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Bruised Ending Explained
Bruised Ending Explained (Image Credits- Netflix)

Bruised Ending Explained: Does Jackie Wins the Fight?

Bruised is one of the most intriguing sports drama films that has been recently released.

It is a story of an MMA fighter; Jackie talks about the film focuses more on the elements that happen with an athlete outside the ring.

Honestly, it’s pretty tough to be inside the circle, but it’s more challenging to be outside the ring.

They need to manage their relationships with people and families, change their schedules, and undergo intense training to be a part of the sports.

Bruised has done complete justice to the sports drama film; the director has showcased all the struggles one has to undergo once he gets off from the track for a while to return and perform the same as they were performing before.

Bruised Recap- Who Wins the Fight?

For an athlete, it’s pretty challenging to get back into the sports once they are out for a while.

For any marks to be taken into consideration, for that matter, it asks for most of your life.

Right from time, your sleeping cycle, food relationship, everything is taken off when you get into some sports for some more significant purpose.

Bruised, too, is a similar story that is tried to showcase in this film.

Jackie, who once used to be the pioneer of the street fighting league, has left all of this after being addicted to alcoholism.

This has ruined the careers of many athletes; Jackie is one of them.

She has got addicted to it for four years now and hasn’t returned to her sport yet.

Bruised Ending Recap and Ending Explained- Face-off in Underground Fight Challenge
Bruised Ending Recap and Ending Explained- Lucia Wins the Fight(Image Credits- Netflix)

Now she is working as a maid in a very abusive environment.

Amid all this, one thing is good around her.

The manager of the place where Jackie used to work is her boyfriend, Desi.

He wanted Jackie to return to her professional fighting career rather than wasting her talent doing these odd jobs.

Though he isn’t fully supporting her to return to the fighting domain, he constantly keeps persuading her.

Soon, Bruised takes us to its cynosure part, where Jackie is seen fighting again at the underground face-off challenge.

Though she hasn’t stopped for the last four years, she still thrived in talking down her opponent with bare minimum efforts. Here comes a new character, Immaculate, who would later be turning her guide a mentor.

The role of a mentor in a sports person’s life isn’t just limited to the field, but it extends beyond the scope of the field to the area of personal life as well.

 Immaculate is the owner of the famous MMA League.

Immaculate explains to Jackie that she has still got the skills and a bit more effort and consistently would surely get her the title. But, he says a crucial thing to her: if she is determined to do what he is saying, she must stop letting Desi manage her life.

While Jackie is still thinking about what she would be doing regarding what Immaculate has said, here, in the meantime, we are introduced to her six-year-old son, Manny, who is at the doorstep.

With Manny’s coming up, who would this come as a retreat to Jackie’s professional career, whether this would create a resistance to her path or will he be acting as a support stone to her?.

Here we dig more into the intriguing Bruised now.

Things start to change here onwards for Jackie as motherhood for any mother is a whole different thing, and also she is seeing her child after so much time then we should probably alone her to spend most of her time with him, and that’s what happens.

Soon, the story of Bruised accelerated, and we saw a different kind of relationship is developing between Jackie and her new trainer.

Though, not to mess up things, they decide to continue being good friends rather than continuing their relationship fast forward.

Bruised Ending Explained- How did Manny’s Life take a toll after his Father’s Death?

Manny seems deeply traumatized after his father’s death, and that’s quite obvious.

Now, the only support system left to Manny is his mother, Jackie, and the same goes for Jackie, though her life is a complete mess with her abusive boyfriend.

With no other option left, Jackie finds a competition where the winning amount stands for 10 thousand dollars, and Jackie eventually decides to buy off an apartment so that she could create a safe environment where her son could grow up.

This part of Bruised is so beautifully directed where Jackie to Manny that she would do anything to get an apartment for the two.

Also, she says that she doesn’t know where they are heading to, but they are now heading towards a better tomorrow after having a horrible experience with her abusive mom and boyfriend.

The mother and son’s relationship is so beautifully showcased that Jackie, too, is aware of the situation that her son is undergoing, as she too had been coming from an abusive background.

Jackie had always been there with her son standing just behind him, but she too was very helpless in this regard, and the last she decided to look after Manny’s life by getting an apartment for Manny and herself.

Bruised Ending Explained- Who Wins the Fight?

What would be your expectations for a fight that is taking place between an all-time MMA champion and a fighter who hasn’t been inside the ring for the last four years?

Of course, you would be thinking that the former would be having the upper hand this time, but that’s not true to that same extent here.

The undefeated MMA champion is Lucia, who is better known as Lady Killer.

The match starts with Lucia having a higher plunge in the game.

However, the fight later turns very brutal because both the opponents try very hard to prevent the other from making a solid move.

Not only Jackie’s moves mesmerize us but also Lucia at the same time because, for her, it didn’t seem like an opponent returning to the ring after a whole of four years.

But sadly, as we approach the end of Bruised, we see that Lucia makes her gripping solid moves so that she gains more excellent points than Jackie in the future, and eventually, Lucia wins the title.

But, the whole crowd surprisingly evolves in the cry of Jackie though she had lost the match, but considering the starting line for the game outside the ring, the real winner is none other than Jackie herself.

Bruised Ending Recap and Ending Explained- Face-off in Underground Fight Challenge
Bruised Ending Recap and Ending Explained- Manny returns after 6 years(Image Credits- Netflix)

Even the commenters say that though Jackie didn’t gain the crucial points to win the title, she is the People’s Champion today.

Indeed, that is one of the most significant achievements for a sportsperson.

Lucia too congratulates her for her outstanding performance because she is returning to the ring after four straight years.

In the closing scenes of Bruised, we see Jackie returning to her mother’s place to pick up Manny from there.

Here too, we see how bothered she is for her son because she would be grieving the ultimate loss of a match, but she didn’t let go of her duty as a mother.

The film ended with Manny and Jackie leaving the place with all their belonging and holding hand in hand and the former saying ‘Thank You! Big’.

Did Jackie and Bobbi End Up Together?

We saw that just before her fight Bobbi Buddhakan, Jackie’s trainer, went missing.

The reason was that the two had been in an intense romantic relationship.

At the same time, Bobbi, who had recently been divorced and had lost his child’s custody, wanted to take their relationship off to the next level.

But Jackie didn’t want to go this way.

She explains that she isn’t ready for this relationship.

In the ending scenes of Bruised, we see that Bobbi disappears before the match to show that Jackie should be bothered with Bobbi.

He wanted to show her that she could even win without him.

Though he is not there with Jackie in this current match, he would surely be there with her by her side.

It’s better to clarify the relationships before its starts to make a burden and then later makes your life a hell.

Here, we saw Jackie when she learned that her relationship with Bobbi is now going.

Further, she decided to pause and make a thing for their relationship intact an end to their relationship.

It’s better to make clarifications than mess up something; Bobbi will always be there with her and Manny in all phases of life.

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