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Dexter New Blood Episode 5 Release Date, Where to Watch, Spoilers, and Episode 4 Spoilers

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Dexter New Blood Episode 5 is going to release very soon. The fourth episode of the show has just been released yesterday, and if you have watched that, you would want to know what is in store in Dexter New Blood Episode 5.

In Dexter New Blood Episode 4, we see that Dexter has finally understood about Harrison, who is facing some problems related to a Dark passenger of his own.

Both Harrison and Ethan get into a bloody fight after Ethan shows Harrison his drawing and the list of all the people he intended to kill.

This led to Harrison stabbing him, and he finally landed in the hospital.

On being asked, Harrison tells everyone that he had done this because of an act of self-defense. However, Dexter soon finds out that he was lying and also gets to know about the truth.

Dexter New Blood Episode 5 Release Date and Time

Dexter New Blood Episode 5 has been given the title “Runaway,” It will premiere on Sunday, December 5, 2021.

The time at which Dexter New Blood Episode 5 will release is 9:00 PM ET / PT.

Where to watch Dexter New Blood Episode 5?

You can watch episode 5  on Showtime. You can also watch the episode on the Showtime application.

Dexter New Blood Episode 5 trailer and what to expect?

Dexter New Blood Episode 5 has already got its promo video up on the internet. In the video, we see that Dexter is all set to kill someone again. We might also see that his son is now following in his footsteps.

In the previous episode of the show, we saw Dexter’s son, Harrison, get involved in the case of a stabbing. However, Harison claimed that he had done it as an act of self-defense. We will also see Debra, Dexter’s sister, who keeps acting in his subconsciousness.

In the previous episode, we saw a new character- Molly Park, played by Jamie Chung. She is a crime podcaster who has offered her help to Bishop in the case of the missing girls in Iron lake, New York.

Know More on Dexter New Blood Episode 3

We find that Caldwell is actually the motel owner, where one of the girls was locked and later shot. The person who had shot the girl was wearing a ski mask.

We understood that he was now the main villain, and we might see Dexter’s interaction with him in episode 5.

Episode 5 of Dexter New Blood will be out next Sunday, and now we have a trailer where Dexter is seen prepping up for a new kill.

He had not killed anyone for ten years, and then he ended up killing a resident of the Iron Lake to break his streak. This resident was Caldwell’s son.

We will see Dexter talking to his son about the stabbing case. The Iron Lake Police Department also seems to do an excellent job of finding out the details of the case of the missing girls.

If you have not watched the trailer yet, then here you go-

This show has successfully set up several storylines, and there are even more questions now that are yet to be answered.

In the previous episode, we had seen that Cladwell had lied, saying that he knew that his son was alive when Dexter had already killed him.

This makes Dexter very certain that Caldwell will be taking his revenge on whoever had killed his son.

There were a few things that were shown to pay homage to the earlier Dexter series. We saw Harrison listening to the podcast organized by Park. This was the podcast of the Trinity Killer. Along with this, there were flashbacks of the finale of Season 4 of Dexter.

Over there, Dexter had found Harrison as a kid sitting and crying in a pool of his mother’s blood. This is linked to how Harrison is now following the steps of his father.

It will be very exciting to find out where Dexter New Blood Episode 5 takes us. There are high chances that we might get to see the Trinity Killer, John Lithgow, making a guest appearance in this episode.

This season will be done halfway when Dexter New Blood Episode 5 releases, and we will get to see a very dramatic ending to the show. The trailer shows that Dexter is getting ready for a new kill, so we are sure the end will be frightful.

Dexter New Blood Episode 4 Recap

Dexter New Blood Episode 4 starts with Dexter speculating with his subconscious version of Debra about why Kurt Caldwell tells everyone that Matt is alive when Dexter has already killed him.

Dexter feels that it might be the delusion of a father who is grieving for his dead son. Debra, however, has totally different feelings.

She tells Dexter that Kurt is lying, and he intends to look for the man who has killed Matt.

According to Debra’s knowledge, Kurt considers a member of the local Seneca population, Johnny Bullhorn, to be his son’s killer. It is because Matt had killed his white buck.

While Dexter is at work, he gets an emergency call from the school. Angela then tells her that something has happened there and Harrison has been into something.

Dexter immediately had the fear that the Dark passenger might have finally come alive in his son. He goes to the school immediately and finds out that Harrison had been stabbed by one of his friends, Ethan.

Dexter New Blood Episode 5
Harrison cannot hide the truth from his father. (credit: Showtime)

The disturbing sketches that Ethan had made were all found out, which justified Harrison’s claim that Ethan was planning to kill many students in school.

Everyone in Iron Lake started considering Harrison to be a hero. Even Dexter wanted to be proud of his son just like the others, but he knew that his son was lying.

What is the identity of the second serial killer, and why are the young girls going missing?

Dexter New Blood Episode 4 brings us the identity of the second serial killer who is also living in the same place as Dexter.

As the episode ends, we see Harrison speaking to the teachers and all the students about how all of them are responsible for Ethan’s actions.

We see Dexter going through his son’s belongings, and he finally finds the razor. We also see Kurt leading the runaway girl, Chloe, to the cabin’s basement. This was the place where Lily was earlier locked.

According to the conversation that was held earlier, we could understand that Kurt had given money to her to return to where her mother was.

She used the money to buy food and a jacket as she was starving and she was feeling tremendously cold.

Chloe also declined the job that Kurt had offered to her, saying that she was interested in returning home. After this, Kurt lets her stay in the basement of the cabin.

Dexter New Blood Episode 5
Both the killers in a frame. (credit: Showtime)

We can understand that the second serial killer in the scene is none other than Kurt Caldwell. He is also the man who is responsible for the young women who have gone missing for all these years.

Thus it will be interesting when Dexter and Kurt finally have a conversation with each other and mostly about their sons.

In the earlier series, we saw how Dexter connects and makes good relationships with so many antagonists. Dexter New Blood might also show the audience the same.

Stay connected with MediaScrolls to know all about Dexter New Blood Episode 5. Tune in to Showtime on December 5, 2021, Sunday, to watch the show. You can also watch it in the application.

Drop-in your comments as to what you feel might happen in the upcoming episode.

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