When Will Foundation Season 2 Release on Apple TV+?

Foundation Season 2
Foundation Season 2 (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

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Foundation Season 1 finale was an epic one, entirely befitting the series of such colossal scale. Full of mind-blowing revelations, Foundation Season 1 finale kept the viewers asking for more.

Foundation Season 2 is what is needed to satiate the appetite of the viewers. Keep reading for information about Foundation Season 2.

Foundation Season 2 Release Date: When will it arrive? 

The worldwide fans of the Foundation franchise will be thrilled to know that Apple TV officially renewed this science-fiction drama, created by David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman in October 2021 itself.

The head of programming for Apple TV+, Matt Cherniss, announced that the fans of Isaac Asimov’s stories have long awaited to see his iconic work being brought to life.

The makers, too, can’t wait to showcase this richly layered world in Foundation Season 2 as well.

Show creator David S. Goyer has further disclosed that he has plotted a storyline running for eight seasons.

Though the production schedule of Foundation Season 2 has not been confirmed yet, we can expect that the pre-production formalities have already begun.

If all goes well, Foundation Season 2 is set to be premiered in the latter part of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.

Foundation Season 2
Foundation Season 2 (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

Foundation Season 1 debuted on Apple TV+ on September 24, 2021, with the first two episodes released simultaneously.

The remaining episodes of Foundation of one-hour runtime each were released every Friday, and the season finale, the tenth episode, landed on Apple TV+ on November 19, 2021.

What Can We Expect From Foundation Season 2?

With a story of such epic proportions, spanning centuries and expanding over galaxies, Foundation Season 2 offers immense possibilities to entertain its viewers.

At the end of Foundation Season 1, we saw Gaal and Salvor being united in the doomed world of Synnax 138 years later. Foundation Season 2 will most likely begin in this very timeline.

In Foundation Season 2, we will get to know what the duo’s next step will be to salvage humankind.

The fates of the rest of the planets, including the galactic capital, Trantor, and Terminus, the planet situated at the outer realm in the new timeline, were not revealed in Foundation Season 1.

In Foundation Season 2, we will most likely see the happenings of these planets as well.

Foundation Season 2
Foundation Season 2 (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

In the upcoming season, we will also find whether Hari Seldon’s plan to unite the three races to rise against the dictatorial rule of the galactic Emperor finds success or not.

For that matter, whether the Cleons are still the legitimate Emperors of the galaxy will also be apparent in Foundation Season 2.

Who Can We Expect To See in Foundation Season 2?

The cast of Foundation Season 1 includes Jared Harris as Hari Seldon, Lou Llobell as Gaal Dornick, Leah Harvey as Salvor Hardin, Lee Pace as Brother Day, Laura Birn as Demerzel, Terrence Mann as Brother Dusk, Daniel MacPherson as Hugo, Elliot Cowan as Lewis Pirenne, Cubbra Sait as Phara, Cassian Bilton as Brother Dawn, and Amy Tyger as Azura, amongst others.

Amongst these, Jared Harris, Lou Llobell, Leah Harvey, and Laura Birn are sure to reprise their roles, whatever the timeline may be, in Foundation Season 2.

The rest of the actors on Foundation are also likely to be cast in Foundation Season 2, except for Elliot Cowan’s Lewis Pirenne, Cubbra Sait’s Phara, and Cassian Bilton’s Brother Dawn, as they were killed in Foundation Season 1.

Amy Tyger as Azura also may not be seen in Foundation Season 2.

Foundation Season 2
Foundation Season 2 (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

In Foundation Season 2, we are likely to be introduced to lots of new characters as well. Asimov has created a host of characters in Foundation, some of whom were not shown in the first season.

Foundation Season 1 Recap

Foundation is a futuristic saga featuring the human race scattered along with the galaxy under the Galactic Empire, which has, for centuries, been ruled by the Cleon dynasty.

Numerous clones of Cleon the First are created to rule out the entry of an outsider in the Cleon linage.

When the need arises, a new Cleon clone is born as Brother Dawn, and the existing Brother Dawn is elevated as the Galactic Emperor, Brother Day.

The present Emperor retires as Brother Dusk, and the older Brother Dusk assumes the role of Brother Darkness and is quietly eliminated.

The protagonist, Dr. Hari Seldon, is a mathematician and the creator of psychohistory, which is a predictive mathematical sub-field. His model predicts the collapse of the Cleon Empire very soon.

Hari Seldon invites mathematics prodigy, Gaal Dornick, to assist her. Gaal Dornick is from the planet Synnax, where all kinds of knowledge are repressed.

By the time Gaal arrives on Trantor, both she and her mentor, Hari Seldon, are arrested on treason charges because of Hari’s theory.

Foundation Season 2
Foundation Season 2 (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

Hari Seldon suggests before the Emperor that they create a Foundation, which is a receptacle of all human knowledge, which would be available to future generations for centuries to come.

It would shorten the dark age era after the fall of the Empire.

An attack on Trantor’s space elevator, Starbridge, by the Empirical enemies, makes Brother Day spare the lives of Hari Seldon and Gaal.

They, along with Hari”s followers, are sent to planet Terminus, which is situated in the realm of the galaxy on a starship Deliverance.

Onboard the starship, the team keeps working on the prehistory module, which would preserve all the knowledge.

A year into their journey, one day, Gaal, to her horror, finds Raych stabbing Hari fatally.

Raych is her lover, as well as Hari Seldon’s adopted son.

Raych ushers Gaal into an escape pod and sends her out into space.

Raych himself faces execution from Hari’s followers.

What Happens at the Planet Terminus in Foundation Season 1?

Some years later, the starship arrives on Terminus, and Hari’s followers establish the Foundation.

Salvor Hardin, the warden of Terminus, is intrigued by the Vault, a mysterious artifact that emits a null field that repels all sorts of life forms.

What adds to her worries is her home planet is attacked by the Anacreons, headed by the extremist huntress Phara Keaen.

Phara plans to take control of an ancient and mighty warship, Invictus, and use it to destroy Trantor to avenge the destruction of her home planet, Anacreon, by Emperor Day.

Meanwhile, Salvor keeps having visions of Gaal, and in her vision, it is revealed that Hari had actually forced Raych to kill him for the success of the Foundation.

Foundation Season 2
Foundation Season 2 (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

The Fates of Brother Dawn, Brother Day, and Brother Dusk in Foundation Season 1

In the galactic capital of Trantor, Brother Day plans to visit the planet, The Maiden, to attend the Luminist conclave.

The legitimacy of his Empire is being questioned by Zephyr Halima, an influential Luminist leader.

To dispel all doubts about the legality of his Empire, Brother Day decides to undertake Luminicism’s sacred pilgrimage.

After completing this life-threatening trek to a desert cave pool and claiming that he received a vision from Luminism’s triple Goddess, Brother Day is able to silence even the biggest of his critics, Zephyr Halima.

Now satisfied with this, Brother Day orders his humanoid assistant, Demerzel, to assassinate Halima in order to seal his victory.

Demerzel, a devout Luminist, is saddened by this command, which she has to carry out anyhow.

She is even more distressed to find that Brother Day had, in fact, lied about having visions. He had no visions at all.

Elsewhere, Brother Dawn hides his imperfection, his color blindness, from everyone as the knowledge of this genetic anomaly could make Brother Day order his killing.

Foundation Season 2
Foundation Season 2 (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

Brother Dawn is very intimate with the palace gardener, Azura, who asks him to flee from the palace.

When he elopes through the pathway shown by Azura and reaches her quarters, he is shocked to find that Azura is actually a traitor.

Brother Dusk and the imperial soldiers crush the traitors, and Demerzel executes brother Dawn.

When Brother Day finds that the conspirators had also altered his genes, he destroys the body of the original Cleon ruler.

Foundation Season 1 Ending

Foundation Season 1 Finale Recap and Ending Explained: What Happens To Brother Dawn? Is Salvor Gaal’s Daughter?

Meanwhile, after numerous casualties at Terminus, Salvor manages to kill Phara and also deactivates the Vault.

Hari Seldon’s digital copy emerges from the Vault.

He discloses that all along, he had aimed to unite the three races, the Anacreons, the Thespian allies, and the Foundation members, against the dictatorial Galactic Empire.

Salvor learns from her mother that Gaal and Raych are Salvor’s actual parents, which is why she keeps having visions of Gaal. Realizing this, Saal sets out to find Gaal in her lover, Hugo’s escape pod.

Gaal is presently on a 138-year journey to her home planet, Synnax. On reaching her destination, she finds her planet all immersed in water and devoid of all life. There, she finds Saal inside her escape pod, who tells her that she is Gaal’s daughter.

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