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Apple Watch Series 3
Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 Available at $109 on Black Friday in Walmart

Apple Watch Series 3 will be a part of the Black Friday deal at Walmart. The watch is available at a whopping discount of 109 US dollars. This is a meager price for a watch of the Apple Series. Although this is no longer the latest model, it still is widely popular among users.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is one of the best deals that one can get on this Black Friday.

If you want to have a look at a few of the exciting features that the watch provides, then here are a few- there is an in-built GPS in the watch, tracking all the workouts and steps is now very easy using this device, you do not have to get back to your phone time, and again, the watch does it all. Finally, the watch comes at a great price.

The watch is swim-proof. If you want to use it in a pool or an ocean, go ahead and use it to its full potential. Monitoring your heart rate is another feature, and it does provide accurate results.

You can know how you are maintaining your health, whether you are stressing yourself too much or not while exercising or doing any other kind of work.

Having a track of your notifications is also handy if you are using the Apple Watch Series 3. The user can pick up calls, reply to texts and even sync their favorite playlists.

Apple Watch Series 3
Grab the watch at an amazing price this Black Friday.

Although the watch is quite old now, the features which we will find in the watch are very versatile. In Walmart, it is available at 109 US dollars, which is a 90 US dollar discount on the original price.

This makes the product one of the biggest deals on Black Friday 2021.

Should You wait till Cyber Monday to buy the Apple Watch Series 3?

Cyber Monday brings in many of the deals which were already there on Black Friday. However, several deals are dependent on the stocks that are left after Black Friday.

If we are talking about the Apple Watch Series 3, it will not get any cheaper on Cyber Monday.

What can happen is that the stock might not even last till Cyber Monday, as this is one of the best deals on this Black Friday.

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