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True Story Season 2
True Story Season 2 (credit: Netflix)

True Story Season 2 Renewed or [Canceled]

Kevin Hart starrer drama series ended on an emotional note, and although season 1 provided a conclusive end, it still doesn’t rule out the possibility for True Story Season 2.

 In the first season of the show, we saw many things related to fame and Kevin Hart’s character, Kid.

True Story Season 1 is now available on Netflix. Hanelle Culpepper and Stephen Williams have directed the show.

The show follows the homecoming of a successful actor and comedian, Kid, played by Kevin Hart.

As he reaches there, things suddenly take a wrong turn. He spends a rough night with his brother, Carlton, played by Wesley Snipes. When the night comes to an end, he finds that a dead woman is lying beside him.

He is shocked by this and then does a lot of things to cover up whatever has happened. He is terrified that his entire career will be over if he gets caught with the dead body.

Judging from the title, we might feel that the show is based on actual events, but it is not. True Story is a fictional story. The character of Kid appears to be somewhat blurry in the show.

Eric Newman, the creator of the show, mentioned in an interview with the New York Times that Kevin Hart actually intended to play a character that is very similar to him.

This character is kind of the same, but just that Kid is much more desperate about saving his career from the events that have just happened.

Although True Story Season 2 is something that many people would want, we can see that the show’s first instalment has received several kinds of reviews.

Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes have received a lot of praises for their performance on-screen.

If we are talking about the plot of the show, there are some problems with it. We will find that the story becomes very predictable at times.

We will not be finding a lot of ups in the plot; it will be flat in several cases. But the popularity that Kevin Hart has might make True Story Season 2 happen.

Will TrueStory Season 2 happen soon?

Netflix has not yet announced anything about True Story 2 at this point. The reason for this is that True Story has been made.

There is a big chance that we will get to see True Story Season 2. The show is following the tracks of Big Little Lies season 2.

That show had also been renewed for a second season after receiving several critical acclaims.

What could be the story of True Story Season 2 be?

In True Story Season 1’s ending, Kid uses all his money and influence to get out of the mess and continue his career correctly. The main characters of the show, other than Kevin Hart, have also met with adverse endings.

Hence, we can say that True Stroy Season 2 will be needing a new story and new faces.

True Story Season 2
Will we get to see a Season 2? (credit: Netflix)

In True Story Season 2, we might also get to see that despite coming out clean, Kid’s secrets come out in front of people. The police then come and look deeply into the case about what had happened.

There are also chances that we might see members of the mob going after Kid for killing the gangsters in the first season.

What could be the reason that True Story Season 2 might not happen?

The show’s first season was created as a limited TV series, so there are chances that True Story Season 2 might actually never happen.

The creators might feel that audiences might not find it interesting if they plan to extend the story further with a season 2.

Along with all these, we have also seen that Kid’s people from the inner circle have also died. So now the makers would have to think about a totally new story with new characters for True Story Season 2.

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