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Spider-Man: No Way Home Ending Explained: Who [Spoiler] Died in the Film? 

Spider-Man: No Way Home has finally been released, and by far, this was the best film released in the Spider-Man franchise and also from the Home Coming trilogy. 

The film acts as a celebration for all the Spiderman fans as this brings back all the old, most wicked villains from the Spiderman franchise back in a single movie. 

As a Marvel fan, we must salute the MCU, the director Jon Watts and the whole team of Spider-Man: No Way Home who had made this film possible. 

If, after watching the film, you have questions about how the movie ended, then don’t worry; in this article, we will discuss all that Happened in Spider-Man: No Way Home. [Spoilers Ahead!!]

Spider-Man: No Way Home: Why did Peter decide to help the villains? 

The film starts with Peter Parker’s identity being revealed to the world, and his newfound fame makes his, MJ and his best friend Ned’s life difficult. 

The three of them were ruled out from being admitted to MIT and other universities based on the recent records of Peter. 

Everyone thinks that Peter is a murderer. 

Having no other options left, Peter reaches to Dr Strange and asks for his help, but after visiting the Sanctum Sanctorum, they came to know that while Dr Strange was gone due to Thanos’s Blip, Wong now is the new sorcerer supreme. 

Peter asks Strange to cast a spell so that the whole world can forget about the identity of Spider-Man, but here Wong warns Steve not to cast that spell.

As Wong states that while casting the spell, there is a thin line between reality and the unknown, which as the new Soccer Supreme, Wong doesn’t want to tamper on. 

But Steve still tries to help Peter, but as he goes to cast the spell, Peter starts to tamper with the spell first by saying he wants MJ to remember that he is the Spider-Man, then to Ned finally Aunt May as well. 

This tampering caused Dr Strange to lose control over the spell, and the spell got damaged, causing Multiverse to rip, dragging everyone from other universes to this one. 

Spider-Man (Credit: Marvel Studios)

The spell’s failure dragged all the villains who knew about Peter Parker’s identity as the Spider-Man.

After this incident, Dr Strange gets really furious with Peter and throws him out of the Sanctorum. 

Peter then goes to Alexander Hamilton Bridge and tries to convince the MIT administrator to accept at least Ned’s and MJ’s applications so that they can go into MIT. 

Now appears Otto Octavius, who attacks this bridge. While Octavius fights with the Spider-Man, he manages to rip Peter’s nanotechnology, but Spider-Man suit’s nanotechnology bonds with the mechanical tentacles of Octavius. 

As a result, Octavius’ robotic arms get disabled, and he gets captured in the holding cell of Sanctum Sanctorum along with Curt Connors, who was caught by Dr Strange. 

Now Strange reveals to Peter that due to the tampering of the spell, people from other Multiverse who know Peter Parker’s identity as Spider-Man are now coming to this universe to find him. 

Strange informs Peter that they would have to catch every creature who has got to this universe, and all of them should be moved here in the Sanctum so that Strange can reverse the spell and send them back to their universe. 

So with the help of MJ and Ned, Peter manages to capture every possible visitor of the Multiverse and catches them in the Sanctum. The list includes Octavius(Dr. Octopus), Curt Connors(Lizard), Max Dillon(Electro) and Flint Marko (Sandman).

Once they are caught, Strange now decides to send them back to their universe from where they came from, and this could be possible by reversing the spell which is now trapped inside a box.

But here, there is a catch if they return to their original universe, they will die. 

Peter’s mortal conscience doesn’t want to let that happen, he believes he can help all of them, and Dr Strange here wants otherwise. Both of them have a fight where Peter manages to lock Strange in the mirror dimension.

Dr Octopus No Way Home
Dr Octopus No Way Home (Credit: Marvel Studios)

Spider-Man: No Way Home Ending Explained: Who [Spoiler] Died in the Film? 

After locking Dr Strange in the mirror dimension, Peter now takes all the villains to the Apartment in order to cure their evil superpowers. So that when they return to their universe, they do not die.  

Things here do not go as planned as Dr Octopus’s inhabitor chip restored. Still, Green Goblin had other plans. He provokes every other Villain to escape, and now another fight breaks in. 

Peter, this time gets dominated by all 4 villains, and in the end, Aunt May dies at the hands of Green Gobbler after being hit by his hovercraft. 

But before she dies, she manages to give one final classic dialogue, which we all have heard probably in every Spiderman movie “With Great Powers comes great Responsibilities.” 

After Aunt May’s death, Peter gets heartbroken and goes missing; meanwhile, his best friend Ned uses Dr Strange’s portal marker finger to search for Peter Parker. 

As soon as he opens the first portal, we see Andrew Garfield appearing from the portal and reveals that not just the villains, the Spider-Man from other universes, are also here in this universe. 

Then again, Ned, to find Peter opens the next portal, and now Tobey Maguire appears.  

With Andrew and Tobey’s help, MJ and Ned find Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. After that, the trio now starts to create cures for the villains. 

Aunt May in No Way Home
Aunt May in No Way Home (Credit: Marvel Studios)

What Happens in the Ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home? 

In the Ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home, after Tobey, Andrew and Tom’s Spider-Man manages to develop a cure for the remaining evil villains, they quickly set a trap in the shielded statue of Liberty. 

In the final fight, we had some breath-taking moments. First, the trio managed to cure all the villains to normal. 

And in a close encounter, Andrew Garfield’s Peter managed to save MJ of this universe. We could see the emotion on his face (the same witnessed earlier in Spider-Man 2 when the tragedy happened with Gwen).

The trio managed to de-sand the sandman, de-electrocuted Electro and also turned Lizard into a normal human being, but still; Green Goblin was not willing to give up and then Tom’s Spider-Man had a fight with Green Goblin he almost thought of killing Goblin, but then Tobey appeared and stopped him from doing so, and in return, he got stabbed by Goblin from behind.

Finally, Andrew comes to the rescue and injects Goblin with the aggressive Toxin, bringing Norman Osbourne to be normal. 

This time Dr Strange also managed to break free from the Mirror Dimension. As Dr Strange appears, the Multiverse now beings to erupt again, and Steven can’t stop it from spreading. 

Tom Holland’s Spiderman now suggests Dr Strange undo everything he tells Steven to cast a spell for this universe so that everyone forgets who Spider-Man is. He decides to make this sacrifice for the sake of the whole world. 

Dr Strange agrees to cast the spell, but before doing that, Tom Holland gives his last goodbye to Tobey and Andrew‘s Peter and finally completes it by giving his final goodbyes to MJ and Ned for the one last time.

He promised MJ and Ned that he would meet them soon and make them remember all the memories they had together. 

After he says his final goodbye to everyone, Strange casts the spell, which removes the memory of all the people who know about Peter’s existence.  

Spider-Man No Way Home
Spider-Man No Way Home (Credit: Marvel Studios)

Does Tom’s Peter Meet with MJ and Ned again? 

Once Dr Strange’s spell was cast, everyone who knew Peter forgot about his existence. 

Peter then visits MJ’s sweet shop and re-introduces himself; he sees MJ and Ned chatting; Peter’s heart was full of emotion that time as a viewer, I could feel what he was feeling.  

He chats with MJ for some time and while looking at her face he decides that he will not tell MJ and Ned about his truth as his story might put them in danger again. 

Later on, he rents an Apartment in Newyork, and now he has begun working as a friendly neighbourhood spider-man. 

Does Spider-Man: No Way Home has a mid-credit scene? 

Yes, Spider-Man: No Way Home has a mid-credit scene where we see Eddie Brock, aka The Venom sitting in the bar and discussing the super-humans of this universe. 

Swiftly after just a few minutes of discussion, the duo returns to their Sony Verse but leaves traces of the Symbiote behind. 

That means we will now see two versions of Venom in MCU, one in Sony verse and one in MCU. 

But in who will match with the Symbiote, that would be an exciting thing to watch for sure. 

It might be the barman Cristo Fernández who was chatting with Venom. Will he be the new Venom of MCU? Well, only time will be able to answer that. 

Venom in present in the mid credit scene of Spider-Man No Way Home
Venom is present in the mid-credit scene of Spider-Man No Way Home (Credit: Sony Pictures)

Is there a post-credit scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home? 

Well, Marvel has beautifully executed their game this time with Spider-Man: No Way Home

After the mid-credit scene in the post-credit scene, we saw a teaser trailer of Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. 

As per the teaser trailer, it seems in Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. 

We would see two versions of Dr Strange; one is from the current universe, and another one is the Evil Dr Strange (Sorcerer Supreme #46), whom we witnessed in What If…? Season 1 Episode 4. 

Here I believe MCU show the same approach, and this time they will show in detail what happened to the variant Dr Strange from the alternate universe how he indulged himself in the dark world. 

It is evident from the teaser and What If…? Episode 4 that Christine Palmer’s death will drive him crazy, which will probably be why he will go into the dark path. 

But it is not clear how both Dr Strange comes to the same universe; well, only the trailer of Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness will clear some air from this. 


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