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Decoupled Season 2
Decoupled Season 2 Spoilers and Release Date: Is The Show Being Renewed?

Decoupled Season 2 Spoilers and Release Date: Is The Show Being Renewed?

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The ending of the first season of Decoupled, the romantic comedy-drama, left much to the viewers’ imaginations. Speculations amongst fans are rife about the release of Decoupled Season 2.

If you are wondering when Decoupled Season 2 will be released, we have got you covered.

Decoupled Season 2 Release Date: When will Season 2 Arrive? 

The inaugural season of Decoupled aired on Netflix on December 17, 2021. All eight episodes of runtime 25 to 35 minutes each were released simultaneously on this date.

Netflix is yet to announce whether Decoupled is being renewed or cancelled. However, the debut season being highlighted as the first season of Decoupled keep fans optimistic about the release of Decoupled Season 2.

The sparkling chemistry between its lead couple, R. Madhavan as the pulp fiction writer, Arya Iyer, and Surveen Chawla as the entrepreneur, Shruti Sharma, has left the fans of the duo asking for more.

Fans have seen Maddy in a never before avatar, and Surveen, too, has done a great job in Decoupled Season 1.

The way Decoupled Season 1 ended leaves much scope for a second edition. If the show is indeed renewed, viewers can expect Decoupled Season 2 to land on Netflix later in 2022.

Who Can We Expect To See In Decoupled Season 2?

All the main characters of Decoupled Season 1 are expected to reprise their roles in Decoupled Season 2 as well. The main characters include R. Madhavan as Arya Iyer, Surveen Chawla as Shruti Sharma Iyer, and Arista Mehta as Rohini.

The parents of Shruti, Madhu Sharma, played by Apara Mehta and Surinder Sharma, played by Akash Khurana, their neighbour, Dr Basu, played by Mir Afsar Ali, Shruti’s life coach Jwala, played by Puja Sarup, and the billionaire investor, Mr Lee, played by Darren E. Scott, are the characters bound to make a comeback in Decoupled Season 2.

The celebrity author, Chetan Bhagat, is also likely to be reintroduced in the potential Decoupled Season 2, with the rivalry between the two authors guaranteeing some hilarious moments.

Some new characters are also likely to be added in Decoupled Season 2 to provide some twist to the plot.

What To Expect From Decoupled Season 2?

In Decoupled Season 1, R. Madhavan and Surveen play a professionally successful elite couple, Arya and Shruti, who is on the verge of a divorce.

While they are trying to move on, they plan to turn their separation into a celebration by throwing a decoupling party in Goa. Their teenage daughter, Rohini, has a hard time accepting their divorce, and they hope that celebrating this event will make all this easier for Rohini.

Shruti gets a new job offer from her investor, the Korean billionaire, Lee, who also happens to harbor soft feelings for her. This job requires her to relocate to London, and Shruti finds this offer too irresistible to refuse.

Decoupled Season 2
Decoupled Season 2 (Image Credit: Netflix)

However, she is yet to disclose this news to Arya, Rohini, or her parents. Arya finds out about Shruti’s decision from Chetan Bhagat, who, playing himself, is a rival writer. Decoupled Season 1 ends with the shocked look on Arya’s face.

The viewers are yet to know about Rohini’s reaction to all this. In Decoupled Season 2, viewers will get to know how Rohini takes this news because this will change her life forever.

Whether Rohini is agreeable to this decision and moves to London with her mother remains to be seen. If they relocate, how Arya will cope with this separation will also be seen in Decoupled Season 2.

As the couple had decided to stay under the same roof even after their divorce, this news had come as a considerable shock to Arya.

Decoupled Season 1 Ending Explained

Will the couple be open to new relationships in future? Will Arya be a little more sensitive in future and change his habit of putting his foot in his mouth wherever he goes? And the ultimate question is whether the relationship of Arya and Shruti stand any chance. 

All such questions will be answered in Decoupled Season 2.

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