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Red Notice 2
Red Notice 2

Red Notice 2 Expected Release Date, Plot, and Cast

Red Notice 2 could happen, and we could see our favorite Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, and Dwayne Johnson in it. The first installment of the movie, Red Notice, was directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. The film came up on Netflix this month, November 2021.

In the film, we see Dwayne Johnson playing the role of an FBI profiler, John Hartley. Ryan Reynolds plays the character of Nolan Booth, an art thief, and finally, we see Gal Gadot as Sarah Black, a criminal.

The story of the film revolved around Cleopatra’s third egg and looking for it. This finally brings the three of them- Nolan Booth, Sarah Black, and John Hartley together.

Red Notice is undoubtedly one of the most expensive projects that Netflix has ever ventured upon. They have the intention of making it a part of a new franchise. It is not new for all the three stars. They have all been known to lead and carry forward some big franchise movies.

Ryan Reynolds is famous for his role as Deadpool in the two movies of the franchise. Gal Gadot’s character, Wonder Woman, is one of the most loved characters in the DC Extended Universe. Dwayne Johnson is the most experienced out of the three actors. He has been in the lead in some big franchises like the Fast and the Furious, Jumanji, and now he is finally joining the DC Extended Universe as Black Adam.

Since the first film involved such big and amazing actors, it is not something unexpected for us to see Red Notice 2 coming very soon.

Is Netflix going to make Red Notice 2?

There have been no announcements from Netflix till now that state that the Red Notice 2 is in the making. The making of the sequel is entirely based on how the film performs on the streaming platform. Till now, the first film has received a lot of negative reviews from several critics. But if we look at the audience’s reviews, it is positive.

Red Notice 2
The trio in the sequel. (credit: Netflix)

Whatever the reviews might be, it should not stop Netflix from making Red Notice 2. The platform will go through to see how the viewers on the platform react to it and how many subscribers have watched it. The massive fanbase that all the three actors in the movie have might make Netflix make the sequel.

Right now, Red Notice is the biggest film ever made by Netflix. If the platform finds the response good enough, we will get to see Red Notice 2.

What could be the storyline of Red Notice 2?

Although there is no official announcement from the makers about a sequel, the film’s ending made it feel very sure that a sequel will be coming to justify it adequately.

In the first film, we saw that John Hartley and Sarah Black had double-crossed Nolan Booth. However, Booth makes an appearance on their boat when they are enjoying their time together. He mentions how he was able to escape from Interpol by giving them information about the bank details where Hartley and Black had received all the money.

Nolan brings forward the plan that all three of them should team up together for a new heist. John Hartley is not at all for the plan of getting along with Nolan Booth. Sarah convinces him to team up for the heist. The three of them then set out for their new plan. This could be the possible plot for Red Notice 2.

Will we see the three massive actors return in the sequel?

According to what was shown in the ending scene of Red Notice, Red Notice 2 will be starring Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, and Dwayne Johnson together. We might see some good partnership again between Nolan and John Hartley.

Red Notice 2
A snap from Red Notice. (credit: Netflix)

Sarah Black will also be working together with them. We have seen the twist in the first film. We might also get to see Ritu Arya, from The Umbrella Academy, returning as Inspector Urvashi Das. She has issued Red Notice on the three of them and will be on the lookout for them.

When could Red Notice 2 possibly release?

The sequel has not been announced as of now. But whenever it gets announced, the movie will take a few years to come up on the platform. The script development by the creative team is going to take up a considerable amount of time.

Another crucial thing is that these actors- Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot will be free to get back for shooting or not. They are some of the busiest actors whom we can find in Hollywood.

We will have to wait till 2024 minimum if we want some news for Red Notice 2.

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