Berlin the Money Heist prequel
Berlin the Money Heist prequel (Image Credit: Netflix)

Berlin, The Money Heist Prequel is All Set to Arrive on Netflix in 2023

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Money Heist has come to an end with an iconic and thrilling ending in Season 5. However, to all the fans’ delight, Netflix has announced the release of a Berlin, the Money Heist prequel, in 2023.

Berlin, the Money Heist prequel will be a spin-off series that would focus on the life of Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso, before the heist at the Royal Mint of Spain shown in Money Heist seasons 1 and 2.

Berlin is the critically ill thief who was in charge of the heist in the Royal Mint of Spain in Money Heist seasons 1 and 2 and was killed in a shootout with the police to save the others at the end of the heist in season 2.

He continued to make several appearances in flashbacks in all the remaining seasons of Money Heist, even after his death.

Berlin the Money Heist prequel
Berlin the Money Heist prequel (Image Credit: Netflix)

Money Heist Seasons 5 shows several flashbacks, trying to set up the premise for the show’s prequel. Money Heist Seasons 5 has established several plotlines and characters that are most likely to be shown further in the Berlin, the Money Heist prequel.

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How Does Money Heist Season 5 Set Up The Berlin, The Money Heist prequel?

Money Heist Seasons 5 dives deep into Berlin’s past, showing his son, Rafael (played by Patrick Criado), and one of his ex-wives, Taiana (played by Diana Gómez).

Money Heist Seasons 5 also shows his partners in crime, Palermo (played by Rodrigo de la Serna), Marseille (played by Luka Peroš), and Bogotá (played by Hovik Keuchkerian) and how he starts planning and pulling off heists with them.

In the last three seasons of Money Heist, the viewers see him pitching the idea of the heist in the Bank of Spain to his brother, the Professor, played by Álvaro Morte.

He takes the help of Palermo throughout the process, who helps him plan all the technical details of the heist and explain everything to the Professor.

Berlin the Money Heist prequel
Berlin the Money Heist prequel (Image Credit: Netflix)

Palermo describes how they could get the country’s gold reserve out of the Bank of Spain and how they could transfer it to a safe location that the police would never be able to guess.

The viewers see how Berlin met Bogotá for the first time and how they started working together in Money Heist Seasons 5.

Money Heist Seasons 5 digs deeper into his personal life as well.

The audience gets to meet his son, Rafael and learns about his not so great relationship with his father.

However, they put their differences aside, and we get to see how Berlin introduces Rafael to the world of thieves. The father-son duo performs their first heist together in Denmark by replacing some Viking treasures with fake ones.

Berlin the Money Heist prequel
Berlin the Money Heist prequel (Image Credit: Netflix)

He seemed to have a great life with a beautiful wife, Tatiana, and his son, Rafael, joining him on this heist journey.

Unfortunately, he was left heartbroken when Tatiana broke up with him, only to find out that Rafael and Tatiana are in love with each other. He got arrested for vandalism, not knowing how to deal with this heartbreak.

This plotline explains how his son becomes a thief and how he gets separated from his wife, Tatiana.

The fact that they mention that this vandalism case was the only time he got arrested opens a lot of gates for Berlin, the Money Heist prequel to give him the chance to show off his ability to execute several heists without getting caught.

Berlin, the Money Heist prequel, will also show his fiercely colourful life on a larger scale and can throw some more light into his other ex-wives, along with Palermo, Marseille and Bogotá.

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