Foundation Season 1 Finale Recap and Ending Explained: What Happens To Brother Dawn? Is Salvor Gaal’s Daughter?

Foundation Season 1 Finale
Foundation Season 1 Finale (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

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Foundation Season 1 finale, Episode 10 of its first season, was massive, totally worthy of the culmination of this science fiction epic series.

Now we know the actual plan of the mathematician, as well as the fate of Brother Dawn. We are also now aware of why Salvor keeps having visions of Gaal.

Foundation Season 1 finale, an Apple TV+ show, ties up many loose ends and, at the same time, keeps our hopes high for a second season.

A Recap of Foundation Season 1 Finale

Foundation Season 1 finale has been titled “The Leap.”

The beginning of Foundation Season 1 finale shows the second digital copy of Hari Seldon, who has just stepped out of the Vault. He explains that the Vault was actually his tomb, which got transformed into a portal when Salvor deactivated it.

Hari Seldon asks the Thespians and Anacreons to unite because their enmity has no real base.

Foundation Season 1 Finale
Scene from Foundation Season 1 Finale (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

Hari Seldon suggests that they use the Invictus to induce a fake mega flare to make it appear to the rest of the galaxy that this outer rim of the galaxy has been eradicated.

Then, the three races, the Thespians, the Anacreons, and the Foundation members, can live peacefully on Terminus.

Hari Seldon plans that the three races together plot to overthrow the Galactic Empire someday.

It is now revealed that Hari’s sole aim was not to preserve all the essential human knowledge for future generations if the civilization collapses eventually. His real aim was to unite the three races and end the dictatorial rule of the Cleonic Dynasty.

What Happens to Brother Dawn in Foundation Season 1 Finale?

Meanwhile, in Trantor, the fate of Brother Dawn is being decided.

Foundation Season 1 Finale
Scene from Foundation Season 1 Finale (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

Brother Dusk is all for the annihilation of Brother Dawn, but surprisingly, Emperor Day suggests that Brother Dawn’s life should be spared, and he should retain his post of the future Emperor.

While Emperor Day and Brother Dusk argue, Demerzel quietly executes Brother Dawn, saying this is her loyalty to the Cleon Emperor.

Brother Day puts Brother Dawn’s body to rest and punishes Azura by wiping out every single acquaintance and family member of her. Brother Day also imprisons her for life in solitude.

Now, it is apparent that the loyalty of Demerzel lies with the original Cleon. She has been the humanoid spiritual advisor to the Emperors of the galaxy for centuries and is said to be in love with the original Cleon.

So, she killed Brother Dawn, who was a genetically different version of Cleon the First.

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Foundation Season 1 Finale
Scene from Foundation Season 1 Finale (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

Later, Brother Day comes to know that the DNA of the original galactic Emperor, Cleon, from which the Cleon clones were created, was infected years ago by the anti-Empire conspirators.

It implies that even Brother Day is not a perfect copy of the original Emperor. Armed with this knowledge, Brother Day destroys the preserved body of the original Cleon.

Foundation Season 1 Finale Ending: What Happens to Gaal and Salvor?

Later, in Foundation Season 1 finale, we find Salvor running for the post of the Mayor of Terminus and Hugo at the helm of the warship Invictus. Salvor keeps having visions of Gaal despite Hari’s clarification that he did not send these visions.

When Salvor asks her mother about this, it is revealed that Salvor was conceived using genetic material from Gaal and Raych, which had arrived Terminus on a ship carrying Hari’s followers.

Salvor now realizes that Gaal and Raych are her original parents. She sets out on Hugo’s escape pod to find Gaal.

Foundation Season 1 Finale
Scene from Foundation Season 1 Finale (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

As the Foundation Season 1 finale title suggests, the story takes a leap of 138 years, to the year 12,240, on the planet of Synnax.

We find Gaal arriving on her home planet, seeing it all submerged in water, with no sign of life on it. She discovers another escape pod and, on opening it, finds Salvor inside it.

Salvor wakes up from her induced cryogenic sleep and discloses to Gaal that she is her daughter. Salvor also hands over Hari’s psychohistory module to Gaal.

In the final scene of Foundation Season 1 finale, we see the mother-daughter duo of Salvor and Gaal sitting on the roof of an immersed house, looking at the vast expanse of water.