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West Side Story Review and Where to Watch It?

West Side Story is a movie packed with romance and drama. This movie is directed by Steven Spielberg, based on the musical, which goes by the same name.

The musical was earlier directed by Leonard Bernstein, Arthur Laurent, and Jerome Robbins.

The film shows us a setup of New York during the 1950s, where two innocent teenagers- Maria and Tony, fall in love with each other.

However, their love story faces many hurdles because of their connection to the rival gangs. The gangs will not allow the couple to go against the rules already been made and followed by everyone.

We will see Elgort, Rachel Zegler, Ariana DeBose, Mike Faist, Rota Moreno, and David Alvarez in the main lead.

This movie is a must-watch for people interested in a classic romantic film. If you need more details, continue reading the article to know more.

West Side Story Streaming Details: Where to Watch it Online?

The readers would not like news that the West Side Story will not be available for streaming for a considerable amount of time.

But when the time comes for the content to be available on streaming platforms, it will be available either on HBO Max or On Disney Plus.

West Side Story
A snap from the film. (Credits: 20th Century Fox)

There are higher chances that West Side Story will be available on Disney Plus because the 20th Century Studios, the studio which has made the movie, is a subordinate company of Disney.

Recently, there has been a deal between Disney and WarnerMedia. This arrangement splits all the releases of Fox’s 2022. Hence there is still a bit of confusion about where we will surely get to watch West Side Story.

The movie will be available on either HBO Max, Hulu or Disney Plus to cut things short once it has been put for streaming. We will keep you updated on the platform once any news comes out into the open.

What is the plot of West Side Story?

The entire setup of the film is based on the working-class streets and places found in the upper west side of New York City.

We will get to know about two rival gangs in the film- the Sharks and the Jets.

These gangs share a cutthroat relationship. There is no way we can expect the rivalry between the two gangs to end soon.

Then comes the main characters of West Side Story. Maria is the sister of the leader of the Sharks, and she falls head over heels in love with Tony. Tony is more inclined towards the Jets.

As both develop their relationship to stronger limits, they receive some resistance from the gangs they belong to.

However, the love they share will not give up so soon, and they have decided that they will take the risk of putting everything on the line for being together.

As the events of West Side Story progress, we notice that the couple has to pay the price for the decision that they have taken. They prove that the love they share is true.

Watch the movie in your nearest halls to enjoy this old classic romantic tale.

Is Ansel Elgort a perfect fit for the role of Tony?

The spell-breaker of West Side Story is Ansel Elgort. He is best known for his role in Baby Driver.

He has demonstrated some excellent vocal skills in the film. The solo and the duet performances in Maria and Balcony Scene are really fantastic.

West Side Story
What are your thoughts on his part in the film? (Credits: 20th Century Fox)

However, his presence in this film seems to be the wrong piece in the puzzle. Just like everybody else in the movie, his presence does not match with the magical flow of West Side Story.

He has a significant role in the film as the male lead, but there seems to be something that does not make him the best suited for the role. This fact can be understood as soon he marks his entry into the film.

West Side Story Review: Should We Skip It or Watch It? 
When Leonard Bernstein, Arthur Laurent, and Jerome Robbins first thought about West Side Story, it was just a contemporary story. The main motive behind the story back then was to capture the energy among the people during the 1950s in New York City. However, Steven Spielberg's version of West Side Story is a bit different and looks at things differently. Although the movie's setting is the same, which reminds the audience of the 1950s, there's a lot of new magic that the film has added to the story. The social themes that have been portrayed in the film are very relevant in today's world. These are some things that the people in today's world are dealing with every day. There are things about class warfare, gentrification, immigration and policing. Steven Spielberg has represented all these things in such a way as if it feels like a recreation in West Side Story. It will genuinely make you feel as if whether he has time travelled and got to know everything about it so perfectly. The new West Side Story does not shy away from the musical made in 1961. We get to see many iconic scenes and imagery from the old classic movie. The film is a must-watch for those who want to enjoy an old romantic classic story. If we had to rate, we would give it 84/100.
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