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Lost in Space Season 4
Lost in Space Season 4 (Image Credit: Netflix)

Why Will Lost in Space Season 4 Not Be Returning On Netflix?

Watching the long-awaited third season of Lost in Space has the fans wondering if Lost in Space Season 4 will be returning on Netflix any time soon.

Read on to know more about Lost in Space Season 4.

Will Lost in Space Season 4 Be Returning on Netflix?

Fans of this science-fiction family drama series will be sad to know that Lost in Space Season 4 will not be returning on Netflix.

However, Netflix did not cancel Lost in Space Season 4, and the show has come to an end because Lost in Space Season 4 was never meant to happen.

Zack Estrin, the executive producer and showrunner of this show, said they had always envisioned Lost in Space Season 4 as a trilogy with a clear beginning, middle, and end.

It was made apparent in March 2020 itself, when Lost in Space Season 3 was announced as the show’s final season.

Lost in Space Season 4
Lost in Space Season 4 (Image Credit: Netflix)

So, it is now official that its creators have wrapped up Lost in Space.

Based on the 1812 work “The Swiss Family Robinson” by Johann David Wyss, Lost in Space debuted on Netflix on April 13, 2018.

Lost in Space Season 2 returned on Netflix on December 24, 2019. These two seasons had ten episodes each.

Release Date of Lost in Space Season 3

Lost in Space Season 3 was released on Netflix two years after the second season, on December 1, 2021, consisting of eight episodes.

Judy, Will, Penny, along with 97 children, had reached the mysterious planet at the end of Lost in Space Season 2.

Lost in Space Season 3 shows how they survive on the planet while discovering some big secrets.

In Lost in Space Season 3, John and Maureen Robinson also reunite with their children after facing multiple significant challenges. They all face several attacks from aliens, called SARs.

The Plot of Lost in Space

Lost in Space is about the Robinson family, who are space colonists.

The members of this family are Maureen Robinson, a mathematician, an engineer, and the designer of the colony ships, and her husband, John Robinson, who is a Navy Seal.

Lost in Space Season 4
Lost in Space Season 4 (Image Credit: Netflix)

Their children are Judy (a young medical intern), Penny, who is a writer, and Will, who is deeply interested in science.

However, John is not the biological father of Judy.

When the earth is hit by an asteroid and its very existence is in danger, the Robinsons are sent in the spaceship, Resolute, to the planet Alpha Centauri to colonise it.

They are accompanied by some other families, along with Major Don West and Dr Smith.

It is revealed that Dr Smith is actually June Harris, a con artist.

She has taken over the identity of a dead passenger, Dr Zachary Smith, to evade arrest and reach Alpha Centauri.

There is also a robot on the ship, whom Will has befriended.

On their way, due to an alien attack, they enter a wormhole and crash land on a mysterious planet.

The planet is suffering from Hawking radiation, a phenomenon in which the sun gets paired with a black hole, which threatens to make a planet inhabitable in a very short time.

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Lost in Space Season 4
Lost in Space Season 4 (Image Credit: Netflix)

Along with this, the crew has to face numerous other perils like extreme weather conditions and various attacks from alien robots called SARs.

In the end, the crew manages to land on Alpha Centauri, and they are also able to overpower the SARs. They also befriend some of the injured robots by saving them.

They start the process of colonising Alpha Centauri and making it habitable.

Future Projects of Lost in Space Showrunner, Zack Estrin

After Lost in Space is coming to an end, we can expect a lot more projects from the show’s showrunner, Zack Estrin, in the future.

Zack Estrin has revealed that he has signed a deal to produce several other shows for Netflix in the coming years.

Though he has not yet revealed further details about the projects, we are expecting them to be as exciting as Lost in Space.

He has also worked on Prison Break, No Ordinary Family, Charmed, and The Whispers.

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