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Spider-Man No Way Home Mid Credit Scene Explained
Spider-Man No Way Home Mid Credit Scene Explained [Image Credit: Marvel Studios]

Spider-Man: No Way Home Mid Credit Scene Explained

The Spider-Man No Way Home credits scene raises many questions among the watchers. 

The movie’s mid-credits scene has shown the viewers something not commonly seen in films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The mid-credits scene that we get to see is somewhat commonly made as movies from the MCU. It shows the audience something that gives them a hint about what they can expect in the upcoming film.

It comes with some spoilers if you are looking for details on the Spider-Man No Way Home credits scene.

Hence if you’re trying your best to keep away from Spider-Man No Way Home spoilers, then this is where you should stop reading this article.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Mid Credit Scene Explained

In the mid-credits scene of Spider-Man No Way Home, we see Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy) and Venom together in a bar in Mexico. The bartender tells Eddie something which gets him puzzled.

The bartender tells Eddie about Iron Man, saying that he was a billionaire who used to fly around wearing a tin suit. Eddie then also talks about Thanos, calling him the purple man who had an affinity for stones.

Spider-Man No Way Home credits scene explained
Doctor Strange casting his spell. (credit: Marvel Studios)

After hearing everything that the bartender had to say to him, Eddie decides that he will be heading towards New York to interact with Spider-Man. But that doesn’t happen as in the next scene Eddie and Venom again get pulled back to their own timeline.

But before leaving, the symbiote leaves a portion himself to the counter. Meaning there is a chance that now there will be two versions of Venom that exist once being in the MCU universe; another one is Eddie Brock in Sony Universe.

But here is now an exciting thing that the fans need to ponder: Who will be the new Venom in the MCU plotline? Is it the bartender Cristo Fernández (From Ted Lasso), or will there be another new character for the MCU storyline? 

How is Spider-Man No Way Home credits scene connected to Venom: Let There Be Carnage?

As we see that Eddie shifts to the MCU’s universe, we can understand the connection between the mid-credits scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Spider-Man No Way Home.

In the mid-credit scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, we saw Eddie seeing J Jonah Jameson making announcements about Spider-Menace. This assures us that this is the same time as Spider-Man No Way Home.

While Doctor Strange casts the spell to make everyone forget about Peter Parker’s identity as the Spider-Man, things don’t proceed correctly.

He is able to contain the mistakes, but through the crack, some villains also step in. These villains from other universes are the ones who know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

Spider-Man No Way Home credits scene explained
Venom and Spidey together in the next movie? (credit: Sony Pictures)

We have no idea why Eddie comes into the scene as he had no idea who Peter Parker is, other than Spider-Man swings around the city of New York.

It might turn out to be true that Venom has the hive knowledge of 80 billion light-years across all the universes.

This hive knowledge gives him the information that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Thus Eddie was also pulled into the MCU because of the spell.

Will we get to see Venom and Spider-Man together in the upcoming film?

The Spider-Man No Way Home credits scene brings an exciting piece of news for the fans who have always wanted to see Spider-Man and Venom together again in a film after Spider-Man 3.

This movie will either be Venom 3 or Spider-Man 4. We do not have any confirmed details, but we are a step closer to our expectations.

The only thing about which many people will be concerned is that since the two universes are separate, there will be several other cross overs if Venom steps in.

Because of the immense popularity of Tom Hardy, we might even get to see Venom get a significant role in the MCU. This would also let the studio proceed to the dark Spidey.

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