Dexter New Blood Episode 2
Dexter New Blood Episode 2 (credit: Dexter New Blood)

Dexter New Blood Episode 2 Detailed Recap and Ending Explained

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Dexter New Blood Episode 2 will play an essential role in the show as it brings a lot of answers to a lot of questions.

Michael C. Hall’s character, now known as Jim Lindsay but Dexter, gets emotionally bonded with Harrison, played by Jack Alcott, his estranged son.

We see that Angela, along with many others belonging to the town, uses his property to look around for Matt Caldwell.

When Angela and Harrison first meet together, it becomes a very weird and awkward meet-up.

This was very natural and expected to happen.

In Dexter New Blood Episode 2, Dexter realizes that he has stayed away from his past activities for quite a long time, due to which he has become a bit sloppy.

He must quickly gather himself together and get back to being the best he was before.

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A detailed recap on the ending of Dexter New Blood Episode 2

The name that was given for the episode was ‘Storm of Fuck’.

It starts exactly where the first episode of the show had ended.

We see both Harrison and Dexter sitting at his cabin facing each other.

From looking at Harrison’s face, it is very obvious that he demands some answers from his father, Dexter.

The audience, along with him, expects Dexter to be honest and give some proper answers.

There are many possible questions- Where is Hannah, and what has happened to her? After faking his death, where has Dexter been for so long?

Another question that has come up in the audience’s minds is how Harrison got to know about Dexter’s location.

In Dexter New Blood Episode 2, we get some answers to these questions.

The answers are all Dexter’s versions, and we are not sure whether they are all true or not.

In the morning, when Dexter went out, he realized that he had made a big mistake by leaving a trail of blood in his shed.

This had happened the previous night when he was bringing Matt back to his hut after killing him.

He quickly tries to remove the bloodstains, as this would directly lead him to the murder. While he is busy doing that, several Iron Lake police officers, residents, and Angela come into the scene.

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Dexters feels that he has been caught. But he is shocked when Angela asks him whether they can use his property as a base to conduct the investigations on the murder.

Dexter is finally left with no choice but to help her by letting them use his property as a base.

Finally, in Dexter’s New Blood Episode 2, we see Angela and Harrison meet each other.

Dexter felt scared about Angela knowing about his son. He thought that his habit of keeping secrets might drive Angela away.

But nothing of that sort happens; she opens up to Dexter and insists that he should open up about his secrets to her as well.

Angela had met a young girl, Lily, at the bar.

As everyone in the town keeps looking for Matt, we see Lily waking up in a room. She sees that there is some champagne and food left for her.

She drinks too much and gets sick because of it. She has no idea about her present status, but when she finds that her phone is missing, she realizes that she has been abducted.

She looks around everywhere and then finds the cameras. There is a note underneath a camera that sends chills down her spine. It reads, “You are already dead.”

Details on Kurt Caldwell’s identity and the place where Dexter has hidden Matt’s body

Clancy Brown’s character, Kurt Cladwell, is Matt’s father.

We see in Dexter’s New Blood Episode 2 that Dexter finds out his mistakes in the murder before anyone does so.

He brings back his forensic skills into use.

He tries to make the entire incident look so that Matt has killed a white buck, which was in the reserved land of the Senecas. After this, he runs away from the town of Iron Lake.

Dexter New Blood Episode 2
Kurt Caldwell wants the investigation to carry on. (credit: Dexter New Blood)

He has designed the lie so skillfully that it even fools Angela. Earlier, we had seen that Angela had proven herself to be a fantastic officer of the police.

The police and the volunteers decide to leave, and it is then that Kurt Cladwell steps in the scene and asks why the investigations have stopped.

Kurt mentions that Matt would never run away even if he had committed a crime.

If anything of that sort had happened then, Kurt would be getting the first call from him.

It turns out that Kurt is a man of influence among his community members.

The people of Iron Lake also seem to have a feeling of liking for Kurt.

Many a time, he has given a passionate speech in front of all the people of the town, reminding them how he has always been of help to them and so that they can help him when he needs it.

The people of Iron Lake have no idea that Dexter has hidden Matt’s body right under his cabin’s fire pit.

What is the status of Hannah in Dexter’s New Blood Episode 2?

Hannah is not there in Dexter’s New Blood Episode 2. Earlier, there were talks about how Yvonne Strahovski would return for her role as Hannah in this new sequel of the original show. But unfortunately, that has not happened.

In Dexter New Blood Season 2, we get to know about the fate of Hannah.

We get to know that she died of pancreatic cancer three years ago in Argentina.

Harrison used to stay with Hannah for a long time, and she used to take care of him, thinking that his father was no more.

At one point in time, Dexter had sent Hannah a letter revealing that he was not dead.

We get to know that even after knowing this, Hannah did not step out looking for him. She let Dexter maintain a distance from her and his son.

How did Harrison finally find out about his father, Dexter?

Before Dexter decided to leave, he had spent quite some time in Oregon, working as a lumberjack.

After that, he traveled here and there, and all the places were away from Florida. Finally, he decided to settle in Iron Lake.

Dexter New Blood Episode 2
Dexter and Harrison. (credit: Dexter New Blood)

We see in Dexter New Blood Episode 2 that Harrison claims to have been brought back to Miami after Hannah had died.

Over there, he was in a foster home. It was a terrible experience for him.

He finally found out the letter Dexter had sent Hannah earlier and finally decided to look for his father.

The return address brought Harrison tracking to Oregon. However, by that time, Dexter was long gone from that place.

Dexter chose the name Jim Lindsay because this was a widespread name.

Thus this common name gave Dexter just what he wanted- anonymity.

Thus Harrison ultimately found it difficult to track him down.

When one of his bowling teammates posted one of his pictures, he saw his father’s picture in him.

This is what brought him to iron lake to look for Dexter.

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