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Dexter New Blood Episode 6 Release Date, Spoilers, Where to Watch and Episode 5 Ending Explained

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Dexter New Blood Episode 6 will be released very soon. However, we have seen that Dexter’s true identity has come out in the twist shown in Dexter New Blood Episode 5. 

Now Dexter is scared of the threats that both Kurt and Angela have put forward.  These threats will disturb the new life he has in Iron Lake.

After the finale of the original show, Dexter, we see that he had hidden his identity from everyone.

Now that he has already killed someone in the town, his son being there, and Kurt Caldwell working as a serial killer, it seems that Dexter will no longer be able to remain anonymous.

Dexter was living under the identity of Jim Lindsay, but Angela has now got to know that he is not Jim Lindsay. 

If you want to know more about Dexter New Blood Episode 6 and the twist in Dexter New Blood Episode 5 ending, then you have landed in the perfect place. Read the article to know about everything in complete detail.

When will Dexter New Blood Episode 6 released? And Where can we watch it?

Dexter New Blood Episode 6 release date
A snap of Angel Batista. (Credit: Showtime)

Dexter New Blood Episode 6 will release on the 12th of December, 2021. This date is the upcoming Sunday.

Dexter New Blood Episode 6 will release at 9:00 PM ET / PT.

The new episode will be available on the Showtime channel and the Showtime App at the date mentioned above.

Know More on Dexter New Blood Episode 5

What can we expect to see in Dexter New Blood Episode 6?

In Dexter New Blood Episode 6, we will see that there is someone in Iron Lake who has got to know that Jim Lindsay is not the man he has been representing to be all this time.

Dexter will now have to look for this person very stealthily.

As he finds out who the person is, he discovers that the town has another serial killer along with him.

Then we will also see that Angela makes a dark discovery about herself. 

As Angela is the Chief of Police in Iron Lake, it doesn’t take long for her to figure out that the identity of Jim Lindsay is a fake one.

However, we should not be predicting anything right now. Many things might happen in Dexter New Blood Episode 6, as we have learnt from the earlier episodes of the original Dexter show.

Things can curl into very dangerous when people would not expect anything like that.

Dexter New Blood Episode 5 Ending Explained: Dexter’s true identity revealed

The title that was fixed for Dexter New Blood Episode 5 was Runaway.

This episode is highly significant as Dexter confronts Harrison about the Dark Passenger.

When asked, Harrison denies the fact that he has lied about Ethan.

He was intoxicated, and he revealed to Audrey that his father’s name was not Jim Lindsay.

We also see that Angela is in New York at that time. She was attending a law enforcement conference on missing persons.

The person speaking over there was Angel Batista, from the original series.

Angela then asks Batista for advice on finding the pattern between the missing persons in Iron Lake.

Angel then tells her about the deaths of Dexter, Deb, as Batista remembers that he had a son named Harrison.

The scene shifts back to Iron Lake, where we see Kurt Caldwell has been able to capture his next victim.

As the events progress in Dexter New Blood Episode 5, we see that she messes up Kurt’s ritual, and he ends up killing him.

Once he is done with his murder, Kurt sees Harrison walking alone. He goes to him and offers him a meal. He then gives Harrison a job application.

In New York, Angela knows all about the lies that Dexter had hurled up. Angel helps her in connecting the past and the present.

This Dexter New Blood Episode 5 ending has a lot of twists that are going to surprise the audience and the fans of the show.

What happens in Dexter New Blood Episode 5 ending when Angela knows about Dexter’s true identity?

As we reach Dexter New Blood Episode 5, we see that Angela has found out that the person in Iron Lake as Jim Lindsay is Dexter Morgan, her boyfriend.

He has been putting up a false identity in front of her for years.

As Angela returns to Iron Lake, Audrey tells her what Harrison had told her earlier.

This makes Angela understand what Angel had told her earlier. She recalled that Angel had told her about Dexter, who left his son behind Harrison.

As she looked up for Dexter’s obituary, she saw Jim Lindsay’s face popping up. In Dexter New Blood Episode 5, we see Angela printing Dexter’s obituary.

It seems that Dexter will not have an easy time in Dexter New Blood Episode 6 and the show’s remaining episodes.

Dexter New Blood Episode 6
A snap of Angela. (Credits: Showtime)

As Angela already knows about the truth of their identities, Dexter will now have to tell her why he had asked his identity and death for all this while.

Not just this, Dexter will also have to explain why Harrison was not with him for all these years.

Dexter has the opportunity of using the excuse that he did not want his son to be like him; therefore, he did not keep Harrison with him.

It seems that Dexter is not all in a good state, but then, we see Molly Park connect the dots and find out that his ex-wife, Rita, was the final murder by The Trinity Killer.

It also was the most unbelievable murder that The Trinity Killer had committed.

As the background about the Morgan family comes to light, it would not take long to find out that Harrison had attacked Ethan.

More and more information about the Morgans come out into the open; it might not take long for everyone to find out that Dexter Morgan is Miami’s Bay Harbor Butcher.

Why does Angel Batista’s return turn out to be dangerous for Dexter in Dexter New Blood Episode 5 ending?

The original show’s fans were excited to see Angel Batista’s short role in the show, but it does bring terrible news for Dexter.

He had been hidden in Iron Lake, and the world might know of his whereabouts.

The return of The Trinity Killer did not pose any kind of threat to Dexter’s life as both were considered dead.

The same is the case for Harrison, who is just a relic of Dexter’s past.

But it is Angel Batista who has a connection between the past and the present life of Dexter.

He, too, believes that Dexter is dead, but he is the hold of some knowledge that might turn out to be dangerous for Dexter’s life as Jim Lindsay in Iron Lake.

While talking to Angela, Angel told her that Dexter had a son named Harrison.

This was one of the most significant clues for Angela. If Batista would not have remembered Harrison’s name, then Angela would have taken much more time to make a clear picture in her head.

Apart from Harrison, no one has the total details that Jim Lindsay is Dexter Morgan.

Therefore, Angel Batista’s return is dangerous for Dexter in Dexter New Blood Episode 5 ending.

Will Harrison be Kurt’s next target?

When the series started, t was felt that we might see Harrison following in his father’s footsteps and becoming a serial killer. However, by Dexter New Blood Episode 5 ending, things seem otherwise.

He might be the next victim that Kurt Caldwell is looking for.

We have already seen that Kurt had told two hostages and killed them in this series. Both these victims were either runaways or drifters passing through Iron Lake.

The events in the show give us more information as to why Kurt kills, how he chooses his victims and his rituals.

Dexter New Blood Episode 6
A snap of Kurt Caldwell. (Credits: Showtime)

There were pictures of several persons who had gone missing in Iron Lake on Angel’s wall. Most of these people were all runaways, and it seems that all of them were Kurt’s victims.

There is also the fact that Kurt releases the victims into the woods, plays Del Shannon’s Runaway and hunts them Down with a rifle.

In Dexter New Blood Episode 5 ending, Kurt finds Harrison in the same situation.

He then picks Harrison up and brings him to eat. We see that Kurt also offers him a job and tells him to pay it forward just like he had done to all his previous victims.

All his previous victims were all girls, so it seems that Harrison does not belong to Kurt’s trends of killing. However, Kurt’s actions say otherwise.

He has started with his rituals, and we can be sure that Harrison will be his hostage in the ending of Dexter New Blood Episode 5.

This will be Dexter’s actual test of how he protects his blood and to what extent he has to go to keep everyone safe.

These will be clear in Dexter New Blood Episode 6 and the show’s next episodes.

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