Money Heist Season 6
Money Heist Season 6 (Image Credit: Netflix)

Money Heist Season 6: Has Netflix Renewed the Series for a Sixth Season?

Last Updated on December 5, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Now that Money Heist Season 5 Part 2 has been released on Netflix, fans have started wondering whether there will be a Money Heist Season 6.

Money Heist Season 5 was released on Netflix in two parts, with the first part premiering on September 3, 2021, and the second part on December 3, 2021. The season has ten episodes, with a duration of 41–61 minutes each.

Read ahead to find out about the fate of Money Heist Season 6.

Money Heist Season 6: Is it Renewed or Canceled by Netflix? 

Sadly, Money Heist has come to an end, with Season 5 being the final season of the iconic series. So, there is no hope for Money Heist Season 6.

Netflix had announced the ending of the series with Money Heist Season 5 on July 31, 2020.

In an interview, the show’s creator, Álex Pina, stated that the crew of Money Heist does not want to stretch the series to the point that people start losing interest.

They want the series to have a memorable ending while still in high demand, and they know that this would be the best moment to end the story.

Money Heist Season 6
Money Heist Season 6 (Image Credit: Netflix)

The writers of Money Heist wanted the show to end on a high note and had to rewrite the last season multiple times in order to come up with the perfect ending.

Álex Pina has mentioned that the team is satisfied with the show’s end and considers it the best season till now despite being sad about it coming to an end.

There could be another reason why Money Heist Season 6 will not become a reality.

It is the schedule of the show’s creator, Álex Pina, who is now committed to his next project, Sky Rojo. Sky Rojo is a Spanish action series co-created by Álex Pina and Esther Martinez Lobato.

So, after looking into the statements made at interviews and various other facts, it is safe to say that the fans should not be expecting Money Heist Season 6 to see the light of the day.

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What To Expect After The End Of Money Heist?

However, the end of Money Heist has finally found its silver lining. There is some exciting news for all the fans who are upset about Money Heist Season 6 not being made.

Pedro Alonso, the actor who plays Berlin on Money Heist, announced that there would be a spin-off of Berlin that would be released on Netflix in 2023, on November 30, 2021.

Money Heist Season 6
Money Heist Season 6 (Image Credit: Netflix)

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The official account of Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) also posted the announcement about the spin-off of Berlin, mentioning that the story is not over, even if the heist is.

Pedro Alonso has stated in a live question and answer session that he is aware of the responsibility, risk and burden of carrying off a spin-off of such an immensely popular show.

He also mentioned that he has faith in the show’s screenwriter to recreate the energy and fill Berlin’s spin-off with as many twists and turns as they did with Money Heist.

The cast of the Berlin spin-off show has not been announced yet, but we are hoping to see some familiar faces in it.

Other than the spin-off, another news that can excite a lot of fans after hearing about the cancellation of Money Heist Season 6 is a South Korean adaptation of the series that is set to be released in 2022.

So, we can say that the fans can expect to wait for the spin-offs and adaptations based on the show instead of waiting for Money Heist Season 6.