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Hawkeye Episode 3 Ending Explained – What happened with Maya and “Uncle”?

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Hawkeye Episode 3 ending was quite explosive, and we see that the duo of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop develop a good bond as a team. They continue fighting the enemies together. However, as the events progress, we see an increase in the number of villains for both of them.

We then get to see Maya Lopez at a very young age, where her father tells her that she will not be able to attend school because her father could not afford the money. This did not stop Maya from growing up.

The world helped her learn many things, and she ultimately ended up growing up in the long term. Watching all the things around her enabled her to learn several new things. 

Hawkeye Episode 3 is titled ‘Echoes.’ This episode starts with several flashbacks of Maya. She is the new superhero entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Currently, she is not a hero; she is playing the role of the leader of the Tracksuit Mafia. This gang consists of people who are all aptly dressed people. The people in the gang have a habit of ending most of their sentences with the word “bro”, irrespective of whom they are talking to. 

After Maya’s father was killed, she took charge of the gang. Her main motive is to take revenge on her father’s killer, who is Ronin

Although just two episodes were released in the first week of the show, it seems as if we have reached the show’s midpoint. We understand the light-hearted tone the show wants to establish from the beginning.

This tone plays a good role while developing the bond between Kate Bishop and Clint Barton. Clint wanted to make amends with the Tracksuit Mafia, but this plan ultimately failed when Kate stepped into the scene and crashed Barton’s plan. 

When Maya comes into the scene and starts the interrogation, Clint tries his best to make her understand that Black Widow had already killed the real Ronin. Clint tells them that whatever is happening now is all a box mixup.

We then get to see a fight between the Tracksuits and the duo, where the duo tries to escape the abandoned warehouse where they had been held captive.

The fight looks very interesting because the duo fights the entire gang with just ball pits, shopping carts along with their bows and arrows. 

We then get to see a car chase where Kate’s talents come out to the open. Clint also shows us some good driving skills. It is not just the driving that impresses us; we then get to see his tricks with the bow and arrow.

We get to see a wide range of arrows here, from plunger arrows to explosive arrows. After this scene, we can say that the duo’s bond in the series has gotten stronger.

We know that Clint has a deadline for getting back home by Christmas. As Christmas is approaching, they understand that they need to pace things up a little. They, therefore, plan to go to the Bishop penthouse to get access to their security database.

This will help them get a lot of information about the Tracksuit Mafia and Kazi, who is second in line in command to Maya.

Hawkeye Episode 3 ending
A glimpse of Maya’s childhood. (credit: Disney+)

In Hawkeye Episode 3 ending, an interesting thing happens. As Clint and Kate are lurking around the penthouse, Kate’s would-be stepfather steps into the scene and then attacks the Avenger with the old Ronin sword. 

This show is doing a fantastic job in merging the past events and the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hawkeye Episode 3 will bring in an important character to the MCU who will also be getting an individual show on Disney+.

It does not just end here; we might also see the introduction of one of the biggest villains of the MCU.

Hawkeye Episode 3 Ending – What is the status of the bond between the duo?

Hawkeye Episode 3 is one of those episodes that play an important role in building the bond between Clint and Kate Bishop. Clint finds that Kate gets a bit overconfident in everything, so he tells her to put a stop to it.

But we also see him admitting that Kate is indeed a gifted archer after the events during the car chase. 

We see during the car chase that Kate takes a shot with a trick arrow that brings down an entire enemy car. The arrow pulls a few Christmas trees in the vehicle’s path, and ultimately the car faces a tough time.

Although we have seen that Clint does not want to get Kate much involved in being an archer, just like Hawkeye; however in the third episode of Hawkeye, we know that he indeed gives her a lot of tips and tricks as to how she could be even better.

Clint also tells her one crucial thing – if she chooses to continue with this life, it will come with a price.

Hawkeye Episode 3 ending
A snap of the duo in action. (credit: Disney+)

In the show’s first two episodes, we see how Clint is now facing quite a few physical limitations. His days as an Avenger has also taken a toll on his hearing. In Hawkeye Episode 3, we get to understand it even more after Maya damages Clint’s hearing kit.

Throughout the entire episode, we see Clint faces a tough time in hearing whatever Kate tells him. Clint has to speak to his son over the phone, and he knows that he will need Kate’s help in this. Kate helps in mediating the conversation between Clint and his son on the phone.

As she mediates the conversation, she understands the consequences of her action on Clint and his entire family. 

At episode 3’s end, we will see that the bond between the two has indeed grown stronger. However, Clint still needs some time to reveal the news to Kate that he was the one who used to hunt down the criminals as Ronin.

Kate asks him about how he knows so much about Ronin, but Clint does not say anything about it. 

However, as we have seen, Black Widow’s name has already been brought into the scene, so it is just a matter of time before we get to see Yelena Belova, played by Florence Pugh, arriving into the scene. 

There are still quite a few episodes left in the show, which means that we will see the bond between the two going to a greater extent. Currently, they agree on one thing: they have to take out the Pizza Dog for a walk.

Hawkeye Episode 3 Ending: Details on the character of Maya Lopez.

This week’s episode serves as the perfect start for the story of Maya Lopez. She will soon become the hero and be known as Echo. We get to see several flashback scenes before the show’s title is even showcased on the screen.

All these scenes from the flashback establish the kind of childhood Maya had, her talents and how she is being driven presently by her father’s death. 

Hawkeye Episode 3 ending
Maya as Echo will be coming soon to the MCU. (credit: Disney+)

Just like Daredevil was the brilliant blind crime fighter, Maya is also deaf. Her deafness changes into a gift that she learns how to use properly on the path of becoming a skilled warrior.

One scene in the flashback showed us that Maya had developed the ability to watch her enemy’s movements carefully and then plan her moves. She studies keenly how the most prominent student in her class brings down his opponent.

When she fights with him, she uses exactly the same move to bring him down. This ability makes her one of the best fighters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

If we have a look at the actual comics, we will see that Hawkeye departs from her life after a brief period. This is mainly because Clint Barton, like Ronin, was linked to her father’s death.

In the comics, it was mentioned that Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime, was actually the one who had murdered her father. But Maya was forced to believe that it was Daredevil who had killed him.

Maya’s father was Fisk’s right hand and also his friend. When her father started becoming a liability for Fisk, he had killed him. As Maya’s mother was also out of the picture, Fisk had taken Maya in and trained her in her father’s footsteps. 

Hawkeye Episode 3 Ending: Details on Uncle

There are high chances that we might get to see Kingpin coming in Hawkeye. Kingpin is one of the infamous villains of both Spider-Man and Daredevil. We might get to see him making his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the Hawkeye series. 

It might so happen that the Hawkeye team is just building up false expectations, but the show is indeed giving us several signs that are making us believe that Kingpin might come in the show. 

At the very beginning of the episode, we see Maya’s father telling her that “Uncle” will pick her up after her karate classes get over.

We see a man dressed in a proper business suit walking towards Maya and squeezing her cheeks. By Hawkeye Episode 3 ending, his face is not shown on screen. Everyone knows him as the “Uncle.”

To add to the mystery, we see Clint also not calling this person by his name. Clint tells Kate that there is someone at the top of the game, way over Maya, with whom no one would like to mess around. 

We have already reached the mid-way, and there are just three episodes left to the show.

There is a lot left to cover in these three episodes – starting from who has killed Armand? How is Jack connected to the murder? and several others.

It is not just the Tracksuit Mafia; team Hawkeye also has to stay safe from all the other villains who are after both of them. Stay tuned with MediaScrolls to know more. 

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