new blood season 1 episode 8
Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 8- What to Expect and Episode 7 Recap(image Credits- Showtime)

Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 8: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 7 Recap

Last Updated on December 20, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 8 is just a few days away from its release, with fans having already loved the first seven episodes of his debut season of this crime drama show.

The last episode had everything about the DNA mapping carried away by Angela to devise the relationship between Kurt and the dead body at the caves.

But, they fell short to showcase enough evidence and with no choice left, they had to let go of Kurt.

In the upcoming Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 8, we would expect things taking a toll for Dexter in his aspect of life, Harrison too would be in a very narrow stage with him at a place where he is to choose between two father figure and with each of them taking him to a different way.

Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date: When will It Arrive?

Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 8 is set to release on December 26, 2021.

It has been just a matter of a month now since the show was aired, but it managed to win the audience’s hearts.

The show’s maker hasn’t released any promo about the upcoming Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 8.

Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 8 Spoilers: What to Expect?

Indeed as all the seven episodes of the show have gone, it is very sure that the upcoming 8th episode too will be as intriguing as those episodes.

Out of all, one thing that is speaking on top of everything is that things would be changing for Dexter Morgan, and if we say the items would be changing, that means something is dangerous is awaiting Dexter ahead.

Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 8- What to Expect and Episode 7 Recap
Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 8- Dexter  killed Trinity Killer(Image credits- ShowTime)

Dexter would never want his son Harrison to consider Kurt Caldwell as his father instead of Dexter.

Thinking from the perspective of Harrison, he has to choose between two father figures with whom we would be heading on with his journey of life, but that certainly won’t be going that easy for him as well, leave alone Dexter in this regard.

Many things have been going on in Dexter’s personal life; he is still fighting for his life in the woods.

Though his approach with everything in life had always appeared offensive, deep down, there is a story about his unjust behaviour, which we are well acquainted with.

Also, in the upcoming Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 8, as it was hinted in the previous episode, Angela would be coming up with some strange yet disturbing discoveries.

Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

When Dexter returns to the caves, we see that Iris has been buried beneath the rocks but is still alive.

There is also a piece of skin trapped in the teeth, but Dexter warns Angela that this piece of information to retrace the DNA constituents will not be used now because the dead entity has been lying there for the last 25 years.

The other part of the episode then starts to unfold more about the death of Kurt; Angela had already managed to get Kurt’s DNA samples even before the police examined the place.

When the DNA samples were mapped with that of the body in the caves, to everybody’s surprise, it comes as a matching of about 60% with that of the Kurt’s.

But Kurt was very adamant that it was none other than his abusive father who had killed Iris, but Angela had to let Kurt later go without any solid evidence.

Is Trinity Killer Dead?

Yes, the Trinity Killer had already been killed by Dexter in season 4, which was the finale season of the original ‘The Getaway‘. This episode happens so that Dexter foxes Arthur (Trinity Killer) to come to the shelter.

Here, Dexter collects blood samples of Trinity Killer before killing him before he leaves for home. At home, he sees the dead body of Rita in the bathtub with Harrison, who has been sitting adjacent to his mother.

This show aspect related to Harrison has still been continuing in Dexter: New Blood Season 1. We would likely be seeing how Harrison’s decision in this regard in the upcoming Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 8 would impact Dexter’s life.

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