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Does Eren Die in Attack of Titan
Eren Yaeger AOT (Hajime Isayama)

What happened to Eren in Attack on Titan? Is Eren Dead? [Spoilers]

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Attack on Titan might have completed its run this year; however, fans still have a pretty hard time accepting Eren Yaeger‘s fate.

Attack on Titan fans still doesn’t have a concrete answer to what happened to Eren in Attack on Titan.

Right from the beginning, Eren‘s character has endured a lot and has great character development throughout the story.

Fans hoped for a proper sent-off for their beloved character.

Most manga readers know that the main protagonist dies after the final chapter, something not many foresaw.

However, theories do pop up now and then, supporting Eren‘s comeback.

Whether we like it or not, we have to accept the uncertainty of Eren‘s fate and have that slight ray of hope that he makes it out alive. Will we ever get to know?

Who knows, maybe one day, Attack on Titan’s author might announce something that will shed much-needed light on Eren Yaegar’s situation after the Attack on Titan manga‘s conclusion.

Till then, we have to console ourselves with theories and other facts. 

In this article, we have gathered all the details surrounding the current confusion on Eren Yaegar’s death.

Additionally, we will discuss some important theories that support Eren‘s survival after ‘Attack on Titan Chapter 139.’

[Spoilers Ahead]

Attack on Titan Ending Explained – Does Eren Die in Attack on Titan?

Before answering, let’s discuss why fans are unsure, especially after Attack on Titan Chapter 138 and 137.

It all conspired in Attack on Titan Chapter 137 when Jean played his part in Eren‘s ordeal when he triggered the explosives that Pieck set in his nape, causing severe damage to Eren‘s Founding Titan‘s head.

Additionally, Reiner’s Armoured Titan form joined in to prevent the Founding Titan from reattaching its spine.

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Armin performed the final act as he transformed into Colossal Titan form to put an end to once and for all.

However, that, too, couldn’t come without a cost.

Chapter 137 of the manga concluded on a cliffhanger note, leaving our main protagonist‘s fate hanging by a thread. While others, including Levi Ackerman, Gabi, Mikasa, and Annie, escaped safely, fans were unsure of Reiner, Eren and Armin.

What happened to Eren in Attack on Titan?
Attack on Titan Character – Eren Yaeger (Credit: Hajime Isayama)

It was theorized that the most probable outcome would be the death of all, and such did happen to be true for Eren.

By the end of the manga (Attack on Titan Chapter 139), it became evident that Eren wasn’t as lucky to escape his death as before.

Mikasa brings Eren‘s severed head to Armin, and it’s not a sight Attack on Titan fans wanted to see.

In the final moments of Chapter 139, we see Mikasa and Armin mourning their loss near Eren‘s grave on Paradis Island.

Her last words for Eren were, “Thank you for wrapping this scarf around me, Eren.” referring to the bird that ties it back after her scarp slipped.”

With Eren gone, the source of all matter diminished completely, thereby wiping out the Titan race. 

Is Eren’s Death on Attack on Titan real? Could the main protagonist have survived?

What happened to Eren in Attack on Titan is quite saddening; however, some fans believe Eren is alive.

According to a theory on Youtube by Agressgent, Eren might have changed his body before the events in chapter 137.

In the video, the narrator connects War Hammer Titan‘s abilities to control a Titan body to support the theory.

He explains that Eren has asked Ymir to swap his body with an ordinary farmer’s and that he is on Paradis Island.

The one that Armin killed was a fake body, which he successfully tricked them into thinking.

Although it isn’t the actual case, there are some interesting points that bolster the theory.

According to this theory, Eren already discussed the plan with Historia and that his sacrifice will nothing be more than a pretence. Ymir will eventually change his body, and our main character will live with Historia as the ordinary farmer.

Thesmarttitan posted one snapshot of Attack on Titan Season 4 ending in support of the theory.

The snap represents a phoenix, and the post draws an analogy between the two.

Just as the phoenix represents transformation, death and rebirth in its fire, Eren will transcend time and be reborn.

He will have a different role in a new world devoid of the Titan race.

In the ending, Ymir also appears, but as soon as she fades, we see the energy transforming into a ball of energy.

Falco grabs it, and it’s what will be the “final legacy” of humanity.

Falco is a part of the new generation who will transcend all cruelty and create a better world.

With this, all ill will cease to exist, and Eren and his legacy will continue to live forever.

There are different theories circulating on Reddit that Ymir will use Eren‘s body to recreate him.

As we all know, Eren‘s body is buried on Paradis Island, and fans believe Ymir might get involved.

It states that Eren still has his Foundation Titan‘s powers and might somehow be able to create new colossal titans.

Additionally, he might also find a way into Misaka’s dream to restart the ‘Rumbling.’

Eren Yaeger’s death caught a lot by surprise, and all these theories are intriguing indeed, and it somewhat acts as the medicine that Eren‘s fans need.

With all this, Eren will undoubtedly remain one of the beloved characters who made a special place in the hearts of AOT fans.

In what episode does Eren die? 

Eren’s death has only been mentioned in Attack on Titan chapter 138; his death in the actual anime is hasn’t showcased yet.

Therefore, Eren hasn’t died in Attack on Titan Anime. 

The exact episode number will be showcased once the Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 finale is released.

Till then, stay tuned to MediaScrolls; once that is done, we will update that information in this article. 

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