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Encounter ending
Encounter ending (credits: Amazon Prime Video)

Encounter Ending Explained: Why does Jay return to Malik in Encounter ending?

Encounter ending has a lot of things that one would like to get more details on or talk about. The director and the co-writer, Michael Pearce, has brought a film packed with drama and thriller materials for us.

The narrative moves ahead briskly and never fails to portray the meaning of each and every scene in the movie.

We will get to see Riz Ahmed in this film. He has delivered some promising performances in Sound of Metal and Mogul Mowgli.

In the Encounter, we will find that the actor has successfully delivered a fantastic performance, playing the role of a military veteran Malik Khan.

Malik Khan believes that a few non-terrestrial organisms, or aliens, have found their way to Earth. These aliens have taken control of both the mind and body of most of the population.

As the events proceed in Encounter, we see that Malik goes to his wife’s house (with whom he does not have a good relationship).

Over there, he tells his sons- Bobby (played by Aditya Geddada) and Jay (played by Lucian-River Chauhan), that they will go out for a road trip.

As they leave for the trip, we see that they have a terrible encounter with a police officer who is very racist. The events lead to his sons almost getting shot.

Malik tells his sons that he wanted to take them away from his mother because that was a way of rescuing them from the events that would happen in the upcoming times. 

If you are interested to know about Encounter ending in greater depths, then you have landed on the perfect article. Continue reading to learn more. 

Encounter Plot Explained: What Is the Film About? 

The viewers might be curious to know all about Malik’s background. The film brings in all the details, not at one go. By Encounter ending, you will learn all about him.

As a Marine, Malik is definitely a role model for all his colleagues, and everyone highly respects him. He has already completed ten tours and received a Bronze Star for his services as a Marine.

But there was an incident where he ended up killing a senior officer after a whole day of a gunfight and battle.

Due to this incident, he was discharged after facing dishonour. He spent the next two years in prison.

During his time in prison, he met his parole officer, Hattie (played by Octavia Spencer). She is a very kind woman who makes it a point to cater to the needs of her clients as best as possible.

Once Malik gets released from prison, he feels that the aliens have come to Earth and are now exercising their control over the majority of humanity.

His mind tells him that the ones who have been possessed will see these alien-like creatures coming out of their eyes. He is attached to his sons. He has not seen them for long, but he writes letters.

We see him saying that he has to continue fighting most of the time in all these letters.

Encounter ending
Malik and his kids on a “road trip.” (Credits: Prime Video)

Janina Gavaskar plays the role of Piya, Malik’s ex-wife in Encounter. Presently, she is with Dylan (played by Misha Collins).

It is very obvious that the sons would not like this new man who is with their mother. So when Malik comes over and tells them that he will take them out for a road trip, they happily join him.

As they were leaving for the road trip, we saw that Piya did not even come to see them off. The boys had no questions about it, showing that they had lost all expectations.

But after their Encounter with the racist police, we see a change in thought for Bobby. He wants to go back home. We then see Malik opening up to them the real reason for this road trip. He tells them about the aliens and that the road trip is a rescue mission. 

The boys have the minds of their age, so without any questions, they believe what their father tells them.

They had lost a considerable amount of time because of the police officer, and the three of them tried to cover up the lost time.

While they were on their journey, we noticed a few problems in their path, but most of their way ahead was relatively smooth.

The trio heads towards Nevada, and as they move ahead, the kids, especially Jay, find a few cracks in their father’s story.

As Malik was not present with his kids for a long time, he has lost the touch of being a parent, and he has no idea how to behave with his sons during some unpredictable situations.

As we reach Encounter’s ending, the trio faces another problematic encounter. This time it is an older man whose car Malik had stolen earlier. As Malik gets injured, we see Jay taking charge of the entire situation.

He leaves his father in an empty town next to the closest gas station to stick up supplies.

When Jay goes to the nearest gas station, he comes to know the truth about what is happening in the world. He finds out that the cops are looking for Malik as they feel that he has kidnapped Jay and Bobby.

He visited the pharmacist for taking meds for his injured father. When the pharmacist notices blood on the money, he asks him whether everything is alright. Jay does not disclose anything. He says that everything is fine and leaves the place.

Encounter (Via Amazon Prime)

Encounter ending: What is the real reason Malik takes his sons with him?

Both Bobby and Jay find Malik’s sudden arrival in Encounter a bit surprising; however, they welcome him very cheerfully. When Malik tells them he will take them out for a road trip, the boys get very excited.

They feel enamoured with the trip, and nothing matters for them then.

However, as the events proceed and we head towards Encounter ending, the feeling of excitement among the boys slowly start going away, and they start having doubts whether their father has told them the truth or not.

There is no doubt about their love for their father, but it is the first time they are seeing him after so many years. During this “trip”, the boys feel that their father has become some stranger to them.

Encounter ending
Is there an alien invasion on Earth? (Credits: Amazon Prime Video)

Both boys have never shared a spontaneous relationship with Malik like other children. Jay seems to be a bit more mature than his age, and we see throughout the entire trip he always has a doubt.

However, since this is their father, he overlooks them and believes whatever his father tells them. But this belief remained until he found out about the absolute truth. 

We can say that there are three possible reasons why Malik might have taken his kids in Encounter-

The first reason would be that there is an alien invasion that has taken place. The film’s opening sequence gives the audience a feeling that that sort of event has actually taken place on Earth.

This mystery remains in the film until the boys reveal that their mother, Piya, suffers from bad health. Malik figures out after hearing from the kids that Piya is pregnant.

Malik could not take this news properly, and he called Hattie to inform her about the present situation. She understands the horror of his position and gets worried about the children.

She calls the authorities to have a check-up on Piya and Dylan. The officers find that both of them have been trapped in the garage.

Encounter (Credits: Amazon Prime Video)

With this, we become clear that no sort of alien invasion has taken place on Earth.

Now comes the second reason. This reason states that Malik lied about the alien invasion to his kids because he was frustrated about not being able to spend time with his children.

He finally decides to snatch them away from Piya and spend time with them. 

Parental kidnapping happens in such situations, and the officers of the FBI think that Malik has kidnapped Bobby and Jay. This would have been true if Malik had a history of destroying families and killing several people in the family.

However, as we move towards Encounter ending, we see that Malik is not like that. So there are chances that he is suffering from problems in his mental health, which drove him to do this.

There are chances that Malik has gone through some tragic events during all his ten tours. We can understand that he has gone through a lot on the battlefield by the conversation between Hattie and one of Malik’s colleagues.

All these events have now been embedded in him, troubling him so much.

Throughout the film, nothing has been mentioned about the type of delusions Malik faces, as nothing has been diagnosed. However, the viewers will get a hint of the fact that he has borderline schizophrenia.

The reality around him seems to be filled with many hallucinations and delusions.

As we already saw, he thinks there is an alien invasion on Earth. This states that his thoughts are all insane. However, being with him is not at all dangerous as he has no bad intentions.

When he gets to know that Piya is pregnant, he starts to come out from his delusions, and finally, things break out drastically when he meets the sons of the older man he had assaulted. 

Encounter (Credits: Amazon Prime Video)

Why does Jay return to Malik in Encounter ending?

At the pharmacist store, we saw that Jay tried to act as normal as possible in front of the pharmacist. However, he cannot convince the older man that everything is fine, and when he leaves, the man calls the cops immediately.

In Encounter ending when Jay returns to the empty house where his father was, he accuses Malik of lying to them. We can see the look of betrayal and heartbreak on the face of the young boy.

Soon the two sons of the older man, Kurt and Dwight, come up with guns to take their revenge. But Malik is finally able to subdue them. 

Realizing that his sons are in mortal danger when they are with him, Malik contacts Piya to give her their current location before trying to leave his sons in a diner. Although Bobby stays behind, Jay follows his father and hides until Malik realizes that he is not alone in the car.

From the very beginning of Encounter, we have seen that Jay has always seemed to be a bit more mature than his age. He is very fond of his father, and he can now understand that his father is suffering from some problems in his mental health.

In Encounter ending, we see Jay’s maturity and intelligence. He understands that if his father is in the car, he will not provoke the cops. And if he does not provoke them, they will also not shoot at him. Thus things will work out for both sides.

Riz Ahmed in Encounter
Riz Ahmed in Encounter (Credits: Amazon Prime Videos)

Shepard West, an FBI agent, tells Hattie that Malik has definitely turned to a family annihilator. But since Hattie knew Mallik from before, she refused this statement.

She knew the huge amount of love Malik had for his boys, and he could never do anything to bring any harm to them. 

In Encounter ending, we see that Hattie proves herself correct about Malik. Once Malik was confronted with the cops, he chose to stay for his sons. We see him giving his gun away to Jay.

As Jay comes out of the car with the gun, Malik sees a cop rushing towards him. He knew the imminent danger. He makes sure that Jay drops the gun.

Thus in Encounter ending, both the father and his sons are safe. Malik might be suffering from mental health, but the safety of his boys are always his first priority.

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