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Lost in Space Season 3
Lost in Space Season 3 (Image Via Netflix)

Lost in Space Season 3 Ending Explained: Are Judy and Will Dead?

Lost in Space Season 3 started with 97 children stranded on a far distant planetary system.

Further, it continued to the quest of Alpha Centauri, where the Aliens tried to attack it to the core and destroy humanity.

The show proceeds with the Aliens tying everything to destroy the planet and turn it into a dead world.

The only hope for the people of Alpha Centauri is the shield that is said to protect their planet from the Aliens’ attacks.

But, the aliens were successful in surpassing the guard and entering into the earth and destroying the world to a specific limit.

The good thing that happened amid all this is that the Alien Engine’s use was averted; if that had been used, the Alpha Centauri would have been a great place in history only.

Lost in Space Season 3 Recap

The latest Lost in Space Season 3 is based on a similar storyline where 97 children are shown stranded on a different planet.

The children were initially aboard on Resolute.

When they learned that their parents were in danger, they were made hostage by alien robots on a planetary system named Danger System.

When these youngsters learned about their parent’s situation, they sent off a Fortuna rescue spaceship.

But, things aren’t going to mend in Lost in Space season 3 as the Aliens are in no mood to let them accessible, and they try to persuade them as soon as they come to know about their release action plan.

As expected, the Aliens didn’t let them even reach 100 miles from Alpha Centauri and once again, the Robinsons found themselves stranded in a hostile star system.

This time, they have Don, Dr Smith and Grant Kelly with them, who might have tried an escape plan, but that failed.

Further in Lost in Space Season 3, Robinsons learn that the Aliens plan to invade Alpha Centauri.

Meanwhile, the aliens also crash a boggy planet and worsen the situation for everyone on board.

The SAR has led the Aliens Robots, and as soon as Robinsons and Robot hear that the aliens would be invading the Alpha Centauri.

They try to contact the Alpha colonists to make them aware that the Aliens plan to invade them.

The people of Alpha Centauri are with the only hope that the layer enclosing their planet would save them from the Robots’ attacks.

Aliens were successfully surpassing the cover and managed to attack earth, breaking the last ray of hope that is the layer that protects human lives.

Lost in Space Season 3
Lost in Space Season 3 (Image Via Netflix)

Lost in Space Season 3 Ending Explained: Were the Robots Successful in Destroying Alpha Centauri?

Initially, after Robinsons get to know about the Aliens’ intentions and later warn them that they would be invading the planet and destroying the humanity residing on that planet.

As a preparatory stage, the residents of the Alpha Centauri were entirely dependent on the shield, which was the last ray of hope for the people of the planet to save themselves from the attacks of the robots led by SAR.

Eventually, things didn’t work as planned, and the SAR successfully surpassed that shield meant to protect that planet.

The situation started turning into havoc for the world’s residents when the alien ships attacked them.

Initially, the Aliens planned to use an Alien Engine to create severe explosions on the planet and significantly lose humanity.

But, all thanks to Penny’s discovery made everyone conscious about their act and resulted in the delayed hands of SAR on this deadly weapon.

When it finally tries to use this machine off, SAR is tricked, and the robots tend to stop this fatal machine, thus saving humanity on the planet.

Well, the Aliens’ ultimate plan in Lost in Space Season 3 was to destroy the planet and turn it into barely a ball of lifeless shell or more like a dead planet that we have been seeing all the way around.

Though towards the end of the season, we noticed that Alpha Centauri was saved, all in all, significant damage had already happened to it.

Things here have turned indeed into a mess that would take years to revert as it used to be.

Lost in Space Season 3 Stills
Lost in Space Season 3 Stills (Image Via Netflix)

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Lost in Space Season 3- Are Judy and Will Dead?

Well, Will’s seemed to be almost dead in the finale scenes of the show.

The final location of Will getting stabbed by SAR was one of the most intriguing and one of the scenes that you would be taking home from Lost in Space Season 3.

So, the entire thing happened so that Will was stabbed twice by SAR.

By the time Robinson could react, it was pretty late.

His family does everything to save him, and in the end, they freeze him to get some time to do something further.

Because he is impaled by heart, they give them a mechanical heart to compensate for the time being till they get medical help for him.

Though the mechanical heart to dint turn helpful for him, things start making up when Robot adds a piece of himself to Will’s Mechanical heart.

Will’s condition was still critical when Robots were brought to Danger System.

It seems that his mechanical heart also doesn’t want to comply with his system, and hence we saw his condition getting worse.          

Lost in Space Season 3
Lost in Space Season 3-Judy and Will are Alive(Image Credits- Netflix)

At one point in time, you believe that there is no more scope left for Will to survive, but there comes Robot, who extends a piece of Robot technology in his mechanical heart, which has made the ways thus saving Will’s life.

Judy has a similar story in this quest; coming from a medical background, she has been striving very hard on the ground when there were constant attacks from the SAR ships on the Alpha Centauri.

When the shield that was supposed to protect the planet from the attacks broke, she took charge and did everything to save everyone’s life in her capacity.

Luckily, Judy too is alive by the end of Lost In Space Season 3.

She is continuing her job as a medical practitioner at a far distant place, away from the chaos of life.

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