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Anonymously Yours Ending Explained: Did Vale and Alex Finally Meet Anonymous [Spoiler]?

Anonymously Yours is a Mexican high school romance movie about a girl named Valeria Ontiveros, played by Annie Cabello. Her life changes after she receives a message from a stranger one night. She develops a special bond with him without having any knowledge about his identity.

Anonymously Yours is a simple story that gives the audience an insight into how technology has changed several relationships. It shows the viewers how the internet sometimes makes people trust the virtual world more than the real world that we live in.

Anonymously Yours was released on Netflix on December 10, 2021.

The Plot of Anonymously Yours

Anonymously Yours begins with Vale (Valeria Ontiveros) receiving multiple text messages from an unknown number at 3 AM. The notifications wake her up, and she realizes that the messages were meant for someone else.

The audience gets a glimpse of her monotonous life the next day when she wakes up. The viewers are introduced to her best friend, Regina, who she has known since they were five years old, and Regina’s brother, Ritchie.

Anonymously Yours
Vale in Anonymously Yours (Image Credit: Netflix)

We also meet Vale’s parents, who want her to quit her dream of pursuing a career in movies, and join their family business, Ontiveros Elevators. They try enrolling her in various activities to distract her from films, but she does not seem to change her mind.

As she goes to school, we see the life of an introvert who feels lost, with her friends, Regina and Ritchie, being extroverts.

Vale gets into a heated argument with her teacher for submitting a video essay instead of a written one. In an attempt to defend her work, she is given detention.

Elsewhere, the audience is introduced to another high schooler named Alex. Alex is a new student at Vale’s high school who studies hard to fulfil his deceased father’s wishes. He got into this high-end school through a scholarship, and his mother continues to persuade him to start applying for colleges as he is very bright.

He does not like his new school and prefers staying alone. He faces detention for getting into an argument with Ritchie and his classmates.

In detention, we find out that Alex is the stranger who had sent her those messages the last night.

Anonymously Yours
Alex and Vale in Anonymously Yours (Image Credit: Netflix)

Vale and Alex keep talking to each other over the next several days, without having any clue about who they are in real life. They decide not to share any personal information and start calling each other anonymous.

Vale and Alex are put in the same team and assigned some jobs during detention in the real world. The contrast between their real and virtual world becomes apparent when they can’t stop fighting in real life while forming a special bond over the internet.

One day, Vale goes to support her athletic friend, Regina, at her match, where she sees Alex cheering for his best friend, Lina. After the game, Lina asks Regina out, and the two of them decide to take Vale and Alex with them.

On their date, Vale and Alex go from hating each other to gradually having fun with each other. They slowly start developing a bond in real life and begins sharing their thoughts and aspirations, still not knowing that they talk to each other as “Anonymous.”

Regina and Lina get very excited setting up Vale and Alex and keep asking their respective best friends to stop talking to a stranger and focus on each other.

Anonymously Yours
Lina in Anonymously Yours (Image Credit: Netflix)

However, there is one person who does not seem to join the excitement. Ritchie has a crush on Vale and is upset when he realizes that Vale and Alex have feelings for each other. So, he tries to jeopardize their bond by messing with Alex’s mind by saying things about Vale that are not true.

Anonymously Yours Ending Explained: Did Vale and Alex Finally Met Ananonymus [Spoiler]?

At the end of Anonymously Yours, Vale and Alex finally decided to meet “Anonymous.”

When Alex finds out that Vale is Anonymous, he thinks that Vale was playing some tricks, thinking about what Ritchie had told him about Vale. So, he leaves without meeting Vale and starts ignoring her in real life as well.

Vale does not understand why Anonymous and Alex suddenly stopped talking to her.

However, after Alex inspired her to be more persuasive about her passion, she decided to make a video to convince her parents to understand her dreams. She gives a pen drive to Alex and wants him to be the first person to watch the video.

Soon, it is time for their high school prom, and Alex decides not to go because of his complications with Vale. So, Vale decides to go to the dance with her friends, Regina, Lina and Ritchie.

Anonymously Yours
Ritchie in Anonymously Yours (Image Credit: Netflix)

Just before the prom, Alex comes to Vale’s house and insists that they watch the video that Vale had made. Her parents finally realize how passionate she is about pursuing a career in films and decide not to force her to join their elevator business.

Before leaving for prom, Vale sends Anonymous a voice message, revealing her identity and love for Alex. Alex finally realizes that he was mistaken and rushes to his high school prom to confess his feelings for Vale.

After getting into a small fight with Ritchie, Alex finally manages to meet Vale. She finally realizes that Alex is the anonymous person she has been talking to for the past few days, and they all have a great time at the prom after that.

Anonymously Yours ends with both Vale and Alex following their dreams, with Vale becoming a director and Alex going to remote places to help others.

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