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Chucky Season 1 ending
Chucky Season 1 ending

Chucky Season 1 Ending Explained – What you must know?

Chucky Season 1 ending episode has got a lot to talk about. The show tells us about the story of the infamous doll, who is also a serial killer. The doll will try to get some good teenagers to turn into murderers.

We also see that Chucky has a bigger plan in mind. As we reach the ending of Chucky Season 1, we get to know more about his master plan.

Devon, Lexy, and Jake now totally rely on Kyle and Andy for help. However, things do not remain good for a long time as all of them find themselves in a massive final ending that claims the lives of several people. 

On moving further towards the ending of season 1, we can see that all the teenagers in the show get the conclusion they want. However, the show does leave a lot of questions unanswered.

If you are interested in knowing about the show and Chucky Season 1 ending, this is the perfect article for you. But we would like to warn you that this article will be filled with spoilers. 

Chucky Season 1 Ending – Recap

Chucky Season 1 ending episode is titled ‘An Affair To Dismember.’ The episode starts right from where Andy had made his way to the residence of the Wheelers.

Chucky has teamed up with Junior after Junior had killed his father. We see that Junior very cleverly hides his father’s body and then looks into the scene where Andy is involved. 

The scene then shifts to Lexy’s house, where we see Lexy and Jake making arrangements to save Devon. But things do not go as planned because a Chucky doll attacks them.

They are all saved by Kyle, who reaches the spot at the perfect moment and saves their lives. Finally, before they head towards Devon to save him, she makes sure that the teenagers get unconscious so that they are safe from any kind of harm happening on the way.

With season 1’s ending, the hype for Chucky Season 2 is very high, and hopefully, the creators have new ideas for a second season.

The scene then goes to the childhood home of Charles Lee Ray, where we see Chucky and Junior meeting Tiffany (who has possessed the body of Jennifer Tilly) and Chucky (who has possessed the body of Nica Pierce). Chucky tells them that an innocent person has to turn to a killer to respawn his cult. 

After Junior killed his father, many Good Guy dolls that Tiffany had collected have all come back to life.

All of them have happened on behalf of Chucky. But we see that Chucky starts neglecting Tiffany, due to which she ends up killing the doll.

In Chucky Season 1 ending episode, we see Tiffany drugging Nica and pulling off the final part of the plan that she had Chucky had made. The entire house is set with booby traps before she leaves from there. 

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We see that Andy reaches the spot at the perfect moment and saves Devon. Unfortunately, Kyle enters the house, and all the explosives get triggered, resulting in a big blast. 

The following day, both Lexy and Jake get to know about the explosion and think that Devin is dead along with Kyle and Andy.

However, Devon manages to survive as he can escape the house a few seconds before the blast. We then see Jake and Devon reuniting with each other.

There was a charity screening of Frankenstein in the town where we see Chucky kill several audience members, including Lexy’s father. Both Chucky and Junior also convince Lexy to join them.

As things progress, we see Chucky starts giving threats to Lexy. Junior realizes that it could lead to a bigger problem, so he kills Chucky. 

In the hall, we see Jake enter into a fight with another Chucky and ends up killing him. In the finale episode, we see that Devon, Lexy, and Jake have to Junior’s grave to pay him their respects. 

Chucky Season 1 ending – Does Chucky die in the end? What happens to all the Chucky Dolls?

Throughout the entire season, we have seen that Chucky can be more than just a doll. Killing him is not something that can be easily done.

However, in Chucky season 1’s ending episode, we have seen that Chucky has been killed five times. 

There are four different versions of Chucky who have been killed in the final episode. The last episode has very well established that the Good Guy dolls that are alive are all forms of a Chucky. All of them show some individualism. 

Chucky Season 1 ending
What happens right at the end of the show?

At the beginning of the episode, we have seen Kyle has killed one version of Chucky to save Lexy. There was another Chucky doll that was going on, causing a lot of suffering to Lexy and Jake. Andy and Tiffany killed this doll as well.

Then there was another version of the doll who had become Junior’s companion just after he had left his house with Tiffany. The fourth doll becomes friends with Caroline.

These two versions are also brought to an end by Jake and Junior in the final acts of the show. 

We see that as a part of a charity event, Tiffany gives away several Good Guy dolls to poor children all across the country.

After Chucky’s terrorizing actions at the screening, we understand that since the dolls will be spread all across the country, there will be terror everywhere now.

One of the dolls mentions that their main goal is to bring down the entire country by spreading its terror. The first step has already been done. For the time being, we see that Hackensack is no longer under the captivity of the dolls. 

Will Kyle, Andy, and Nica die in Chucky Season 1 ending?

Andy Barclay and Chucky are the sworn enemies of each other. We see them having an encounter in the season 1 finale. Their conflict, however, turns into a tragic situation.

Andy and Kyle get caught up in the situation of the explosion of the house. Everyone thinks that they all die over there, but the ending glimpses of the episode show otherwise. We see Andy controlling the truck that is transforming all the Chucky dolls to the airport. 

Chucky Season 1 ending
A snap from the show.

We can understand that Andy has managed to save himself in the blast. We have no clear idea as to what has happened to Kyle. The Tiffany doll takes Andy as a hostage along with the several other Chucky dolls.

The Tiffany doll makes sure that Andy drives to the airport. Thus we can see that Chucky’s plans become successful. There are chances that Kyle might have survived the blast. If she has survived, she is not in a good state, so she is not further shown.

We had seen that Tiffany had drugged Nica and finally taken her away from the house. We see Nica at the ending moments where Tiffany has made sure that Chucky will not take over her body again.

Nica is right now not in a good situation at all. She is unable to bring herself out of the problems that Chucky has brought in for her.

Chucky Season 1 Ending – What is the identity of the person whom we see in the finale?

There is one trick that has been saved for the final moments of the season. As we see Lexy, Devon, and Jake come to Junior’s grave to pay their respects, Miss Fairchild is seen waiting for all three of them at a distance.

This shows she is right now looking after the three kids. 

The camera then shifts to show us another person wearing a black glove.

We do not know who this person is, but he also keeps an eye on the kids. The scene then shifts to a part where a conversation is going on with Chucky, breaking the fourth wall. 

There are high chances that this mysterious person who has been shown in the ending is Andy. The reason as to why we can say he is Andy is because earlier in the season, we have seen him wearing similar kinds of gloves. 

The other person could be Glenda. Glenda is the gender-fluid daughter of Chucky. Some viewers feel that Miss Fairchild is Glenda. The fact that she was present over there can also justify it.

However, we are not yet sure about it. We might get to know more in the upcoming season of the show.

Stay tuned to MediaScrolls to know more about the show and several other such shows that are yet to come.

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