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Red Notice
Red Notice (Image Credit Netflix)

Red Notice Ending Explained: Where Do We Find the Third Egg? and Who is Bishop?

Hollywood’s three biggest juggernauts of the franchise have gathered together in Red Notice. They have brought in a film packed with super fun and exciting content for two hours.

More exciting about this movie is the mixture of the old-aged form of storytelling and the new-aged filmmaking methods.

Ryan Reynolds’ character Nolan Booth is a brilliant thief of art products. However, we see him always being referred to as the second-best in this field.

This is because Gal Gadot’s character, Bishop, has always been ahead of him in some way or the other.

We also see Dwayne Johnson as John Hartley, who is a profiler in the FBI.

The Bishop had made a scheme to put Nolan Booth and Dwayne Johnson’s character, John Hartley, in a Russian Prison. Both of them have come from totally different sides. One is a Federal Agent and the other a thief.

Both of them get together to bring down the Bishop and form an alliance. If you are interested to know more about Red Notice and its ending, then here it is for you.

A quick run-through through the plot of Red Notice.

At the beginning of the film, we see the details of the history of the three bejeweled eggs that had earlier belonged to Cleopatra.

She was a legendary queen from Egypt, and she had received these eggs as gifts from Mark Antony.

These three eggs symbolized his genuine emotions for her.

As times went ahead, people thought these eggs were not actual but just myths and stories designed by human imagination.

This entire thought process of the people changed when two of these eggs were unearthed in a place outside Cairo, Egypt.

The first egg was kept in Rome at the Museo Nationale di Castel Sant’Angelo.

Everyone could come and see it as it was kept on display.

The second egg in line had been auctioned to Sotto Voce, played by Chris Diamantopoulos.

For the third egg, it is believed that it was never found.

However, a few people believe just the opposite and have spent a significant chunk of their life searching for it.

Coming back to the present times in Red Notice, there is an Egyptian billionaire who has declared that he will pay 300 million dollars to the person who brings in all the three eggs before his daughter’s wedding.

Her daughter is also named Cleopatra, and hence all these arrangements.

As Red Notice kicks off, we see Nolan Booth stealing the first egg from the museum in Italy and then escaping to his house in Bali.

Over there, he is greeted by Hartley and Urvashi das, an Inspector from Interpol.

They had received a tip from the Bishop about the location of Booth, and this is how they found him there; Booth finally gets arrested.

They could take the egg from Booth and keep it in their possession then.

However, this lasted for a short time before it went missing again.

We see Bishop taking the egg and framing the entire thing in such a way to make it look that Hartley is the one who stole it.

Hartley then lands in prison as well, with Booth in the same cell in Russia.

In prison, they are visited by The Bishop, who puts a proposal in front of Booth.

She tells them that she will get him out of prison and ten percent of the money if Booth gives her the third egg’s location.

This is a new piece of information which we get to know that Booth has the location of the last egg. Booth refuses to hand her over the place.

The Bishop tells him that she will return after stealing the second egg, and then she will make the same offer, but it will get down to 5 percent of the money.

Hartley and Booth realize that they will have to work together to escape the prison and bring down Bishop.

Both of them have trust issues with each other which is definitely for some good reasons.

However, as the events happen one after the other in Red Notice, we see that they work together perfectly.

They start their journey from Valencia to Spain, where Voce has kept his egg safe.

Hartley has the feeling that Bishop has an accomplish as a few of her heists would require more than one person to carry it out successfully.

Red Notice Ending Explained: Where do we find the Third Egg in Red Notice ending?

Booth and Hartley attempted to get their hands on the second egg before the Bishop in Red Notice.

While doing this, they get captured by Voce’s men and then know that the Bishop and Voce are working in collaboration with each other.

Voce and Bishop decide to torture Hartley so that Booth would start speaking out and give the location of the third egg.

Their plans do work, and Booth tells them that the final egg lies in a unique chamber of the Great Pyramid, that is, in Egypt.

Red Notice
Bishop with the second egg in Red Notice. (credit: Netflix)

Booth’s mother was an Egyptologist who knew how to read hieroglyphics.

This talent and knowledge have also been passed on to Booth.

Even he knows how to read them well since he was small.

Then we get to see that the Bishop double-crosses Voce and flees away with the egg.

Booth then urges Hartley that they should work together as a team and find the third egg.

He mentions that the location of the third egg which he gave to the Bishop was a false one. The egg is actually in Argentina.

Back in 1945, when the war was on its ending note with a significant defeat for the Nazis, it was then that Hitler’s chief of art and antiquities, Rudolph Zeich, had left from Germany to Argentina.

He had left with a total of sixteen shipping containers, each weighing five tons.

These were packed with treasures that the Nazis had acquired during their time of ruling. In these containers was the third egg.

Once in Argentine, the Nazis were able to build a bunker where they stored all their treasures.

The coordinates of the bunker were all hidden in Zeich’s watch, which was later found by Nolan Booth’s father, a treasure-hunting enthusiast.

When his father died, Booth had thrown the watch at the wall, and it broke and brought out the coordinates in it.

He then repaired the watch as he realized that the watch was the key to the vault.

Red Notice Ending: Who is the Bishop in Red Notice?

Rawson Marshall Thurber, the writer and director of Red Notice tries to misdirect the audience several times before bringing inaccurate information about the Bishop.

Hartley was correct when he said that the Bishop does require other people’s support to carry on a few of her heists.

However, this support or accomplice is not Voce.

Voce is just a pawn in her and her partner’s game. Gal Gadot’s real name in Red Notice is Sarah Black.

Her lover and partner are none other than Hartley himself. They together are known as the Bishop.

Red Notice
There is a big reveal here. (credit: Netflix)

Both of them have conned Nolan Booth badly. As the events in Red Notice progress, we see Hartley letting his guards down and bringing out the essential information about the third egg.

They reveal their identity once they have been able to escape successfully with the third egg.

They keep Booth handcuffed to a tree, where Inspector Das later finds him out.

In Red Notice ending, who do we see emerging as the winner?

In Red Notice ending, we see that neither of the members of the team Bishop gets caught.

They successfully deliver the egg to the billionaire.

They then contact Das and inform her of the billionaire who is the possession of Nazi antiques.

After around six months, Hartley and the Bishop celebrate in the coastal areas of Sardinia.

This is where they see Booth on their yacht.

Booth had found out about the secure cayman Island account of the Bishop and Hartley.

He handed over the details to Inspector Das, and she froze their account.

Red Notice
The trio at the end. (credit: Netflix)

It might seem that Booth turns out to be the actual winner, but none of them have any prizes from the heist to display.

So Booth brings in front another heist, giving them a more significant challenge but double the paycheque.

In Red Notice ending, we see that the three are standing outside Love Museum in Paris and are all set to start their new heist.

Inspector Das has issued Red Notices on all of them, and thus they are all international criminals.

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