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True Story Ending Explained – Kevin Hart Ends on an Inspirational Note

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True Story ending has a lot of things to talk about. Kevin Hart is going away from his comfort zone of comedy, and he has decided to enter into something even bolder with the show on Netflix.

Just after being a part of the Fatherhood, a dramatic piece of a show, Kevin Hart is finally playing the role of Kid.

In True Story, we will see a target placed on him after his night out with his brother Carlton, played by Wesley Snipes, ends up being wrong.

Kid wakes up right beside the dead body of a woman named Daphne. He realises that he and his brother will have to plan as fast as possible before the police find the body.

He is scared because if the police find him with the body, his life as a multi-million dollar comedian might get destroyed for the rest of his life.

But the viewers will have to know about what happened on that night to get a better idea about the True Story ending. There is a twist that we will get to see. If you are interested in knowing in depths about the True Story ending, this is the perfect article.

Who do we find out to be the killer in True Story ending?

Both the Kid and his brother, Carlton, make some quick decisions to hide what had happened to the woman, Daphne, played by Ash Santos. To do this, both of them even got involved with the mob.

As the events progress, we see that Kid is shattered when several things come out into the open. He finds out after putting so much effort into hiding the woman that she is actually alive.

He is further shocked when he finds out that Daphne is not the woman’s real name. Her real name is Simone.

Simone is the on and off girlfriend that his brother, Carlton, had over the years.

It turns out that Simone and Carlton had planned a massive scam to pull out on Kid, which would make him lose the millions of dollars that he had earned all over his life.

Will there be True Story Season 2?

True Story ending
Check out the details on the ending. (credit: Netflix)

Both Carlton and Simone had also recruited a gangster, Ari Petrakis. They convinced him to be involved in this job, and he would be given a cut of 6 million dollars if the job was done successfully.

The plan was that Simone, as Daphne, would act as if she had died, and then Ari Petrakis would come in to get rid of the body. He would also be extracting the entire sum of money from the Kid.

But things take a different turn when he comes into the hotel room. Kid starts panicking and gets into a fight with Ari.

The fight finally results in Kid strangling Ari to death. Both of them realise that they are now in some serious problem. Carlton and Kid think of ways how to dispose of the body of Ari Petrakis.

Both of them carry the body to a dumpster and put it there.

The police do not take a long time in finding the body. Immediately after this, we see Ari Petrakis’ entire family gets involved in this. His brothers, Nikons and Savvas, decide to take revenge on the person who has killed their brother.

How deeply do we see both of them falling into trouble in the True Story ending?

As the True Story ending comes near, we see that both Kid and his brother realises that they have landed themselves into a big problem. They think of blaming this death on someone else.

They had a super fan, Gene, who had seen them dumping the body and had recorded the video on his phone. Both of them decide they will be blaming Gene.

In the beginning, both of them are very nice to Gene. This was because they knew that they somehow had to make him delete the video on his phone.

After getting the video deleted, both of them frame Gene and hand him over to Nikos and Savvas. Both of them begin torturing Gene because they think that Gene is the one who had killed their brother.

True Story ending
What happens to Carlton In True Story ending? (credit: Netflix)

In True Story ending, we see that Gene ultimately dies after being tortured by Nikons and Savvas. The gangster brothers find out that Gene was not the person who had killed Ari.

They find out the video of Kid and Carlton disposing of their brother’s body in the dumpster.

Now Kid and Carlton have no idea that Nikos and Savvas know about the truth. They are now with the thought that they have finally saved themselves.

Both of them then go to the town to celebrate and start drinking a lot, after which Carlton passes out. Kid then takes his brother’s phone and finds out about his plan with ‘Daphne.’

He does not reveal that he already knows about his brother’s plan in the beginning, but then he tells his brother of his discovery. He decides to cut him off from his life forever.

Before both of them part ways in True Story ending, we see Nikos and Savvas entering the scene to get hold of them and complete their revenge.

The entire scene makes it look as if both Kid and his brother have been cornered. However, Kid then steals the show by taking out the gun he had kept hidden with him.

He took out his gun swiftly and shot both Nikos and Savvas dead. He then turns towards his brother and points the gun at him. He pulls the trigger and ends his life as well.

His brother always used to tell him that he needed protection from everyone in the world. But Kid realised that the main protection which he needed was from his brother.

The scene then moves to the point of time after three days. The True Story ending shocks us with what we get to see over there.

Ark’s death was now totally on Carlton, and Carlton’s death was out on the heads of Nikos and Savvas, who were already dead.

In True Story ending, we saw that all these events led to a huge boost in Kid’s career. He has now become more successful than ever.

We then See Kid appearing in an interview on CNN. He says that he wants to move his head away from the incident. In True Story ending, we also see him giving a speech about how people are and when they bring up and show their true identities.

If you are interested in watching True Story, then head over to Netflix and enjoy watching it. Stay tuned to MediaScrolls to know more about such content and several others coming very soon.

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