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The Sinner Season 4 Recap and Ending Explained- Who Killed Bo Lam?
The Sinner Season 4 Recap and Ending Explained- Who Killed Bo Lam? (Image Credits- USA Network)

The Sinner Season 4 Ending Explained: Who Killed Bo Lam? and What happened to Percy?

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The Sinner Season 4 ended and left the fans with the surreal feeling that something was missing. Season 4 ended with Harry doing everything to know the secret behind the death of Percy.

Indeed we have understood the correlation between Percy’s death and that of human trafficking, but the finale episode unleashes us with another unique relationship between Percy’s death.

Percy’s death has now a special connection with the death of Bo Lam, who is the son of Mike Lam.

Mike Lam has got a barren rocky land from the Muldoons, and when Harry visits that land, he finds nothing interesting for one to buy this piece of land that was purchased at a not so legible price.

The Sinner Season 4 Finale Recap: Connecting Dotes to Mystery of Percy’s Death

The Sinner Season 4 Recap and Ending Explained- Who Killed Bo Lam?
The Sinner Season 4 Recap and Ending Explained-Harry Reaches Muldoon’s Place (Image Credits- USA Network)

Harry is doing everything to find out who is behind the death of Percy; we have already learned hat that Percy’sdeath has something to do with human trafficking.

To get the reasons for the same, Harry even heads to the boatyard where he finds the burnt remains of the ship that used to carry the immigrant.

Also, Harry’s theory regarding human trafficking comes true when Raskin tells him the ballistics report that just came in, clearly showing that Novak shot Brandon.

When the dock owner Don is asked about the ship at the boatyard, he prefers not to answer it concisely.

Later, Harry asks Raskin to track the location of the number they found on Novak’s phone, and after getting the site of this number, they arrive at a place outside Muldoon Residence.

The rackets investigation was stopped by the police when they received orders regarding the same from superiors.

Also, Mike Lam is released from the judicial clutches, and this seems to be a turning point in the story because a lot has to be known more about the whole trafficking thing.

The Sinner Season 4 Stills
The Sinner Season 4 Stills (Image Credits- USA Network)

Back at Muldoon’s Residence, Harry and Raskin learn that Lam and Muldoon have something in common, and that is a few years ago; the two have undergone a land deal which Lam has got from the Muldoons, that too for a quite a less amount.

We saw a fishing permit transferred between the two, which opened new equations in The Sinner Season 4.

Further, in The Sinner Season 4, we know that there is some connection between Percy’s death with Bo Lam, the elder son of Mike Lam.

Harry and Raskin learned this when they visited the land of which the deal had happened between Muldoon and Mike; the ground is a barren rocky place where see nothing except a grave which later comes to know that it is of Bo Lam.

Harry tries to find the reason behind Bo’s death but doesn’t find any lead to it meeting up with Sean, who finally reveals the exact cause of Bo’s death and all the circumstances that Percy had been through before she died.

Indeed, there is some relationship between the death of Bo and Percy, but Harry isn’t able to figure out that node that is creating this relationship.

The Sinner Season 4
The Sinner Season 4 (Image Credits- USA Network)

What Happens To The Muldoons?

We see that as soon as Sean tells everything about Bo Lam’s murder and how the things are interlinked to human trafficking, then the things indeed went for a downfall for the Muldoons.

Upon request by Harry, Sean also agrees to confess everything to the police. Colin is also seen at the police interrogation.

Harry had already been rock solid that he would anyhow land the brothers in jail behind bars for all the crimes they have committed so far; this was also certain after the final conversation that took place between Meg and Harry.

Meg is seen at a different dimension as soon as she realizes that her family’s image is at stake due to everything around her.

Soon, Meg starts to use her spiritual aspects and try to connect to Percy to overcome the guilt of Percy’s death.

Like Percy, who used to indulge in spiritual activities trying to reconnect, Meg tries to reconnect and forgo the actions that led her to commit these crimes.

Why was Bo Lam killed? And Who Killed Bo Lam?

The story started when Bo Lam used to use the boat of Muldoon to earn his livelihood, but soon the Muldoons realized that Bo had been cheating them by stealing their yield, and probably their suspicion turned correct.

Later, to end everything up and catch Bo red-handed, Colin, Percy, and Sean persuade Bo on Colin’sboat.

But, soon, a physical fight broke up between Bo and Sean and to stop all these, Percy picked up the gun to alleviate the battle.

But amid the moment, she ended up pulling the trigger and thereby shooting Bo dead.

Sean and Colin, after the murder, turned human trafficking on a full-fledged basis so that they could survive.

The Sinner Season 4 Ending Explained: What Happened To Percy?

Well, not to deviate you from the truth for a very long time, we would like to come to the point directly.

The fact that Percy wasn’t killed by anybody else, but she killed herself, yes, she ended her life.

The Sinner Season 4 Recap and Ending Explained- Who Killed Bo Lam?
The Sinner Season 4 Recap and Ending Explained- Percy’s Ends her Life(Image Credits- USA Network)

She did this to overcome the guilt that had been piling up inside her for a very long time.

Though certainly what Percy did wasn’t intentionally, the thing she did was a crime because it had led to the taking away of someone’s life.

Also, the guilt of killing Bo was there in her eyes which later made her end her own life.

Not only this, soon after Bo’s death, Muldoons and Lams tried to cover up the thing and hence the body of Bo was buried deep far into some rocky, barren land.

Percy’s family also went into a financial crisis to cover up everything that she did, which has led to Percy’sundergoing through emotional trauma.

Soon, Percy learned the deepness of her mistake and how it has turned her entire family upside down; this led to her taking the extreme step of ending her life.

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